IdealShape vs Shakeology – The Complete Breakdown


Those looking for the best value on an effective weight loss shake that tastes good enough to drink have their hands full. There are dozens of popular products on the market right now all claiming to provide the best appetite control and the best results. How do you begin to navigate the market without being deceived by aggressive advertising and multilevel marketing motives?

Unfortunately, thousands of people have spent countless dollars on weight loss shakes that are less than effective, difficult to prepare, or too awful to choke down. Let’s face it – it doesn’t matter if you would look like Gwyneth Paltrow in six weeks if it can’t make it past your gag reflex.

Here, we aim to make the process easier for you by comparing two well-known weight loss shakes, IdealShape and Shakeology. We’ll give you the low down on each company and then discuss all of the most important factors: appetite control, taste, texture, ease of use, nutrition, value, and special considerations. Finally, we’ll summarize our findings and recommendations for you.

This is meant to be an honest, useful review and comparison for the health conscious reader.

idealshape vs shakeology

Basic Information

IdealShape products are produced and distributed by IdealShape, LLC. The IdealShape Plan consists of a combination of shakes, nutrition bars, and your own healthy meals. They recommend replacing both breakfast and lunch with a shake, supplementing your snacks with bars, and eating a light, healthy supper in the evening. The products are sold online.

Shakeology is produced and distributed by Beachbody, LLC. The products are promoted and sold by Beachbody coaches as well as online. Beachbody recommends replacing one meal a day with a shake, following a structured meal plan or “lifestyle change” for the remaining meals, and participating in a fitness plan such as 21 Day Fix or PiYo.

Appetite Control

IdealShape shakes control hunger using a combination of fiber and a product called Slendesta. Slendesta is a natural extract of proteinase (or P12), a protein found just beneath the skin of a potato, that promotes the release of cholecystokinin (CCK). CCK tells your brain that your stomach is full so you stop eating sooner. IdealShape shakes do provide significant appetite control. I felt full immediately after consuming a shake and for at least three to four hours afterward.

It curbed my cravings and made me less likely to snack out of habit or boredom between meals. As an added bonus, I felt an energy boost as well.

Shakeology uses vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber to curb cravings and block hunger.  The essential amino acids found in the protein in Shakeology Shakes curb hunger pangs. I noticed that some of the shake flavors provided more appetite control than others. For example, the Greenberry and Chocolate filled me up immediately and curbed my appetite for about three hours, but I was beginning to feel hungry only an hour and a half after drinking a strawberry shake.

This may be due to the fact that, according to their website, the Chocolate and Greenberry shakes contain whey protein isolate and 23 vitamins and minerals that are not in every flavor.

Winner: IdealShape shakes take the win for appetite control. I felt full longer after the IdealShape shake and less likely to snack out of boredom or habit.


ideal shakeology shake taste

IdealShape shakes come in seventeen flavors:

  1. Cheesecake
  2. Chocolate
  3. Chocolate Coconut
  4. Chocolate Cream Pie
  5. Chocolate Peanut Butter
  6. Cinnamon Bun
  7. Cookie ‘N Cream
  8. Dark Chocolate
  9. Egg Nog
  10. Keylime Pie
  11. Mint Chocolate Chip
  12. Mocha
  13. Orange Cream
  14. Salted Caramel
  15. Strawberry
  16. Vanilla
  17. Vanilla Chai

A smoothie recipe booklet was included in the box that offered some great recipes and gave options to mix it up a little by changing shake ingredients.

The shakes actually taste pretty good, even without blending in additional ingredients. I simply mixed it with almond milk and found it to be more than tolerable.

When I needed a change or had extra time, I could experiment with the recipes in the book and try some different combinations, most of which I really liked. The mocha shake option is different and exciting.

Shakeology shakes come in a variety of flavors including:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Vanilla
  3. Chocolate vegan
  4. Café Latte
  5. Strawberry
  6. Tropical Strawberry Vegan
  7. Greenberry
  8. Vanilla Vegan
  9. Café Latte Vegan

The downside is that none of the flavors I tried tasted good. I sampled strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla, and tasted cardboard, cardboard, and cardboard.

While I don’t blame Beachbody for not being able to mask the taste of the vitamins, minerals, and superfoods included, I also couldn’t bring myself to drink it as directed. I did find that mixing the strawberry with orange juice masked the awful taste slightly better than other combinations.

Winner: IdealShape wins by offering the greatest number of flavors. Variety is important when you’re drinking the same thing daily or even twice daily.


