Top Arm and Shoulder Workouts To Strengthen Upper Body

Top Arm and Shoulder Workouts To Strengthen Upper Body

If you want to increase your upper body strength, anytime is a good time to start whipping those arms and shoulders into shape. Doing exercises that target these two areas will help you look great when you want to show off your toned upper body while wearing a sleeveless shirt, swimsuit, or nice tank top.

You also help ease neck and back pain while most importantly, becoming stronger and more fit. If you want arms and shoulders that look just like Rihanna, Gisele Budchen, or Michelle Obama, here are the top shoulder and arms workouts to strengthen your upper body.


Planks help carve out solid shoulders and muscles and it is an incredibly versatile bodyweight exercise. Plank exercises vary to include:

– Side plank

– Walking plank

– Alternating hand plank

– Spiderman plank

You should begin this workout by doing a regular static hold plank, which is similar to the push-up position. This workout helps engage your core while strengthening your arms and shoulders for as long as you can.

After some time, you can remain in these plank positions longer to build up more tension. Once you are able to do these plank positions for more than one minute, then you can try more challenging variations to strengthen your arms and shoulders even further.

Overhead Dumbbell Press

If you really want to feel the burn in your arms and shoulders, the overhead dumbbell press is the ultimate strength builder. This workout is performed by holding weights out at your side and making sure that they are parallel with your shoulders and neck.

During each repetition, you should reach up into the air, lock your elbows, and then slowly lower the dumbbell down again. You should begin using light dumbbells and gradually build up the weight as you become stronger. You can make variations to this workout using a decline or incline bench to work different arm and shoulder muscles. You should push yourself gradually and once you are able to complete 10 repetitions easily, it is time to increase the dumbbell weight.

Lateral Raises 

This workout focuses on the deltoid muscles in your shoulders so that they will be popping out in no time and it is considered one of the best isolation exercises for arms and shoulders. While holding two light dumbbells on each side, lock your elbows and raise the weights together until they are horizontal to your body. Once you have reached this position, slowly lower the weights back down.

To get the most out of this exercise, do each movement slowly and always maintain control. Once you are able to easily do 12 or more repetitions, it is time to increase the weight. To achieve more well-rounded shoulders while targeting a different muscle head, try switching to front raises by lifting the dumbbells in front of you instead of to the side.

Bicep Curls 

Get your arms pumped up in no time while burning arm fat and getting the definition you need with bicep curls. Start by using dumbbells in each hand at your sides while keeping your elbow glued to your side and the rest of your body in place. Lift each dumbbell to your chest and then back down again using slow movements. You can increase the dumbbell weights once you do 12 or more repetitions. There are several variations to this workout to include:

– Kneeling dumbbell curls

– Loaded barbell curls

– Seated curls

Get Started Today

If you want to have a stronger upper body, follow these top workout exercises to whip your arms and shoulders into shape . You deserve to show off short sleeves and bathing suits while giving off a great image since developed shoulders give the appearance of a smaller waist. Best of all you can do these workouts right from home, so there is no reason to not get started today.

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