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What is the P90X3 Workout and Diet Plan

The P90X3 Workout and Diet Plan is a program created for individuals that don’t want to even spend an hour working out in the gym daily. Most people are busy, have a family, job, and other commitments. Tony Horton from the BeachBody Home Fitness Program created this exercise program for you.

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The exercise program has 30 minutes of intense exercise designed to tone and strengthen your muscles. It is designed for adults 18 years and older. It helps men and women tone and lose body fat by following the diet plan and workout routine. It is described as a whole workout in half the time that can be done at home.

The program offers three different approaches for working out Classic which is described as getting ripped and strong, Lean which means the program is designed to  tone those muscles without adding bulk.

Mass is the program formulated to increases muscle mass. The program includes several forms of exercise Pilates, yoga, martial arts, resistance training, exercises that promote agility and mobility, and total body resistance training. The program has three kits that are sold that provide all that you need.

The kits are Base Kit, Deluxe Kit, and Ultimate Kit. These are all different versions of the same P90X3 program.

Who Is It For?

It is a great workout but not for everyone. It is for adult men and women that want to invest time in an exercise and diet routine to improve their health and how they look. Under adult supervision teens will find this program beneficial.

From the reviews for this program it has worked for  women that wanted to tone muscles after pregnancy, kidney transplant patients, overweight individuals. and average men and women that want to tone up and feel better about themselves.

When starting the program you need patience and discipline. If the exercise routines on the DVD’s are too intense move at your own pace. Do five exercises  instead of ten for the first few months. Work your way up to the goal that Tony Horton sets for the program. Not everyone will start out at the level suggested.

If you are out of shape and never exercise don’t expect to jump in and see results  immediately. This program is designed for men and women that have not worked out in long time. Those that workout regularly will most likely find the routines much easier to accomplish their  goals.

This program is helpful to those recovering from an injury and trying to develop strength in the arms, upper and lower body, muscles, and legs. It is for those at an intermediate levels looking for a simple exercise routine at home. It is designed those that don’t want to go to the gym but spend their time at home exercising.

Overall, the P90X3 Workout Review was made by men and women from all walks of life. The P90X3 Reviews were positive and most people had to work hard to achieve results and have patience.

What’s included in the P90X3 Workout Program?

The Base Kit has 16 Extreme Workout DVD’s, a Nutrition Guide, Fitness Guide, and Pro-Grade Resistance Band. The P90X3 Deluxe Kit has 16 Extreme Workout DVD’s, Nutrition Guide, Fitness Guide, Pro-Grade Resistance Band, 3 Additional Extreme Workouts, Energy and Endurance Guide, and two additional resistance bands.

The Ultimate Kit provides the 16 Extreme Workout DVD’s, Nutrition Guide, Fitness Guide, Pro Grade Resistance Band, 3 Additional Extreme Workouts, Energy and Endurance Guide, two additional resistance bands, Beachbody jump mat, results and recovery formula, chin quality chin up bar, and chin up max band.

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The 16 Extreme Workout DVD’s

There are Six Muscle Resistance Building Workouts

Total Synergistic is a workout that help you lose weight and firm your body with 16 specific exercises.

The Challenge exercises and workouts  add strength to the upper body.

Incinerator is a full intense workout routine that pushes you to the limits of your abilities.

The Warrior exercise routine teaches you the techniques of pumping iron anywhere at anytime.

Eccentric Upper workouts develop lean muscles in the upper body over a few months and Eccentric Lower develops a ripped lower body.

3 Cross Training Power Workouts

Agility X routine improves your overall balance, strength, flexibility and muscle strength.

Triometrics workouts will boost your speed and power in all exercises and workout routines.

Decelerator exercises improves muscle stability and provides training for men and women

3 Fat Burning Cardio Workouts

CVX is a workout for resistance training that works participants  up to a full body burn.

MMX will help you lose fat with its disciplined martial arts workout routine.

Accelerator is a program that enhances your muscles efficiency and improve cardiovascular health.

