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Not everyone is cut out for extreme workouts like P90X or Insanity Max 30. We’re not all in our early 20s. Nor are we all inherently in excellent physical condition.

Some of us are diamonds in the rough… ready to transform ourselves into polished models of health and fitness. If that’s how you view yourself, then P90 might be the program you need to start your transformation.

p90 workout review

Beachbody’s P90 workout was created for individuals at any age and/or fitness level. It takes the “X” out of P90X and instead gives consumers a less extreme, but still effective, workout regimen that can be performed from the comfort of your own home, with minimal equipment.

There are various P90 reviews currently available online, but few that really get into the details of this system and provide the research and findings that truly matter. We aim to rectify that with this detailed review. If you’re currently on the fence about P90, this review may be exactly what you need to help you decide.

Who Is The P90 Workout For?

There’s no question that the P90 fitness program was developed with the beginner in mind. It’s also clear from the scope of exercises and workouts available in the program (more on these in just a minute) that the Beachbody team’s goal was to target as wide of a range of fitness levels as possible.

But that doesn’t mean it caters to everyone. Fitness veterans who have had years of experience in working out will find the program to lack the challenge and diversity needed to promote additional muscle growth and fat loss.

If we were to break the target demographics for P90 down into distinct categories, it would look something like this:

  • People brand new to fitness.
  • People who haven’t worked out in a long time.
  • People who are recovering from an injury.
  • People who feel P90X is too difficult or ambitious.
  • Intermediate fitness enthusiasts looking for a simple at-home program.

What’s Included in the P90 Workout Program?

The Complete Base Kit for P90 at Beachbody.com includes the following:

1. 10 Workouts on 4 DVDs
2. Pro-Grade Resistance Band
3. Simple Kitchen Nutrition Guide
4. 4-Step Power Plan
5. “How to Hit It” Tutorial
6. 6-Day Shred Meal Plan
7. 90-Day Workout Calendar

p90 workout review package

1. 10 Workouts on 4 DVDs

The core P90 workout is a 90-day program broken down into three phases (A, B, and C), with each phase designed to naturally progress your body past each previous fitness limit (or phase).

Each phase contains a resistance workout, cardio workout, and ab/core workout, all streamlined to target total body fitness. Isolation exercises are few and far between in P90; so look forward to compound exercises (i.e. push-ups and squat variations) and whole body workouts.

You’ll work out 5 days a week (with an optional Saturday workout), and the sequence of workouts can be arranged in two different ways:

  • SCULPT – Muscle building focused; 3 days of resistance workouts and 2 days of cardio workouts.
  • SWEAT – Fat burning focused; 3 days of cardio workouts and 2 days of resistance workouts.

*Both workout sequences include 2 days of ab/core workouts.

Every exercise in the P90 program can be modified to make it easier for you to complete. And every video includes one cast member designated to performing all modified exercises so there’s no confusion when a modified exercise is needed.

The Saturday Special Workout is an optional Saturday workout that turns the 5-day program into a 6-day program. It consists of a 25-minute total body, cardio-heavy workout designed to burn extra calories.

2. Pro-Grade Resistance Band

The P90 Base Kit comes with a Beachbody-branded 15 lb. resistance band (and door-hinge anchor) for use with the workout programs.

Most workouts in P90 will require use of the resistance band at various points in the routine. This included band is a nice add-on for true fitness beginners. It should be sufficient for most exercises for the first couple of months.

However, there will most likely come a point where you’ll need to invest in additional resistance bands or one with a higher resistance.

*Note: If you’re a fitness veteran, you may need to invest in new resistance bands from the very beginning.

While Beachbody offers its own line of resistance bands, we recommend going with the Black Mountain Resistant Band Set at Amazon.com. It comes with five bands, a door anchor, ankle strap, carrying case, and clip handles for under $30.

3. Simple Kitchen Nutrition Guide

The Simple Kitchen Nutrition Guide gives you a detailed meal plan that eliminates the need to count calories. It’s Beachbody’s effort to simplify nutrition as much as possible while still being effective, and we feel it did a decent job.

We like the 150-calorie snack section that lists a nice variety of simple snacks that (you guessed it) are all 150-calories and under. There were a few ideas in the list that we had never heard of before.

Also, the complete nutritional information and step-by-step instructions for meal preparation were a nice touch. That being said, you’re bound to come across foods that you don’t like, which means you’ll most likely modify the plan during the 90 days.

4. 4-Step Power Plan

This is nothing more than a simple overview of what P90 recommends you do to get the most out of the program.

The basic process includes:

1. Set your goals
2. Choose your sequence arrangement
3. Read the nutrition guide
4. What to do at the end of your 90 days

5. “How to Hit It” Tutorial

The “How to Hit It” Tutorial is an introduction DVD that covers a few genuinely helpful tips and nutrition basics, and it also promotes a selection of other various Beachbody products.

While we may not personally appreciate the barrage of Beachbody products, it’s to be expected and wasn’t overbearing. What we really appreciated was the taped “H” trick and other recommendations made by Tony.

6. 6-Day Shred

The 6-Day Shred meal plan is P90’s answer for jump starting the user’s weight loss. It includes a detailed grocery list and meal plan for the first six days of your 90-day program.

Overall, the 6-Day Shred should appeal to most people and should achieve what it was created for. All in all, it’s a nice addition to the system.

7. 90-Day Workout Calendar

Last but not least, your P90 Base Kit includes a 90-day workout calendar for both the SCULPT and SWEAT sequences.

Each workout is listed on the calendar for easy reference. Our recommendation is to hang the calendar in an accessible location and mark through each day you complete. It’s a simple, yet effective way to keep yourself motivated as you progress.

