The Three Best Arm Workouts for Women

best arm workouts for women

Have you ever heard that women don’t need to or shouldn’t work with weights in their workout routine? Well, that’s wrong. So very wrong. Women receive many benefits from muscular growth just like everyone else. Weights don’t have to mean bulking up, unless you want to. Weights just mean building healthy muscles to bump up your workout thresholds.

And what is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start your journey with weights? Your arms. Try these easy, day to day arm workouts for women. Not only are they a great way to get started, but they are some of the best arm toning moves out there.

  • Biceps Curls: This exercise is extremely versatile and can be adapted to your fitness and comfort level. Regardless of how you alter the exercise for your needs, it involves a curling of the forearm until it is vertical and nearly parallel to the upper arm. You can change this for your on personal goals by changing the angle of your arm, your grip on the weight, the amount of weight itself, or your full arm motion while performing the curl. This move works your biceps.
  • Triceps Extension: There are also variations on how to perform this move and it can be very helpful in toning or eliminating flabby arms. For this exercise you can be sitting, standing, or lying. Depending on how you do this isolation move, it can also work your shoulders, chest, forearms, and lats. You will be extending your triceps with this exercise by moving your arms in a number of pulling motions.
  • Dips: By adjusting your full body or using different equipment this move can be tailored for your personal goals as well. This can work the entire upper arm and tones extremely well if used regularly. To do this move you will need a chair, weight bench, or other item to brace yourself. You will place your hands on this brace with your back facing it and then use your arms to raise and lower your body. The positioning of your legs can change up the intensity and strength needed to complete this move.

By performing these three moves on a regular basis, women can begin building a toned and efficiently working muscle system in their arms. The benefits will go far beyond better looking arms. Using weights in your workout routine will boost calorie burning abilities and give you a better function in your body.

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