4 Core Flexibility and Balance Workouts

X3 Yoga is a routine designed to improve the whole musculoskeletal system and improve overall strength and balance.

Pilates X improves joints, muscle strength, and stretching ability.

Isometrix is a routine that uses isometric contractions to help build  solid muscles and a lean body.

Dynamix will increase your range of motion and help you maximize results from all the different routines.

The workouts and exercise routines require investment in some equipment that is an additional cost. Some of the additional equipment needed to complete the exercise routines are the P90X3 Chin up Bars, P90X Chin Up Max, resistance bands which some consumers prefer to dumbbells, weights or dumbbells, and a yoga mat to sit on.

Those that seriously want to succeed in the program will find the investment worthwhile. Before taking on this program remember it is rigorous  you should be in good physical condition. Check with your doctor before proceeding. But if you are not in shape it is important to work up to the levels at your own pace and have patience.

About Some Video Exercise Routines and Schedules

The very first video Total Synergistics has a series of sixteen exercises to start the program. Some of these exercise are push up side arm balance, knee pulls, chin ups, balance arch, and squats. They require the chin up bar, resistance bands or dumbbells. Pilates X focuses on breathing and balance while building muscle strength and flexibility. The Warrior is a full exercise routine without the equipment. It works upper and lower body muscles giving you a total workout.

There are three schedules that give you different results when you choose the right  routine for you. The Classic Schedule will help you build muscle, lose fat, and gain extreme agility and speed. The Lean schedule is another exercise routine that lets you gain muscle strength while staying lean and firm.

The Mass Schedule is for those men and women that want to build muscle or bulk up. For this program you will have to eat a certain way to help build muscles and promote growth.

It will take more calories than most people are used to eating. Instead of looking for weight loss when eating  you will be looking at weight gain. You will have to follow a specific exercise routine too.

More About Extra Equipment Needed

P90X3 Chin Up Bars will help develop the upper body muscle and strength in the exercise routines on the DVD’s . This bar fits securely in most doorways in  homes and is ideal for workouts. The P90X3 Chip Up Max is designed to be used with the chin up bars it helps you push yourself to do more complex movements. The P90X3 kits come with resistance bands but you can purchase other ones  later on. Beach Body does sell weights from 3 to 8 pounds, medicine and stability balls for working on abs and muscles and all other equipment mentioned.

The P90X3 Diet Plan

The diet plan helps you build muscle and burn fat. It helps you plan meals and  gives you a list of all the foods the provide energy while you workout. Some of the best sources of protein for the P90X3 diet is lean beef, salmon, mackerel, tuna, trout, ground turkey, whole eggs, boneless chicken breast, and whey products.

The best type of fats are coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, peanut butter, cashews, almonds, flaxseeds and chia seeds. The diet has plenty of fresh vegetables with the meals and a limited amount of fruit and grains.

The Fitness Guide and Pro-Grade Resistance Band

The Fitness Guide gives you tips on making the most of the exercise and  workout routines. The Resistance Band is designed for maximum effect for those that don’t want to use dumbbells. The one provided in the kit is designed for men and women with the workout and exercise routines that are provided.

P90X3 Schedule & Calendar and 24 Hour Support from Staff

The workout calendar will help you keep track of your progress and workouts over several months. The workout routine is outlined for you so all you have to do is follow it. What better way to stay motivated than to have support from staff at BeachBody where you can call and talk to them about problems with the routine or diet. It helps to have 24 hour support when working on a new diet and fitness routine.

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Learn More at the Official P90X3 website

What are the Exercise Routines and Workout Like?

Overall the exercise routines last 30 minutes. They are easy to follow exercises that gradually build up your strength and ability Some people may find the routine harder than others but can tailor the program to their own needs. P90X3 reviews have come from men and women in different physical condition that have used the program successfully.

Consumers report they love the workouts but that anyone doing the program must commit to the routine for it to work. The P90X3 Workout Reviews that give a good rating are always given by someone that took the time to give  the program an honest try.