Texture is often overlooked when researching weight loss shakes but is important. If you would rather go to McDonald’s than drink a gritty, chalky shake, then clearly your results are going to suffer.

IdealShape shakes come in powder form to be mixed with other ingredients such as water, milk, almond milk, juice, or ice. They blend quite well and provide a pretty smooth shake. The grainy texture that sometimes characterizes powdered shakes is there but the chalky flavor many fear is not. On a positive note, the powder is quite fine. The texture is overall fair to good.

Shakeology shakes also come as a powder to be mixed with other liquid ingredients or blended with fruit and ice. While Shakeology avoids the chalky taste as well, it doesn’t blend well. No length of time in the blender eliminates the somewhat large granules in your shake. They leave a residue in the glass and are still in your mouth after swallowing.

Winner: IdealShape shakes win this one by being smoother than a Big Mac.

Ease of Use

The IdealShape program consists of two shakes and two IdealShape bars per day. The meal plan encourages you to replace breakfast with a shake, have a bar for lunch, replace lunch with a shake, have a bar and/or light snack, and then have a healthy supper in the evening.

Shake preparation can require some work and planning if you choose to utilize ingredients that require blending or peeling such as fruit or ice. The snacks are prewrapped and quite simple to pack in your lunch bag or grab on the go.

The Shakeology shake doesn’t come with a full program; Beachbody fitness programs typically include the meal plan. They suggest you replace one meal a day with a shake and follow the meal and exercise plan that is recommended by the fitness program of your choice.

Typically, you would replace breakfast with a shake, workout once daily with the exception of rest days, and prepare your other meals and snacks carefully according to either color-coded containers or serving sizes. The shakes, like IdealShape, can either be mixed in a shaker bottle or, if you choose to add fruit or ice, blended in a blender.

Winner: IdealShape wins this one as well. Both companies refer to the program as a lifestyle change rather than a diet, indicating that significant effort and change of habit are required. In my opinion, any trustworthy weight loss product will 1) require some effort on your part and 2) be honest about the amount of effort required.

However, IdealShape is slightly easier to accommodate in a busy work schedule and requires less advance preparation as two meals and two snacks are included in your monthly subscription.


Without debate, the nutrition of the product you choose is of utmost importance. If you’re replacing one to two meals a day, you must ensure you are still receiving adequate calories, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to maintain good health.

IdealShape shakes contain 100 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, 10 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of sugar, 5 grams of fiber, and 11 grams of protein per serving. They contain 30-90% of your recommended daily value of 20 different vitamins and minerals per serving, but two servings per day are recommended. IdealShape shakes meet your nutritional needs when used as meal replacements, and with only 100 calories per shake, allow you some wiggle room to add fruit or milk without guilt.

IdealShape Nutrition Label

ideal shake nutrition label new

Shakeology shakes go above and beyond when it comes to nutritious ingredients.

Each flavor of Shakeology varies slightly on calories, carbohydrates, etc. so it’s important to read the label of the shake flavor you have selected. For comparison, one strawberry shake contains 130 calories, 1gram of fat, 5 mg of cholesterol, 15 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, 7 grams of sugar, and 16 grams of protein.

It also boasts exotic superfoods including acai, rose hips, ashwagandha, chia seed, acerola cherry, wheat grass, grape seed, and yacon. While some of the shake flavors contain up to 160 calories, that still allows you plenty of room to add calories in the form of milk, yogurt, or fruit.

Shakeology Nutrition Label (Strawberry)

shakeology-strawberry-nutrition label ingredients

Winner: While IdealShape offers adequate nutrition for meal replacement, Shakeology wins by a mile because of their high quality, superfood ingredients. One serving provides more protein, vitamins, minerals, and superfoods to help you achieve your weight goals and improve your overall health.


So which product is easier on the pocketbook?

You can purchase a thirty day supply of IdealShape at their official website, which includes 60 shake servings, 28 bars, a blender bottle, and a meal planning guide, for $119.99.

That replaces two meals and one snack daily, which brings your cost per meal to less than $2. When you consider the price of a breakfast sandwich or a trip to Subway, that’s pretty inexpensive.

It would be nearly impossible to even make a meal at home for less than that. An added bonus is that they offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like the product for any reason. Simply send the shake back and they’ll issue a refund.

A one month supply of Shakeology, on the other hand, costs $129.95. You have the option of purchasing a 30-serving bag or 24 individual packets for convenience on the go at the Official Shakeology website. This amount would replace one meal a day, which brings the price per meal to $4.33 on the 30-serving bag or $6.66 for the individual packets. Your order comes with thirty sample smoothie recipes to compliment the flavor you selected.

