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It’s no secret that meal replacement shakes have become a staple resource for people who want to accelerate fat loss without sacrificing protein and other essential nutrients.

And it’s also no secret that ever since meal replacement shakes became all the rage a couple of decades back, they can now be found in droves, lining the shelves of both retail and online health and fitness stores.

Given our society’s increasing infatuation with being in better health and better shape, meal replacement shakes have never been more popular.

One of the more popular brands currently on the market is Ideal Shape’s line of meal replacement products. In this review, we’re going to take a detailed look at what their shakes have to offer, including their ingredients, overall taste profile, satisfaction level, and their biggest pros and cons.

Ingredients, Nutrients, Vitamins, and Minerals

How Many Calories Are In Ideal Shape Shakes?

Ideal Shape shakes are among the lowest in calories per serving that we’ve reviewed to date, at 100 calories per serving (25 from fat).

Here is an overview of calories in each IdealShake flavor:

  • Cheesecake: 110 Calories
  • Chocolate: 100 Calories
  • Chocolate Coconut: 110 Calories
  • Chocolate Cream Pie: 100 Calories
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter: 110 Calories
  • Cinnamon Bun: 110 Calories
  • Cookie ‘N Cream: 110 Calories
  • Dark Chocolate: 100 Calories
  • Egg Nog: 100 Calories
  • Keylime Pie: 100 Calories
  • Mint Chocolate Chip: 100 Calories
  • Mocha: 100 Calories
  • Orange Cream: 100 Calories
  • Salted Caramel: 100 Calories
  • Strawberry: 100 Calories
  • Vanilla: 100 Calories
  • Vanilla Chai: 110 Calories

How Much Protein Per Serving? Fats? Carbs?

One level scoop (30g) of an Ideal Shape shake contains 11g of protein (right at one-third of the total content per scoop).

That same amount contains 3g of total fat (0.5g saturated) and 10g of total carbohydrates (5g dietary fiber; 1g sugars).

Other macronutrients include:

  • Cholesterol: 25mg
  • Sodium: 210mg
  • Potassium: 180mg

*Note: The above information came from Mocha IdealShake. Other flavors are very similar in macronutrients and nutrients.

New-Idealshape-shake-nutrition-label-Idealshake flavors

*Note: If you’d like to view the IdealShape ingredients label, click above to enlarge.

Learn more at the official IdealShape website

What Vitamins and Minerals Does It Contain?

Ideal Shape Shakes contain 21 different vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin A: Improves eyesight, promotes healthy skin, and boosts immune system
  • Calcium: Strengthens bones and teeth and improves nerve communication
  • Vitamin D: Supports heart health, bone healthy, and healthy immune system
  • Vitamin B: Supports nerve cell and muscle function.
  • Niacin: Helps maintain healthy levels of good cholesterol
  • Folate: Helps regulate brain functions and improves mood
  • Biotin: Promotes healthy nails and skin
  • Phosphorous: Supports bone and muscle health
  • Magnesium: Supports healthy kidneys and heart
  • Copper: Increases energy and supports healthy blood and nerve function
  • Vitamin C: Promotes a strong immune system
  • Iron: Increases energy and promotes blood health
  • Vitamin E: Helps protect the brain and liver
  • Riboflavin: A metabolic agent that targets fat and increases energy
  • Vitamin B6: Breaks down the protein consumed daily
  • Vitamin B12: Promotes red blood cell production
  • Pantothenic Acid: Helps turn food into energy
  • Iodine: Supports the thyroid gland
  • Zinc: Supports the immune and respiratory systems
  • Chloride: Essential for digestive health


idealshape shake flavors

What Flavors Are Available?

Ideal Shape shakes are currently offered in seventeen different flavors: Cheesecake, Chocolate, Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Cream Pie, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Bun, Cookie ‘N Cream, Dark Chocolate, Egg Nog, Keylime Pie, Mint Chocolate Chip, Mocha, Orange Cream, Salted Caramel, Strawberry, Vanilla, Vanilla Chai.

