What is Carb Cycling and does it actually work?

what is carb-cycling and does it works

Be careful how you diet.

The danger of dieting without carbs is imminent.

Diets need to help you lose weight and manage eating without doing harm to your body. A diet that eliminates carbs completely can put extra weight back on with the immediate reintroduction of a few carbs.

That’s the danger of ridding yourself of carbs in whole.

You increase stress and become vulnerable to binging.

Your answer and solution is carb cycling. It’s a simple process. One where you alternate when you eat or don’t eat carbs. You don’t rid yourself of carbs completely and expose yourself to unstable weight loss.

Carb cycling helps to lower carb intake without stressing your body’s insulin levels. It’s a nutritional plan that works. Your objective is to lose weight without being vulnerable to the negative effects of low or zero carbs. Zero carbs only increase cravings, trouble your ability to focus, lowers physical activity and slows the metabolism down.

Avoiding these conditions happens by introducing high-carb days to offset an unhealthy pattern but still burn or eliminate fat. Bear in mind that carbs are the body’s quick boost of energy for cell tissue. Taking away carbs completely can obviously be an hindrance.

You’re likely to see weight loss results that immediately reverts itself.

The carb cycling routine started out in the bodybuilding industry. But before it was introduced to the greater population, a few tests were needed. After controlled studies, now the average person has the advantage to safe, healthy cycling.

You also have numerous specialists today that can help you along the way.

Studies found outstanding results in alternating days in this diet plan. Nine pounds was the average weight loss in a study for women that took out carb-based foods twice a week.

When done properly, carb cycling alternates those days you intake carbs.

But as you do eat carbs on assigned days, be sure to take proper and additional steps. One, you want these days to be your high exertion days also. Go to the gym, do your lifting or heavy cardio routine on days you plan to eat carbs.

Those carbs are best consumed in the form of unprocessed foods, breads, oats, potatoes, rice and whole grains. It also helps to decrease fat intake during your high carb days. Doing so gives your body more room to handle a heavy carb intake.

Your body will store more water on these high carb days also. Your body will retain four grams of water for every gram of carbohydrates you eat.

Carbohydrates in the body are broken down into sugars.

The popular insulin compound then extracts those sugars, usually known as glucose, from the blood. A spike in insulin was mentioned earlier as resulting in weight gain. It results from not eating carbs and allowing the body’s access insulin, what’s not being used, to signal the growth of fat cells.

If you have the knowledge and are very sensitive to your progress, consider tracking your calories while on this diet. Every step in the diet will help you lose weight.

Start it now, alternate your days and workout when you eat your dose of carbohydrates.

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