*Note: If you’d like to see what the calendar or schedule looks like, We have it available in PDF format. You can access it via this link – View P90 Workout Schedule

Convenience and Usability

How Long Are The Workouts?

Besides the fact that the P90 workouts can be performed from the comfort of your own home, one of its biggest appeals to consumers is its shorter workouts.

The first 30 days (Phase A) of the SCULPT sequence is approximately 30 minutes long (including cool down), with each subsequent Phase slightly increasing in duration (38 minutes for Phase B and 45 minutes for Phase C).

The SWEAT sequence is approximately the same length, and the ab/core workouts are 8, 14, and 14 minutes.

How Simple Are The Workouts?

One of the (few) complaints about the P90X programs is their inherent learning curve. It appears Tony Horton intentionally aimed to eliminate that curve with P90.

We would say that 95% of the exercises included in the workouts are simple to follow and easy to understand. With this program, there is no need to rewind the videos to make sure you’re doing the moves right.

The only potential issue we see is if you don’t take advantage of the taped “H” Tony outlines in the “How to Hit It” tutorial. Do that, and you’re golden.

Can You Repeat This Routine Indefinitely?

We would say that this is P90’s biggest weak point.

There’s little room for modification after you’ve completed the series (unlike the P90X series), and it’s unlikely that you will benefit from repeating it another 90 days (if your goal is to continue to improve your body and fitness level).

However, if you’re happy with the results and wish to maintain them, then you might be okay continuing with the Phase C sequence. But you’ll most likely face burnout after a while – thanks to the lack of variety P90 offers.

By the end of the series, we recommend that you look at other fitness program options – one’s that will continue to challenge you.

Financial Investment

After purchasing the P90 workout program, there will most likely be another purchase you’ll need to make:

Total Potential Investment: $123

*Note: Any fitness program you choose to pursue will require a grocery investment that will typically be more than you’re used to paying, due to the need to follow a healthier diet. An average grocery bill could run between $400 and $600/month. However, that number range is not strictly food-related, but includes other items (like toiletries, household cleaners, etc.).


Is P90 Good For Building Muscle or Losing Weight?

The answer is that it’s good for both.

Regardless of the sequence you choose (SCULPT or SWEAT), each will include cardio and resistance-based workouts in addition to two days of ab/core workouts.

The only difference is that SCULPT will lean a little more towards building muscle and SWEAT will lean more towards losing weight.

Results From the P90 Website

As of this writing, there are currently 10 weight-loss results highlighted on P90’s product page. These results include both males and females (including Beachbody employees and non-employees).

Here’s how the numbers break down:

From 1 Male Employee:

  • Average Pounds Lost: 21
  • Average Age: 49

From 3 Male Non-Employees:

  • Average Pounds Lost: 21
  • Average Age: 29

From 2 Female Employees:

  • Average Pounds Lost: 10.5
  • Average Age: 37

From 4 Female Non-Employees:

  • Average Pounds Lost: 23.5
  • Average Age: 36

The total average weight loss of all males = 21 lbs.

The total average weight loss of all females = 19.2 lbs.

Results From Consumers

While researching P90 reviews we came across several positive weight loss claims from reported consumers. And some of those claims seemed more sincere than others.

Below, we’ve listed a handful of those claims we felt were authentic and written by people who actually used the P90 workout program.

  • One consumer claimed to have lost four pounds within the first three weeks.
  • Another consumer claimed to have lost a total of 11 pounds after only two weeks.
  • And yet another consumer claimed to have lost 10 pounds in the first week (reportedly with the help of Beachbody’s Shakeology shakes).

*Note: It’s important to us that you understand that we cannot verify the validity of the claims made by consumers on the Internet. Therefore, the only way to insure the program works is to try it out your self. If it doesn’t work for you, take advantage of P90’s 90-day money-back guarantee.

Pros and Cons


Shorter Workouts. Workouts are between 30 and 45 minutes (max) and can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

Minimal Investment. After purchasing the program, the only (possible) additional purchase you will need to make is a set of resistance bands ($30).

Easy to follow. Between each exercise, short pop-up videos show the proper movements needed to perform certain exercises.

Tougher moves can be modified. Tony makes sure each exercise can be modified for those who aren’t quite able to perform the traditional exercise.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If P90 doesn’t work for you, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund of the purchase price.


Repetitive. P90 is much more repetitive than its counterparts (P90X and Insanity Max 30). This repetitiveness can hurt the motivation of those not committed to working out every day.

Some modifications are inadequate. While each exercise has its own modification, some of the modifications still seem to be fairly difficult, while others are too easy.

Minimal stretching. Stretching is a big deal as far as injury prevention is concerned. And while there is mild stretching at the beginning of some workouts and 2-3 minutes of stretching after all workouts, we felt there should have been a bit more time devoted to it.

How to Buy P90 Workout

We strongly recommend purchasing P90 from the official Beachbody website. Where you have the option to buy the Base Kit (including everything in the What’s Included section) for $79.90, including:

The option to setup a two-month payment plan ($39.95 x 2 months)

Free Upgraded Express Delivery in the continental U.S. – 3-5 Days Estimated Delivery

$12.95 Shipping and Handling

Where you have the option to purchase the Base Kit for $92.85, including:

Free Standard shipping (delivered in 5-8 business days)

Limited Time Offer: Click Here To Get 4 Free Gifts When You Purchase P90 Today!

*Note: If you do the math, purchasing the P90 Base Kit through either source amounts to the same price. The $92.85 price tag on Amazon equals the $79.90 unit cost + $12.95 shipping from Beachbody.com.

Learn more at theOfficial P90 Website

Your Thoughts?

You’ve heard from us. Now let’s hear from you!

Have you used P90 to lose weight or build muscle? If so, what was your experience like, and what were your results?

Share it with other readers in the comments below.
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