Based on the research we’ve performed (and other Ideal Shape shake reviews) the overall flavor profile of each flavor is well received. If there were one shake flavor that was the least liked among users, it would be Mocha.

Each flavor contains only 1g of sugar per serving, but still seems to be able to keep a sweeter flavor profile.

What Is The Consistency Like?

Where Ideal Shape is well known for its great tasting shakes, its shake consistency is still open for debate.

From what we’ve uncovered, it’s a virtual split between consumers who like the consistency of Ideal Shape shakes and those that no longer use the product because of its consistency issues.

The most common complaint was that the shakes were too thin and too similar to drinking a slightly thicker version of water. However, several of those who did not like the shake’s consistency did confirm that the shakes mixed well with other beverages.

Some consumers recommended using coconut milk as a mixing agent to help thicken it up a bit, while one person recommended using flax seeds to get an extra bit of healthy fats, in addition to adding a bit more body to the shake.

In the end, it all boils down to personal preference. If you insist that your meal replacement shake shares the same consistency as a milkshake, then you’re probably better off going with another brand.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind a shake that’s a bit on the thin side, then feel free to try Ideal Shape shakes. The protein, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals included in the shake more than make up for its lack of consistency.

Satisfaction Level

What Does Ideal Shape Use to Curb Hunger?

Where many meal replacement shakes tend to use mostly fiber to fill consumers up, Ideal Shape takes a broader approach, using a combination of whey protein, fiber, and a hunger-blocker called Slendesta.

Slendesta is an all-natural potato protein extract found just beneath the potato’s skin. This protein is extracted and used for the sole purpose of blocking hunger.

How it works is that it commands the body to produce more CCK (cholecystokinin), which communicates to the body that it is full.

According to Ideal Shape, Slendesta doesn’t conflict with your body’s natural metabolism, nor does it give you that jittery, anxious feeling like other hunger inhibitors.

While the information and evidence backing Slendesta seems sound, we’ve not had enough experience with it to form a concrete conclusion regarding its hunger blocking capabilities.

Regardless of whether it’s the fiber or Slendesta doing the appetite curbing, there’s no doubt that Ideal Shape shakes are very effective at it.

How Long Is Hunger Curbed on Average?

Ideal Shape shakes tend to curb hunger from approximately 2-4 hours. The amount of time is different per person, taking into account metabolism, physical activity, and other similar factors.

Consumers who appeared to only be drinking the shakes (and not participating in physical exercise) tended to stay full for around 3 hours.

Based on other meal replacement shakes we’ve researched and reviewed, Ideal Shape shakes have one of the longest appetite suppression time frames. In our opinion, this is its greatest advantage over its competition.

IdealShape Reviews & Results

If you were to ask us to summarize the typical results consumers reported while using Ideal Shape shakes, we would conclude the following:

  • It was a common occurrence for users to lose around 5 lbs. within the first 2-3 weeks. After that period, further results appeared to be dependent upon whether the person exercised or not.
  • People who did not work out, yet continued to drink the shakes in place of one or two meal throughout the day, still lost additional weight, but at a slower rate (between 1-2 pounds every 1-2 weeks).
  • People who exercised in addition to drinking the shakes tended to lose more weight at a more rapid pace (3-4 pounds every week). One person reported losing a total of 19 pounds in only six weeks.
  • Naturally, the more meals replaced with the shakes, the more weight was lost. However, keep in mind that it’s recommended you use two scoops with one shake. That means replacing one meal a day with one package of Ideal Shape shakes will last approximately 15 days.

Pros and Cons


  • Low calorie and low sugar. Ideal Shape shakes contain only 100 calories and 1g of sugar per serving – the lowest in each category of all meal replacement shakes we’ve reviewed thus far.
  • Great appetite curbing. As we stated above, on average these shakes suppress hunger for up to 4 hours.
  • Good quantity of protein. Ideal Shape shakes contain 11g of protein per serving. That equates to 22g of protein per meal replaced (if you use two scoops as recommended).
  • 30-Day Money-Back guarantee. Anytime we see a guarantee with a perishable product like meal replacement shakes, we get a little giddy. That’s because we know the company is confident in the quality it provides its consumers.


