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One of the most popular workout programs today is Les Mills Combat which was developed by two mixed martial arts experts—Rach Newsham, a graduate of the famous WMC Lamai Muaythai Camp in Thailand, and Dan Cohen, former British Master Kickboxing Champion and runner-up for the World Kickboxing Championship.

It is a part of BeachBody LLC products, thus ensuring high quality and effectiveness of the program.

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Les Mills Combat is an intense cardio workout program based on mixed martial arts principles where you kick, strike, jump, run, and punch to achieve your fitness goals.

This Les Mills Combat Review will help you to decide whether the program is a match for you by looking into such specifics as its requirements, routines, affordability and, ultimately, the results it delivers.

  • Cornerstone of the Les Mills Combat Workout. The main premise of the Les Mills Combat Workout is that it combines signature moves of six mixed martial arts disciplines—Karate/Kung FU, Capoeira, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai/Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do and Boxing—into one truly unique workout system which burns up to 1000 calories per hour.

    Besides, the creators of the program employ Fast Twitch Integration Training System, i.e. they integrate dynamic moves which work your fast twitch muscle fibers most capable of change.

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As a result, the creators of the Les Mills Combat guarantee that if you train for 60 days according to their program, you will get a lean and chiseled body you’ve always dreamt about.

  • The Kit Offered Has Many Extras. To kick start the Les Mills Combat Workout program, you have a choice between buying 3 Les Mills Combat packages: Les Mills Combat, Supreme Warrior, and Ultimate Warrior. The Les Mills Combat Kit includes 7 workouts on 5 DVDs (Basics, Kick Start, Power Kata, Extreme Cardio Fighter, Ultimate Warrior’s Workout, Power HIIT 1, Shock Plyo HIIT 2), “Stay with the Fitness Guide” (which offers tips and advice on how to do the Les Mills Combat program the best way possible), and “Eat Right for the Fight Guide,” (which provides meal plans to accelerate your fitness routine).

Supreme Warrior package, in addition to all the things included in Base Les Mills Combat Kit, offers Les Mills Combat Training Gloves. In its turn, Ultimate Warrior Kit contains everything available in Supreme Warrior Kit plus 4 additional workouts: Warrior I Upper Blow Out, Warrior II Lean Out, Inner Warrior Stretch&Strength, and Core Attack.

In addition, there are free gifts available for all three types of kits: 7-Day Jump-Start Guide (helps you to prepare and plan meals which will enhance your workouts and curb your appetite); Les Mills Combat 60: Extreme Cardio Fighter (workout with high-repetition series of moves which will help you to build up endurance); 24/7 online support (you can always connect with trainers as well as with others doing Les Mills Combat for an advice, encouragement, and direction).

  • Easy-to-Follow Exercise Schedule. The regimen is not hard to follow once you understand the specifics of the program. First of all, you need to educate yourself, with the help of the 30-minute Basics DVD, as to how to execute the movements correctly and the specifics of each of the 6 martial arts. Afterwards, you refer to “Stay with the Fitness Guide” to determine which of the three calendars is best suited for your fitness goals.

After choosing your plan, you just have to follow recommended schedule. In addition, you are advised to have some dumbbells for the Power HIIT and Ultimate Warrior’s “Upper Body Blow Out” workout.

Also, the creators of the Les Mills Combat recommend using some supplements such as Shakeology, Results & Recovery Formula, and E&E Energy and Endurance to make sure that your body has all the fuel for the workouts it will endure. When you finish the program in 60 days, you will see dramatic changes due to the Les Mills Combat’s regimen.

  • Price and Availability. As a product of BeachBody LLC., Les Mills Combat is always available on the official BeachBody website. The price is three monthly payments of $19.95 (or total price of 79.85) plus $ 14.95 S&H. Also, there is a 60 day guarantee: of you are not happy with the product, you can return it within 60 days for a full refund, minus shipping and handling.
  • Overall Feedback. As most of the BeachBody products, Les Mills Combat is very much liked by its clients. For example, on Amazon, Les Mills Combat workout reviews are rated 4.2 stars based on 127 reviews.

Some of the pros mentioned by the customers are the following:

  • people get visible results after completing the Les Mills Combat program : weight loss, overall toning of the body, increased energy;
  • it is suitable for people at different fitness levels because you can adjust the workout to yourself;
  •  Basics DVD is very helpful for learning the correct moves;
  • you can exercise in the comfort of your home, thus no need to get an expensive gym membership;
  • little equipment needed;
  • workouts are not too long and can be accommodated into everyday life;
  • self-defense moves provided are very useful;
  • the instructors are encouraging and motivational without being intimidating;
  • music is excellent and does not get tiring afterwards;

Some of the cons customers have mentioned are the following:

  • some people feel that the instructors talk too much thus making it difficult to follow the instructions.
  • too many people are featured in the DVDs  which can be distracting;
  • very fast-paced which makes it difficult to follow;

Results from Users of the Les Mills Combat workout

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Les Mills Combat is excellent if you are looking for a cardio workout which teaches new moves. Due to its emphasis on mixed martial arts, you learn new skills and get good results.


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