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Beach Body has proven to be one of the top retailers of workout videos and equipment. The company first really hit the workout stage with P90X. From there, the Insanity workout seemed to take the batton and offer those wanting to workout without building large muscles the ability to burn through hundreds of calories an hour, all without needing to actually purchase any new material or workout items.

Insanity vs Insanity Max 30

Of course, in order to stay relevant in the workout world, it is necessary to continually offer new options and variations of the popular workout. This is why there is now not only the Insanity workout but also the Insanity Max 30 workout.

The Insanity Max 30 workout is something that just hit the market not too long ago, so for individuals who are looking to purchase a routine, they probably want to know which of the two is better and which one they should purchase.

Others who currently use Insanity for their daily workout probably want to know whether they should buy the second installment of the popular workout routine or if they are fine just using what they have. Now, it is important to note that it is always up to a personal preference.

What one individual likes another might not like. With this being said though, this Insanity vs Insanity Max 30 review is all about looking at what is different and making suggestions. Ultimately, it is always going to come down to what each individual person likes in their workout.

What is Insanity


Insanity is an interval based cardio workout that targets different areas of the body at once. There are going to be moves that target just the lower body while others target the core and upper body.

The vast majority of the moves typically have different muscles groups involved in order to burn the most amount of calories and strengthen the most muscles at once.

Some of the basics include:

  • Everyone is done in intervals
  • Short cool down periods between grouped intervals to help regulate heart rate
  • No free weights or other equipment required to perform the workout routine

It is scientifically proven to burn more calories when someone alters their heart rate throughout a workout than if they maintain a steady, constant workout. The Insanity workout routine is designed for people who want to burn calories but don’t want an overly muscular body.

The lack of weights makes it easier to afford, but it reduces the amount of weight resistance anyone can obtain during the workout. Beyond this though, it is designed to more sculpt the body and help drop the weight than anything else.

Of course, it is known as “Insanity” due to the high pace of the moves and that all of them are cardio based moves that get the heart pumping and burn the most calories possible.

What is Insanity Max 30

Everyone is always looking to squeeze more out of their workouts, yet not everyone has time to go out and hit the gym for an hour at a time.

Even with a workout video such as Insanity, it takes a full hour, and on top of that with the showering and getting ready, a person can expect to spend almost 90 minutes a day on their workout.

For those who have the time it is perfect, but for other individuals who do not have that kind of time available, they might just decide to not workout at all, because after all they are not able to squeeze in the entire workout, so why even try? That is where Insanity Max 30 comes in.

Some of the basic features of Insanity Max 30 includes:

  • Each workout is around 30 minutes in length
  • There are no cool down periods, it is just a straight workout of individual intervals
  • 150 new moves from previous Insanity version
  • Same essential format as original, only intervals are not repeated as many times and no breaks included in the workout routine

What are the Major Differences?

The real major difference between the two is that Insanity Max 30 only lasts for 30 minutes while the original lasts around twice as long. While Max 30 is designed for those who do not have lots of time to hit the gym and workout at home, it can be used by anyone.

With the original Insanity workout, there are four moves that last 30 seconds each and then there is a 30 second break. With the Insanity Max 30, there are three moves at a time that last 30 seconds each without the break. Basically, when using the Insanity workout, someone is going to perform the moves for four and a half minutes against two minutes.

Of course, while the format of the workout is slightly different, the majority of the moves are the same, or at least similar. Max 30 does bring in some variations and slight alterations of the original moves, but those who have used the first Insanity workout should have no problem moving over and trying out these different kinds of moves.

The New Moves

The different moves used in Insanity Max 30 are incorporated so someone is going to always be moving and doing different kinds of exercises. For example, with the original Insanity workout, someone is going to perform a group of floor moves at the same time. This way, they can stay on the floor at once and not need to move around to perform the different moves.

With Insanity Max 30, it moves from a floor move to a standing move and back to a floor move. This way, the entire body is always moving. It basically prevents someone from becoming comfortable with the kind of move they are making.

Different Fit Measurement Tests

With Insanity, there are periodic fit tests scheduled throughout the weeks of the workout routine. When it comes to Insanity Max 30, there is a “Max Out Training,” which is not specifically scheduled in for anyone to take at a set time, but instead is for individuals who are able to do them whenever they want to.

With the Max Out Training, a person is going to start this video and perform the routine for as long as they possibly can. When the body fails and they are not able to perform it any longer this is the number they write down so they can monitor how far they are coming.

What are the Advantages of Insanity

The top advantage of Insanity over Insanity Max 30 is it is going to burn far more calories. This way, a person is going to drop the weight faster, they are going to sculpt their body quicker and they can also increase their endurance as well. It is a nice workout for endurance based sports.

For someone who performs a sport ranging anywhere from longer track and field events to football or swimming, it is a nice option as it works the majority of the body and it does give a variety of moves that work with it.

What are the Advantages of Insanity Max 30

Insanity Max 30 is best for those who do not have the full hour to workout. Yes, working out 30 minutes is not going to burn as many calories as a full hour, but it does a nice job doing what it can in the short amount of time.

Beyond this, it is great for athletes who compete in sports where there are quick bursts of agility, such as basketball, tennis, hockey and others of this nature. It is all about quick movements and not much downtown.

What are the Cons of Insanity and Insanity Max 30?

The major con with Insanity is that it is longer than the other. Everyone would love to have a sculpted body without working out for extended periods of time, but the fact of the matter is this really is not possible. Insanity Max 30 does a nice job fitting as much of a workout in as possible, but someone is just not going to burn as many calories.