Cost of the Program

The P90X3 Base Kit cost $119.85 and can be paid in three payment using a credit or debit card. The Deluxe Kit cost $79.90. The Ultimate Kit is $109.95. Additional equipment that you will need are the P90X3 Chinup Bar that costs around $30 and the P90X3 Chinup Max a resistance band  that cost about $47.00.

Resistance bands for men and women will cost you $25.00 to $30.00. This give you a good idea that the program costs from $100 to $200 depending on what kit you buy. Resistance bands come with all kits check to see  if you need to buy another before purchasing.

P90X3 Pros and Cons

One of the top benefits of the program is it only require 30 minutes a day of exercise. This is ideal for men and women with a busy schedules. The fitness and nutrition guide help you plan a healthy diet designed to get maximum results from the program. First timers can increase time to 60 minutes per day for 90 days to get used to the program. Working out a home saves money as you don’t have to run to the gym or hire a fitness trainer.

Cons of the program are that results may not come immediately. You have to have patience and use the program for a few months before you see some changes. Patience and discipline are needed in the first month and throughout the program. The pacing is sometimes a bit too fast for those that are not used to a exercise routine. This can be adjusted for individual needs.

P90X3 Reviews and Results

Many customers said they were surprised to lose about 10 pounds in 30 days using this program. A kidney transplant patient lost 20 pounds and felt 20 years younger after trying the P90X3 program. A mother of three children found the exercise routines helped her get in shape after three pregnancies in about 30 days. The positive P90X3 Reviews keep coming in.

Most men and women love the P90X3 workout and the diet because it fits into their busy schedule. They see positive results from the program. A mom and full-time nursing student saw fabulous results with just 30 minutes of exercise a day. Five of her fellow nursing student bought the program after seeing her before and after photos.

One customer said it was the best strength and cardio workout he had ever seen performed in thirty minutes. A P90X3 review will explain that without the work results don’t come.

Where to Buy P90X3 Extreme Fitness Accelerated Kits

The different versions of the kit can be purchased on the Official P90X3 Beach Body page. They sell the basic, deluxe, and ultimate kits. The equipment you will need is also sold there. Prices vary and most workout kits come with free bonus gifts. 

Learn more at theOfficial P90X3 Website

Your Thoughts?

You’ve heard from us. Now let’s hear from you!

Have you used P90X3 to tone, lose weight or build muscle? If so, what was your experience like, and what were your results?

Share it with other readers in the comments below.

4 Comments on "P90X3 Review – The Inside Scoop"

  1. Thanks for the review. Your cost estimate is misleading. Your wording makes it seems that the costs you listed will be broken over three payments when it’s actually those cost three times. The actual costs is between 150-400$.

    • Hi De,

      I’m glad that you enjoy the review. As far as the prices, it was a typo on our on part (it should be fix now). Thank You!!!

  2. I have done P90X, P90X2 and P90X3. In my view, P90X is best for strength gain and overall fitness. The weight lifting, push up and pull up routines are still among the best on the market. For cardio work and balance, P90X3 will definitely get your attention. Agility X is brutally efficient and fun. Everyone seems to complain about the 90 minute length of the P90X yoga work out, but for those with the available time it is more beneficial than the X3 version. To me, X2 was by far my least favorite among the three. Did the program for one round and will not be repeating the experience. As for equipment I have Bowflex adjustable dumbbells (5 to 52.5 lb each), a Bowflex Power Tower for pull ups, a weight bench, yoga mat, push up stands, a yoga mat and a sense of humor. The latter plus perseverance and a love of working out make the programs fun.

  3. P90X3 is great for those who like shorter intense workouts. The variety of workouts is excellent with the exception of Yoga and Pilates. I substitute either MMX or DYANAMICS for Pilates and do the first 12 minutes of Yoga then slap in Ab RipperX from P90x. I just hate Yoga and Pilates and find them both incredibly boring. Other than those two workouts, P90X3 is well worth the money.

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