The Recipe for Building Self-Confidence

how to build self confidence

Low self-confidence is a problem that many people face. The problem stems from a wide variety of causes such as poor past experiences, bad conditioning and underappreciation of one’s talents and capabilities. To boost self-confidence, a person will first have to discover why a lack of such exists. Once the person achieves that goal, he or she can use the following formula for a self-confidence boost:

Combat Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts

Negative thoughts are the leading cause of an underdeveloped sense of self-confidence. Many people have thoughts in their heads such as:

  • I am not good enough
  • I cannot possibly do this
  • Too many other people are better than me

The truth is that all people possess the ability to achieve anything goal to which they place their thoughts. Additionally, all people possess the ability to combat negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Self-confidence comes from first seeing oneself in a positive light, which requires continuously flowing positive thoughts.

Realize That No One Is Perfect

Many people have self-confidence issues because they think that other people are smarter, funnier, prettier or more talented than they are. No perfect human being exists on the Earth. Everyone has good points, bad points, strengths and weaknesses. The key to building self-confidence is recognizing one’s weaknesses and taking steps to turn them into strengths.

Keep Trying and Notate Improvement

A weakness needs to be brought to light before one can transform it into a strength. Once that weakness does come to light, the individual can practice or “keep trying” until he or she gets better at it. For example, a poor singer can develop tonal strength and wind power by practicing and refusing to quit. One day, the bashful singer can become someone that he or she feels is “good enough” to sing in a choir.

The previously mentioned concepts can be applied to any situation or skill. All people have at least one reason to be self-confident. They just have to take the time to find that reason in their hearts.

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