Top 5 Remedies to Alleviate Bloating

Alleviate Bloating

The discomfort of bloating is as consistent as its causes are varied. Overeating, diet, menstruation, food allergies, constipation and dozens of health issues can lead to the distension of the stomach. To combat the feeling of fullness and fight the bloat, there are multiple remedies addressing both the short-term discomfort and the long-term causes.

Shed excess fluid

Focus on ending water retention by consuming foods rich in potassium, a secret weapon when it comes to moving waste out of cells. Bananas are a great first choice, but meal-time options, such as asparagus, are also loaded with the mineral and can help you shed excess fluid and face the day with a comfortable belly. Want the same diuretic power as a garnish? Add parsley to your favorite dish.

Massage it out

A good back massage can relieve tension and work out the knots in your muscles, and a targeted massage of your gastrointestinal tract can do the same thing for bloating by helping your body expel excess gas. Start the massage by moving toward the ribs from above the right hip. Carry the motion to the left and down to the colon area. Continue tracing the pattern in a circular motion.

Consume probiotics

Bloating can occur when an imbalance of good versus bad bacteria develops in your GI tract. Probiotics are live bacteria that work in your digestive favor, and, luckily, they are easily attained. If you can’t beat the bloat, up your probiotic intake with a supplemental tablet. Look for one containing Bifidobacterium infantis for the best results. To maintain your health long-term, up your intake of probiotic rich foods, such as yogurt, kefir, and soft cheeses.

Stretch your legs

While exercising may be the last thing you feel like doing when you’re bloated, it can actually help alleviate discomfort by forcing gas through the GI tract. Take a brisk, 30 minute walk to stimulate your body. If possible, incorporate some light calisthenics to increase your circulation and your chances of releasing trapped gas. Listen to your body, and if exercise causes additional discomfort, discontinue the activity and try deep breathing your nose for 10 minutes to relax the body.

Adjust your diet

The best plan for alleviating bloating is to eliminate the foods and habits that leave you puffy from your diet and life. Eat slowly and avoid overeating if you fight bloating on a regular basis. If you eat a lot of fats, consider cutting back as they take longer to pass through the digestive system. At the same time, increase your consumption of foods that help the digestive tract, such as peppermint tea, which helps food pass through the stomach quickly, and ginger, a herb that reduces gas and bloating.

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