Winner: IdealShape clearly provides the best value. While $4.33 is still a reasonable price for a meal, it doesn’t beat the value IdealShape offers at less than $2 per meal.

Special Considerations

Gluten Restrictions: IdealShape shakes are gluten free but Shakeology shakes are not.

Lactose Intolerance or Dairy Allergy: IdealShape shakes and most Shakeology shakes contain whey protein. However, Shakeology offers two vegan options that are dairy free.

Soy Allergies: IdealShape contains soy lecithin (not soy protein) and Shakeology contain no soy.

Artificial Sweeteners: IdealShape contain an artificial sweetener (Sucralose). Shakeology does not contain artificial sweeteners or flavors.

IdealShape or Shakeology

In the IdealShape vs Shakeology argument, both offer some great benefits including adequate nutrition for meal replacement and adequate appetite control. Shakeology outdoes IdealShape in terms of high quality and superfood ingredients. However, due to its value, taste, texture, variety, and ease of use, IdealShape left a better taste in my mouth overall (no pun intended). Both shakes are great options for weight loss and appetite control and produced the desired results.

Whichever you choose, keep in mind that both companies acknowledge that weight loss is the result of the products in combination with appropriate exercise, portion control, diet choices, and water intake.

If you are interested in learning more about IdealShape or purchasing a thirty-day supply of IdealShape shakes and bars, you can find what you need at the official IdealShape website.

If you are interested in Shakeology, you can purchase or learn more at the official Beahcbody Shakeology page. You can learn more about getting a personal fitness coach and the fitness programs they offer, such as 21 Day Fix and PiYo, at

Your Thoughts?

Have you try IdealShape or Shakeology?

We want to know your opinions and thoughts, so drop us a line and share!

26 Comments on "IdealShape vs Shakeology – The Complete Breakdown"

  1. I purchased IdealShakes and have been using it for 3 wks now. I have lost a total of 10lbs so far!!! The shakes (chocolate and vanilla) are
    both wonderful when blended with ice with just water or unsweetened
    almond milk. I also received the Idealbars for a snack which were very tasty!!! I would recommend this product to anyone….that chalky taste and gritty texture you get with most shakes is just not a problem with this product. When you blend with ice, the ice texture really “hides” any little bit of “grit” possibly left. Soooo worth it and the price is right!! Can’t wait to get another shipment.

  2. I have been drinking shakeo on and off for a while. It’s sometimes hard for me to drink and I’ve found only a few recipes that I like. I would never drink it by itself mixed with water. Yuck. It’s expensive. It doesn’t always fill me up (actually hardly ever) I always want something else after.

    I just tried idealshape and while I wasn’t crazy about the first recipe I tried, it was still really good!! No chalk taste. No grit. So smooth! I purchased mocha and vanilla. The price is amazing compared to shakeo.
    I do wish they had more nutrients in this one, but getting those nutrients in with snacks is just as good. Oh and hello while I am writing this, I am SO full!!!

    Idealshape shakes for the win!

  3. I have tried both shakes. IdealShape definitely makes me feel full longer & controls my hunger and cravings a LOT better. I want to try the bars.

  4. I just got a supply of Ideal. I’ve had the first shake and I think it worlds better than Shakeology. I only tried greenberry but I felt it tasted nasty and I’m not going to take the time to whip up a fruit smoothie with it. That’s the whole convenience idea of having a shake on the go.

    However, BB does offer a meal replacement shake with in my opinion is tops in taste and consistency. But for the money I want to try Ideal and see how it goes. Tastes great so far.

  5. I have no tried either one so far. I don’t want to spend the money on shakeo if the ideal is better in having a lot of hard times in choosing why one will be good for me. I’m about 280lbs I would like to lose 100 lbs. work 2 jobs have 2 beautiful children. 7years and 2. With the kids being in sports my busy work schedule. I’m just confused on what will work best for me. I want to change my life style. Be healthy for myself and family. Dose idealshape have a workout plan as well as eating plan? I’m new to this I did an advocare 24 day challenge and loved it but didn’t like how many pills I had to take and heard the pills are bad for you! Thanks for any advice!

    • Hey Angie,

      Congrats on taking the first step to a healthier lifestyle! When it comes to meal replacement shakes, it can be very difficult choosing one that is best for you. Taste, Nutrition and Price are some of the deciding factors. Some use meal replacement for the nutrition factor. Others may have a busy lifestyle and don’t really have the time to prepare meals or just simply looking to lose weight. Both Idealshape & Shakeology are great meal replacement shakes. You have to choose one that best suits your needs in terms of prices, nutrition, taste, etc.

