Knee Stretches that help relieve Knee Pain

knee stretches to relieve knee pain

Whether you are a lifter or an avid jogger, chances are you feel pain in your knees from time to time. With all of the weight your legs support it only makes sense why these joints bare the brunt of your workout routine. In order to help keep down any inflammation and to keep you pain free, you need to make sure and stretch out your knees. Stretching in general can help warm up your muscles before a long jog or workout, but it can also help prevent injury and further pain both during and after your workout.

Chair Knee Extension

Find a chair or other object of similar height (you can use the edge of the stairs, if this works for you) and sit in the chair, Lay your legs across an open area and position them onto another chair or object of similar height. From here, press down on the knee toward the ground without your hands and hold this for up to a count of 10. Do this five times with each leg.

chair knee extension

Knee Flexes

Stay on your chair and place a long towel under your feet with the feet on the floor. Now, pull up on the edges of the towel with your hands so your knee bends. Do this to raise the knees around five inches off of the floor. Hold this for a count of 10 and let it down back to the ground. Perform this stretch five times per leg.

Heel Slide Knee Extension

With this stretch you want to start by lying on your back with your left knee bent and the left foot on the floor (vice versa), placed close to your buttocks. Slowly slide the left heel of your foot away from your body so both legs are even and along side one another. Hold this for for a count of 10 before returning it back to the starting position and beginning it again for five more times.

heel slide knee extension

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