Top Beauty Benefits of Exercise & Fitness

beauty benefits of exercise

Exercise has so many health benefits that it’s a given: to be healthy, you’ve got to get regular exercise. However, we don’t always realize that not only does exercise equal good health – it equals good looks. Exercise’s beauty benefits reach further than being thinner and toned, too. Read on and see how else you’ll be turning heads if you hit the gym regularly.

First of all, your skin will reap the efforts of your workout – noticeably. Any time you’re boosting your heart-pumping circulation with exercise, that increased blood flow delivers more oxygenated blood to all your cells. The oxygen-rich blood helps with detoxification and cell renewal – more than any costly lotion! These processes equal glow factor. (Better circulation improves your hair, too: oxygenated blood brings antioxidants to the scalp, nourishing the follicles and destroying free radicals before they can damage hair. The stress-relief that exercise provides also prevents hair fall-out.)

Cellulite, too, is improved with exercise. The spongy symptom is a result of decreased lymph circulation. Lymph is a bodily fluid containing white blood cells, which fight toxins and disease. Exercise, especially yoga, flushes that lymph around your fattier body parts, allowing it to flow more freely and push out those toxins – reducing cellulite. Upside-down poses, or inversions, are especially good for this.

Exercise also helps prevent the worst of the aging process on your face! This is because the hormones released when you exercise reduce stress, and stress is what causes you to make tense facial expressions that give you wrinkles. Serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine are the soothing hormones released. However, studies have also shown that exercise prevents aging at the cellular level, not only molecular. Apparently, women under a high amount of stress who exercise daily show cells with fewer signs of aging, compared to women who are stressed and inactive – according to the University of California.

Acne can improve with exercise too. Sweating flushes out cellular debris, helping correct hormonal imbalances that are responsible for acne. Yoga especially can help bring down your adrenal stress hormone levels – stress hormones and acne are very closely related, says Dermalogica. Of course, that sweat needs to be wiped or washed off after your workout, or it’ll make the breakouts worse.

We all know that a lack of sleep takes a toll on our appearance. Guess what else exercise helps with? Afternoon exercise helps you sleep more deeply, and fall asleep faster, the National Sleep Foundation reports. Deep sleep means more growth hormone secretion: growth hormone is responsible for repairing and rebuilding body tissues, meaning collagen maintenance, meaning glowier skin.

Lastly, exercise improves your libido! Working out has psychological and physiological effects on your sex drive, not least because it improves self body-image, lifts stamina, and elevates mood. And, as you are now guessing, you’ll improve the libido of everyone around you – just by being as beautiful as you are with all that exercise!

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