Neither of these workouts are for those who want big muscles, but more lean and refined muscles. Another one of the downsides to Insanity Max 30 is the lack of rest. It is better not only for the heart but also for burning calories to have intervals that take the heart rate up and down.

Insanity Max 30 really does not have this. As it is all constant movement in order to burn the most immediate calories during the workout, it does not have the altering heart rate, which proves to be a bit detrimental in its own right.

Basically, Insanity Max 30 does what it can, but there is always going to be a downside to something that is not as long regarding a workout. Especially if the shorter workout is just a different variation of the longer, fuller Insanity workout.

Insanity or Insanity Max 30: Which to Choose?

Before anyone decides to select which workout video routine they select, they need to ask themselves a few different questions:

  • How much time is available to workout every day?
  • How fast do they want to see gains?
  • Are the workout videos used to augment current athletic training or as a stand alone workout routine.
  • Do they already own Insanity

The Time Question and Possible Gains

If someone is able to fit in a full hour workout into their daily routine, the Insanity workout is the way to go. It helps burn more calories and the person is going to see better results faster than with the Insanity Max 30.

Now, if someone just does not have the time for a full hour long workout and struggles to really fit anything into their day, so they want something shorter, they should probably go with the Insanity Max 30.

What is the Workout For?

Now, there are different ways to look at the workout. Some people use it to simply workout for the day and that is what it is there for. For others, it is about improving their performance in a different sporting event. When it comes to that, both are great options.

The Insanity Max 30 is good for sports that require quick bursts of energy and where there really is no down time while playing. Basketball is one of the top sports where this comes to mind. Tennis is another one that might fall into this category, as it is necessary to move quickly and there is not always going to be the ability to stop and rest.

Insanity is good for sports like football, where there are bursts of energy given off, but after five minutes or so there is going to be a break, whether the other side has the ball or there is a break in the action. In general though, both are going to be nice for improving performances in sports.

What if I Already Owns Insanity

If there is someone who already has Insanity and wants to know whether they should purchase Insanity Max 30, it really just depends on if there are days where they are unable to get the full hour long workout in. If someone has that struggle, adding Insanity Max 30 to the collection is a nice option and should prove helpful.

However, if this is not a struggle, or not one that comes up very often, there isn’t much of a need for it, other than having the new moves to help mix things up a bit.

Insanity or Insanity Max 30

When it comes down to it, Insanity is the better overall workout. Insanity allows someone to burn through more calories, they are going to see results faster and it also allows the body to speed up and slow down the heart rate multiple times, which is good for strengthening the heart and cardiovascular system.

The only real reason to purchase Insanity Max 30 is if someone just does not have a full hour available to devote to the workout. So, unless time is a major factor, go with Insanity Max 30.

In the Insanity vs Insanity Max 30 argument, both offer some great benefits. To choose the right program, simply ask yourself how much time you have and what your goals are. You can’t go wrong with either of these.

Whichever you choose, keep in mind that Beachbody (Company behind both workouts) acknowledge that weight loss is the result of the products in combination with appropriate exercise, portion control, diet choices, and water intake.

If you are interested in learning more about Insanity or Insanity Max 30, visit the official Beachbody website for more details.

Your Thoughts?

Have you try Insanity or Insanity Max 30? We want to know your opinions and thoughts, so drop us a line and share!

6 Comments on "Insanity Vs Insanity Max 30"

  1. I’ve done 2 consecutive rounds of Insanity and I’m now on my second week of Insanity Max 30. If you have the time definitely go with Insanity. It burns more calories, just as the article says! I feel like I’m beginning to gain weight doing Max 30! I’m not happy about that. I might have to do both workouts just turn burn more calories!

  2. Absolute nonsense. You fail to mention that the original Insanity has hardly any upper body strength routines. Max 30 has facilitated this and then some. The average calorie burn for max 30 is around 450-500 which is fantastic for 30 minutes (Lets not forget that max30 eliminated breaks and those ridiculously long warm ups/cool downs and thus there isn’t that much difference). Insanity with its extended duration and lack of strength movements would break down muscle tissue to use as fuel. All things considered MAX30 is in my opinion the much better workout series.

  3. Alesia how on earth can burning calories make you gain weight? It’s your diet you should be looking at!

  4. I have completed both Insanity and Max 30 while wearing a chest strap heart rate monitor for the month 2 workouts – the calories burned during the workouts are greater for Insanity (between 540-740 depending on workout) than Max 30 (320 for power/strength and 400 for cardio workouts). However, Max 30 does develop the upper body a lot more than insanity and hence I use the insanity workouts for the cardio workouts and month two power and strength from max 30 to get the best from both. Or will do a cardio and power from max30 back-to-back on some days for max results.

  5. I did Insanity in May 2012…did asylum 1 and 2,T25,Max 30, some Tony Horton stuff, 22 hard corp and just finished a Insanity and today did max 30s max out sweat. I truly feel they both work you over. It depends on how hard you push yourself and give it all. I agree that insanity doesn’t need such a long warm up and stretch phase, that alone is 5 to 6 minutes and about 3 at the end. I think I will look both workouts side by side and make my own hybrid one.

  6. Insanity works better. Because u can see results after 2 weeks, thats different with Insanity Max 30, where you see first results after month or month and half…. I did both of them and in comparision – Insanity made me loose 20 kg of weight druing only one month, unless with Insanity max 30 i stayed on same weigth after 2nd month (but my muscles were more toned maybe). And I had same diet – So I definitely recommend Insanity.

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