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Turbo Fire, an intense 90-day cardio conditioning workout system, was created by Chalene Johnson, a well-known fitness guru who introduced TurboJam and ChaLEAN Extreme. It is a part of products of BeachBody, LLC., one of the leading fitness program companies in the world.

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From the first days it came onto market, Turbo Fire immediately became a favorite workout for many people.

Its popularity is not surprising because people get amazing results after finishing 90-day program: impressive weight loss, overall body toning, and tons of newly found energy.

This Turbo Fire Workout Review will allow you to get acquainted with the Turbo Fire workout system, learn about its specifics and requirements and the results one might expect to get. Finally, it will help you to determine if Turbo Fire is a program for you and your fitness goals.

  • Cornerstone of Turbo Fire Workout Program. The main idea behind Turbo Fire is that cardio workouts become much more effective when they are based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) principle or, according to Turbo Fire system parlance, on “fire drills.”

As such, you work out at 1 minute intervals with very short rest periods, which helps to ignite your metabolism and vary your heart rate for the maximum impact. In fact, Chalene Johnson guarantees that you will burn nine times more calories and fat doing Turbo Fire workouts than if you were doing traditional cardio workouts.

It is a high-energy workout program which combines aerobic exercises, kickboxing routines, dance movements, and intense interval training for a maximum impact. The program takes 90 days to finish and you will see yourself transformed for the better.

  • The Kit Offered Has Many Extras. Turbo Fire package provides 12 workouts on 5 DVDs. There is one Fire Starter class, two Low HIITs classes, four Fire HIITs classes, three Extreme HIITs, and one Stretch class. The length of the classes varies (the length is indicated next to the class title) from 10 to 55 minutes.
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In addition, the kit includes Quick Start Guide which provides a comprehensive introduction to Turbo Fire program and Turbo Fire Class Schedule, a useful tool to help you to keep track of your daily classes.

Besides, the kit includes four extra gifts with the purchase: Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide, full of easy-to-make recipes and shopping lists to ensure that your meals assist you with your exercise routine;

ABS 10 Class to help you to get the flat stomach you’ve been dreaming about;

24/7 online support, a great access to accredited trainers (including Chalene herself) and your fellow Turbo Fire fans for useful advice, support, and exchange  of Turbo Fire reviews; and access to Fire Starter Class Instant Streaming, an exciting opportunity to experience Turbo Fire before the kit arrives in mail so that you can start learning the basics as soon as possible.

  • Easy-to-Follow Exercise Schedule. When you start the Turbo Fire program, it is necessary to first get acquainted with the routine by starting with the Fire Starter Class. The class introduces you to all the main movements and their right execution to prepare for the following, much more intense, classes.

Afterwards, you can move to Low HIIT classes (duration of which is 20 and 25 minutes). However, while they are called “low,” there is nothing low-paced about them, you definitely feel the burn.

Afterwards, you are ready to move to incredibly challenging, action-packed, and effective Fire HIIT classes which are longer (30-55 minutes) and provide you with an opportunity to really see the effects of Turbo Fire program and build up your endurance.

Finally, you are ready to graduate to Extreme HIIT classes, which are high-intensity and challenging classes (duration 15-25 minutes) with 1-minute intervals. In fact, you will continue burning your calories for up to 24 hours after these classes.

After all the classes, you need to do Stretch 10 class in order to reduce the soreness of your muscles and lengthen them for a beautiful lean body. In addition, you can always do a bonus ABS 10 class which provides an intense and very effective core workout.

Price and Availability. As a product of BeachBody, the Turbo Fire is certainly available on the official Beachbody website. The price for the kit is two monthly payments of $39.95 (or single payment of $79.80) plus $14.95 S&H. In addition, BeachBody offers 90-day money back guarantee: if, for any reason, you are not happy with the product, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund, minus shipping and handling fees. Plus, you can get a free T-shirt after submitting your “before and after” pictures.

Overall Feedback. As with many BeachBody products, Turbo Fire is widely popular due to its effectiveness and fun factor. Turbo Fire reviews are generally very positive, with very few exceptions. On BeachBody website, it is rated 4.8.stars based on 2401 Turbo Fire reviews. On Amazon, a slightly different version of Turbo Fire is given 4.2 stars based on 295 reviews.

Some of the pros mentioned by the customers are the following:

  • it is a very effective program which delivers great, simply unbelievable, results. Many people were amazed at the transformation their bodies underwent including significant weight loss, overall toning and strengthening of their bodies;
  • you do not need any equipment;
  • you can work out from the comfort of your home, thus eliminating expensive gym membership;
  • many people love Chalene’s encouragement and attitude. In fact, many note that they felt as if they were in the actual class when working out;
  • very up-beat and appropriate music which does not get tiring;
  • availability of modified version in all classes.

Some of the cons mentioned were the following:

  • the movements were too complicated and fast-paced to follow;
  • the movements are hard on knees, joints, and back;

Results from the Turbo Fire Workout

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All in all, if you like fast-paced, dance-like, intensive cardio workouts which burn crazy amount of calories—then Turbo Fire is a perfect match for you.

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