      Idealshape has free nutrition plans as well as many free workout plans. As far as Shakeology, they offer a variety of free nutrition plans, however they recommend that you purchase a Beachbody workout program with their shakes. I must say that Beachbody workout programs are extremely effective and their coaches are some of the best people that you will ever meet. All in all, Both IdealShape & Shakeology are great shakes!

      Once again, congrats on making a commitment to a happier & healthier lifestyle and you’re definitely on the right path. All the best! 🙂

  6. Hi, I joined Beach Body and really enjoyed the chocolate shake and the exercises. I generally had my shake following my exercise and it filled me up. That said, I am not a snacker and have difficulty meeting my caloric goals although I’m 50 pounds more than I should be. I mix my shake with almond milk and tablespoon of peanut butter. I like Shakeology but it is really pricey for our military family to afford. I ordered my first Ideal Shake and I’m still waiting for it to arrive! This is much more affordable for my husband and I as we both drink a shake daily mainly for convenience. I started Beach Body to get my body back but that has totally changed to making sure my body is healthy. After I started paying attention to my calories I was shocked, by 6 pm I had only had perhaps 600 calories on average. I’m very active and this is plainly not enough calories for me. I now try to make sure I eat more whole food snacks through out the day such as a banana or nuts. This morning I had a cup of full fat yoghurt and flax seed. I hate youghurt but I’m really trying here. Good luck to everyone out there that’s trying to make themselves stronger and healthier!

  7. I had my first idealshake today (chocolate). I mixed it with fat free milk instead of water and cut up bananas and sliced strawberries. It was perfect and I am not hungry. Its been 4 hours since I drank it. Dinner in a few hours so its doing that job well.

    I was left with alot more energy and completed an insanity workout and once done, just coming down from the hype. I am sure this is due to the protein and other ingredients that my body is just not used to.

    Anyone else experience this?

  8. I am a shakeology drinker and exercise daily. I prefer the shakeology because they have more superfoods and no artificial sweeteners. I also believe teaching yourself a healthy lifestyle is more important than just drinking a shake to curb your appetite. Eventually you fall. Learning to eat properly, exercise and drink your shakes all go hand and hand. It’s a life style change you have to be willing to learn for these shakes to truly work.

    • I do like Shakeo, but I will say that it does contain Stevia. While it’s probably not considered an “artifical sweetener,” it’s highly processed. The process of turning Stevia into a FDA approved form is anything but natural.

  9. I’ve had the opportunity to try both shakeology and ideal. While shakeology is packed with more nutrients, I couldn’t get past the horrible taste. Ideal has a great taste;vanilla being my all-time favorite. I understand that the point is to train your body o eat wiser and more nutrient rich foods but it’s not a simple task if you dread the taste of some. I myself have decided to live a healthier life after seven year steroid therapy and depression. I’ve done ideal shake for breakfast and healthy lunch and dinner and so far I’ve lost almost fifty pounds in a year. You have to just go with what works for you and embrace it.

  10. Thanks for such a great review. I started on Shakeology a couple years ago before they changed the formula and didn’t mind the taste. Then the formula changed (yes, certainly MUCH healthier) and I just flat could no longer stomach any of the favors! The chalky, gritty taste is straight up foul!
    I’ve been looking for another shake for a while now – after reading this review and a few others, I just ordered my first IdealShake. Looking forward to trying it.joo
    While I appreciate the nutrient dense quality of Shakeology – what good is it if I can’t stomach the flavor?
    Thanks again for the review!

  11. I’ve been using IdealShakes now for almost 3 months. I’ve lost about 12 pounds but I’m terrible at exercising and will be the first to admit it! I love the taste of the chocolate and there are just so many possibilities by adding fruit, or yogurt or just about anything and they always taste great! I’m full for about 3 hours after drinking one and I love adding extra ice to make it frosty like. I started just drinking one for breakfast, but fell off the wagon for a few weeks. Now I’m doing two shakes a day, healthy snacks in between if I feel like it, and a healthy dinner in the evening. IdealShake all the way!!

  12. I’m an avid Shakeology drinker and at first I was skeptical but now I feel so much better about myself. I have regular digestion, my eczema cleared up, my energy levels are high, and I am fuller for longer. I have tried other shakes before but nothing compares to the ingredients in Shakeology that are nutrient and super food dense. I make my shake up for the morning as I run out the door to take my kids to daycare and I’m off to work. I love the convenience of shakes BUT I wouldn’t drink it for the sole purpose of replacing meals. I consider shakeology my vitamins for the day. At the end of the day, you need to ask yourself if you’re just looking for a quick fix or a lifestyle change. Replacing half your meals is not something I consider a quick fix. I have learned how to eat in the right portions, daily exercise, and also taking my “vitamins”.

