P90X3 Review


One of the most popular workout systems today is P90X3, the third in the series of P90X workout systems developed by Tony Horton. Released in 2013, it became an instant favorite of those who want to have seriously ripped bodies and are ready to take on a challenge.

This P90X3 review will provide you with a better understanding of what the program requires; what one can expect in terms of time, money, and effort invested; and what are the results of taking on this workout program.

  • Cornerstone of P90X3 Workout System. This workout system is not called “extreme fitness accelerated” for nothing. You will work very hard, sweat a lot, feel the real burn, and get results.
  • Incorporating his previous experience with P90X and P90X2, Tony Horton has created a program which is a perfect combination and a major improvement of them both.

The best part is that you will get incredible results in half the time the previous programs demanded. As before, you will work out 6 days per week/90 days total, but each day’s workout is cut to just 30 minutes.

  • The Kit Offered Has Many Extras. The P90X3 workout system is offered in three versions: Base Kit, Deluxe, and Ultimate. All of them include 16 extreme P90X3 workouts on 8 DVDs, nutrition guide (which shows simple and optimal approach to healthy eating while doing P90X3), fitness guide (which provides step-by-step guide to the program), workout calendar (specifies each day’s workout), additional “How to Accelerate” DVD (introduction to the program which shows how to get best results in shortest time), and 24/7 online support.

Deluxe and Ultimate Kits also include 3 additional extreme workouts, E&E Energy and Endurance supplement, and 3 Pro-Grade resistance bands.

In addition, Ultimate Kit includes Premium Beachbody Jump Mat, P90X3 Results and Recovery Formula, Gym-Quality P90X3 Chin-Up Bar, and P90X3 Chin-Up Max (an accompanying training tool to Chin-Up Bar to give you an adjustable amount of lift so that you can progress to unassisted pull-ups and chin-ups).

  • Easy-to-Follow Exercise Schedule. To those who have already done P90X and P90X2, this workout system will be easy to understand and follow. However, even if you are new to it (and Tony Horton emphasizes that you do not have to go through the previous programs in order to enjoy P90X3), the system is very accessible, though by no means easy to do!

P90X3 Workout Review

To start, one needs basic equipment at hand such as a set of dumbbells (10-40 lbs. for men and 5-25 lbs. for women) and a way to be able to do pull-ups. As such, Ultimate Kit is the best to buy because it provides everything you will need for P90X3. The exercises are completed in three blocks: first two blocks are 4 weeks long, and the last one is 5 weeks long. Then, you need to choose between 4 schedules, depending on your workout goals.

P90X3 4 Different Workouts

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The first one is Classic, which provides total body workout by incorporating a wide variety of workout plans based on well-balanced combination of cardio, strength-training, and conditioning exercises.

The second one is Lean, the objective of which is to make you lean and fit and optimize your fat burn by concentrating on cardio exercises.

The third one is Double, which basically suits those who want to do two workouts per day for an hour to get the results even faster.

And the last one is Mass, which is aimed at those who want to build-up their muscle mass. For this schedule, you have to be at your desired weight already because you will add muscle weight when you finish the exercises.

Depending on your schedule, you will focus on some workouts more than others to achieve your goals. There are 16 workouts available which are divided into 4 categories: resistance (consists of 6 workout choices), power (3 workout choices), cardio (3 workout choices), and core, flexibility & balance (4 workout choices). Each workout has a modified version to allow you to get used to the program, but it is still a difficult and demanding workout system.

Consequently, if someone is not in good enough physical shape, Tony Horton recommends starting with an easier program such as Power 90 and gradually building yourselves up to P90X3. Also, if you want to go beyond 90 day workout system, then you will have to buy Deluxe or Ultimate kits which provide additional 3 workouts for 4 weeks (the so-called Elite Block). Of course, it can also be purchased separately.

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Overall Feedback

The majority of users who have purchase P90X3 are very satisfied with the results they achieve.

                          Here are the breakdown:

4.3stars based on 322 reviews                  4.3 stars based on 66 reviews

P90X3 part 1 Reviews       p90x3 part 2 reviews

Some of the pros mentioned by users of P90X3:

  • most reviewers agree that the product absolutely delivers the results it promises, depending on one’s goals (building up muscle mass, losing weight and toning up, etc.);
  • Tony Horton and his team are very motivating and push you to apply yourself as hard as you can;
  • ease of working out whenever it is convenient for you in the comfort of your own home;
  • great variety of workout DVDs (16!), so you will never be bored with your exercise routine;
  • no need to buy expensive gym membership;
  • much shorter time needed to finish the workout (30 minutes) than with other similar products;
  •  P90X3 covers all the aspects a fitness enthusiast might ever want or need: cardio, strength-training, balance, flexibility, etc. While some workout systems focus on one or another, this one is incredibly well-balanced and well-rounded.

There wasn’t too  cons mentioned by the users of P90X3 program:

  • some people think that the program is quite difficult and may present a real challenge for unprepared people. Although there is a modified version for each workout, it is still demanding (however, it is expected). At the same time, those who are more advanced complain that the program is too easy (compared, for example, with P90X2).
  • some people do not like that Tony does not provides head-ups regarding next moves; I personally don’t find this a big deal. Considering the amount off value that you are getting with the P90X3 workout program.You simply can’t go wrong!

Check out the P90X3 Workout Video

In conclusion, P90X3 is a workout system which can satisfy many fitness fanatics who want to lose weight, shape up and tone their bodies, get definition in their muscles, and just feel the energy of a great workout session without spending too much time on it. Due to a wide variety of workouts provided, you can enjoy this program for years to come!