Top 10 Ways on How to Gain Confidence

top 10 ways on how to gain confidence

Confidence is an essential to success. Gaining that power over oneself is also a difficult obstacle. There are ways to take steps to add confidence into your life rung by rung until your true self shines through proudly.

1. Be Your Controller

People often gauge their confidence through other people’s acceptance and perceptions rather than how we view ourselves. Self-affirmations are a cliche, however, meditation and concentration on the qualities that you feel are the best of you is a perfect first step into self-assurance. Letting others control confidence and self-esteem will certainly lead someone down a path of destruction rather than forward to success.

2. Present Your Best Self

Not everyone feels like waking up and throwing on clothes when pajamas are more comfortable. But starting your day with a shower and a fresh pair of clothes motivates.  When someone feels stuck, the couch and television seem far easier than starting at the get with both feet on the floor, but those feet can take you where your dreams lead.

3. Be The Example

If you begin to gain confidence, that vibe will spread. Thinking positive is a state of mine that works as a disease in the way it can spread but a miracle in the way one person can affect an entire environment. Not every day is a perfect day nor do things run as planned, but presenting a positive outlook during those hard times not only expands your confidence but rubs off on others.

4. Speak Your Mind

People often run from water cooler conversations because they feel inadequate. However, that is self-doubt creeping in. We all have opinions, and they deserve their time in the sun. By expressing yourself in a sure, sound way, your confidence is boosted because your mind is working and there are other parties there to either validate or debate. In either case, your confidence will be tested, tried, and come through to only better what you are already establishing.

5. Start Small

No one has ever said big goals are unattainable, however, starting small assures that no crushing moment will take you back to square one.  By starting with easier goals and dreams, with each achievement the confidence begins to seep in, and a snowball will start to roll, and before you know it, the ideas have grown larger, and the expectations come to fruition.

6.  Answers Not Questions

Life is full of unanswered questions. However, when it comes to everyday living, it is better to have solutions. For each problem solved or issue remedied, your confidence will see the effect, instantly. So rather than asking why asking how is a better way to approach a problem and will keep you from hitting that brick of doubting yourself and falling a step behind.

7. Fake It

Even if a day has turned into a disaster, smile. Smiling may make you hurt all over, but smile. That simple, non-verbal gesture will not only help relieve the stress and burden of your day but the day of those around you. Negative cues will receive negative results. Confidence is all about the positive.

8. Prepare for Everything

There are good days; there are bad days. That is part of the human experience, however, being prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally for every outcome will keep your confidence from taking a significant hit and erasing the work you have already done.

9. Thankfulness Keeping You Afloat

There are things we are all proud of and thankful for in the same breath. Those are the positive thoughts and attitudes that should propel us forward. Rather than complain about what we do not have, we all should make it a daily routine to tell ourselves and others about the things we are thankful for in life.

10. Be. Yourself.

No one should have to change who they are for anyone or anything. What we can do is better the parts of us that could use a little grease and oil and in most cases that is self-confidence in all areas of our lives. At the end of the day, we all want to see our best selves in the mirror and that includes a person that praises the work they have done rather than repeatedly beat themselves up for minuscule mistakes. It is about the day to day battles. In each achievement and expectation, both self and otherwise lies the secret to knowing you can rather than doubting you could.

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