    • Well said Mindy. To do these diets that want you to replace 2 meals a day, will only lead you to engage in a yo-yo diet. Establishing healthy eating habits from the get go will lead you to the road to success AND keep you there. I have already lost 30 pounds over 5 months and I am, slowly, but surely, continuing to loose weight and most importantly inches. I am developing an hourglass body that truly, I never even dreamed I could ever attain. And yet, it is happening and I am beyond thrilled.

  13. I love beachbody programs, so naturally I gave the pricey shakeo a try. The taste. Nope. Couldn’t do it. I am going to try Ideal next. I have a shake every morning now and its great for keeping my blood sugars in check. I am a type 1 diabetic so that morning shake is key! Can’t wait to try!

  14. I’ve drank shako for the last 21 days plus have done the workouts everyday. Shako has helped with the cravings but not staying full and I don’t care for he taste. And the price is a little to much for me to justify. I just ordered idealshape to try it out!! I will still do beach body workouts and meal plan. But for the shake I’m excited to try ideal.

  15. I bought IdealShake to go along with my 21 day fix. I couldn’t stomach the idea of spending 129.00 a month on Shakology when the program itself was only 75.00. I did try Shakology a few years ago and didn’t mind it. So far, I have really liked IdealShake! It’s the first meal drink mix I was able to mix with water and have it taste pretty good. I’m following the 21 day fix eating plan, and using IdealShake as a post-workout fuel. I don’t know how I feel about using the shake as two replacement meals, since I don’t feel that teaches you how to eat properly, but it’s been perfect for my after workout snack. I’m looking into a few of their other products for when I go back to work (I’m a teacher). The boost looks like a good substitute for my awful Diet Coke habit.

  16. Claire Pelletier | July 31, 2016 at 2:43 am | Reply

    Shakeology contains no gluten ingredients- it is just processed in a facility that processes gluten ingredients.

    • Hey Claire,

      Yes, we are aware that Shakeology are made with gluten free ingredients. However, Shakeology is not certify Gluten free because they are manufactured in the same facility that does process other products that contains gluten ingredients. In this case, there is always a possibility of cross-contamination. That’s why Shakeology are not certify Gluten free and for safety & health reason we have to treat it as such. Thank You!

  17. I’m just starting the 21 day fix program. My friend made me a vegan chocolate shakeology and I loved it. Then I read the ingredients and found it had green tea in it. I’m LDS and don’t consume tea products. It was a bummer. I’m looking for something comparable to shakeology and just may have to give this a try.

  18. carmen Hernandez | July 2, 2017 at 10:41 pm | Reply

    I drink shakeology for almost 4 years and i love it. I lost 28 pounds combined shakeology,any program of Beachbody and a healthy diet. Is a little more Spencer, but it worth.

  19. Idealshake all the way. The price, taste and hunger control are amazing! I’ve tried shakeo before and could barely choke it down..

  20. I have tried a few meal replacement shakes. Shakeology being one of them. Also 310 Nutrition. I could not stand the taste of both. It just tasted chalky and bland. The only way to make them bearable was to add loads of stuff to them! at that point, all your doing is adding so many calories there is no point in even drinking it if your trying to lose weight.

    Then I tried IdealShakes and I was blown away by how good it tasted! All I do is add either cashew milk or almond milk and it is soooooo good! It is so creamy and tastes like a milk shake! Has less calories than shakeology, and the best part is you dont need to add loads of other stuff to the shake to make it taste good! All you need is almond milk!

    IdealShape Shakes all the way!

  21. I have been using IdealShake for a week now and I’m also doing the 15 Challenge that they provided. As of today, I have lost 7 lbs. I didn’t want to get committed to paying for something if I wasn’t going stick with it. I think IdealShake is the best since I could go do the exercises that they provided that were right on UTube without having to pay any additional fees.

  22. I love IdealShake products! I have the vanilla, chocolate & strawberry. Definitely prefer the vanilla and chocolate but the strawberry is great to mix with fruit. Typically, I drink a shake (mixed with water) in the mornings for breakfast. I stay full for 3 hours and the shake is delicious! I will have to try to mix it with almond milk. I’m sure that would keep me fuller longer. Also, it has really helped curb my sweet tooth and stop cravings for diet sodas. HIGHLY recommend IdealShake!

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