Strengthen Your Core With The Best Rated Ab Exercises

best abs workout and exercises

When you begin on the path to fitness it is common to want to see fast results, and often abs are an area that people want to target. After all, what is sexier than a flat stomach or a V line? The good news is that focusing on your abs is great for overall psychical health because as you strengthen your core, you will find that your posture improves and doing other physical activity becomes easier overall.


Planks seem so simple, yet they do not feel simple after the first fifteen seconds! To do a plank, start off in the push up position. Then move into the position where your arms are at an L angle and your body is straight. Only your toes and arms are on the floor. Watch your posture do not push your bottom in the air or droop down either. Without allowing your body to sag, as if you were a plank of wood, hold the position for at least 30 seconds. Do this 30-60 seconds at a time, as many times as you can stand in a session.

Ball Crunches

Crunches are a go-to for beginner ab workouts, however adding an exercise ball to the mix improves the biggest down side of doing crunches: poor posture. Just lean on an exercise ball while you do your reps and be sure to keep great posture throughout. You will put less strain on your back and more on your abs, which makes for a better workout.

The Bicycle Move

Why not get some cardio when working out your abs? Lie back down on a mat, and place your hands behind your ears in relaxed kicked-backed position. Then pull your knees up as if you are riding a bicycle except you bring your elbows down to meet your knees as they rise up. This engages your core and and if you increase speed it brings your heart rate up.


Most yoga moves start with the core. Yoga is a great way to slow down from an intense workout or start a day. It may be difficult to engage some of the moves at first but as your core strengthens it will help you keep those hard earned muscles, while relaxing you overall.

In the beginning working out is not likely to be enjoyable. In fact it may be miserable. Stick to it, because eventually the workout that was difficult will become as easy as a warm up. Your overall strength and appearance will improve but you have to put in the work and time to get there.

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