  • Too thin for some consumers. There were a handful of complaints about the lack of consistency (or thickness) in the shakes. One consumer reported using flax seeds to thicken it up.

Where to Buy Ideal Shape Shakes

We recommend purchasing Ideal Shape shakes from the company’s main site at While the shakes are occasionally offered on marketplaces but we highly recommend buying through the Official IdealShape website for safety & security purposes.

  • All orders come with a free shaker bottle and Idealshape Smoothie Recipes Book (Volume 2)
  • Multiple order options available:
  • $49.99 for 30-Day Supply
  • $89.99 for 60-Day Supply (includes IdealPlan ebook)
  • $129.99 for 90-Day Supply (w/ebook)
  • $159.99 for 120-Day Supply (w/ebook)

Final Verdict Of Our Ideal Shape Review

In comparison with the other meal replacement shakes we have reviewed so far, we have to say that Ideal Shape shakes are our favorites.

While they’re not as cheap as purchasing meal replacement shakes from discount grocery stores, they’re still cheaper than competitors who don’t offer the same amount of quality as Ideal Shape.

The combination of having a good flavor profile, the ability to blend and mix well with a variety of ingredients, and the substantial amount of protein, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals gives us the confidence to recommend Ideal Shape shakes to anyone committed to losing weight and getting in better shape.

Your Thoughts?

Have you used Ideal Shape meal replacement shakes in the past? How was your experience?

Feel free to share it with us in the comments below!

**We are pleased to announced that IdealShape is giving our readers $5 OFF on any Purchase of $29.99 Or More!

31 Comments on "Ideal Shape Shake Review"

  1. Do you offer international shipping to Malaysia ?? Please adv .
    Have read the reviews and really insterted to purchase the shakes.

    Thank you

  2. I love this shake, but I feel bloated. I’m not sure why. Has anyone else had this?

  3. I use crushed ice with my shakes and blend it all together with unsweetened soy milk and small additives such as oats, fruit, or unsweetened cocoa. I always add a little flax seed. I have no complaints about the consistency of the shake.

  4. I use the chocolate and mix it with 8ounces of silk cashew milk. The milk only adds 25 calories and gives the shake a very nice, creamy texture. Not too thin and not too thick. It’s delicious!

  5. I love the Chocolate, it tastes great! The consistency is perfect for me! I don’t like shakes too thick. It also may very depending on what milk you use. I’ve tried Almond milk, but actually prefer to use 1%. Try out different milks to find which you like best!

  6. This product works. I had to order more to bring with me on my vacation. I have all the flavors and tasted them all; and Mocha is my favorite. I also ordered the snack bars, a perfect snack to bring while on vacation.

  7. somebody knows where I can get this shake outside of the states? In Mexico to be specifically

  8. I LOVE these shakes! I mix it with coconut almond milk and it is the right thickness for me. So delicious! I got these to help with weight loss and I have been taking them for a week now and I feel so much better! I’m not bloaty at all and I feel full! Their drink mixes are awesome too! Highly recommend these products!

  9. How long does one $49.99 canister last? Is it 30 days supply or is only 15 days? I’ve read conflicting comments. Is the 30 days only if you use 1 scoop a day? I’m confused

    • Hey Tara,

      The $49.99 canister have about 30 servings and IdealShape recommend 1 scoop per serving. If you were to drink 1 serving per day, it will last you 30 days. Or if you were to drink 2 servings per day, it will last you 15 days.

      However, IdealShake is recommended as 1-2 of your daily meals on the IdealPlan. If you wish to achieve accelerated results with two shakes a day, a 2-tub package (60 servings total) will give you a one-month supply, while a 4-tub package (120 servings) will give you a two-month supply at an even better value. You can learn more about the Servings and IdealPlan here. Thanks!

  10. I just started using the product yesterday, and I’m already a big fan! I researched nearly every meal replacement shake on the market and found this one to be the one with the most positive reviews. So glad I went with Idealshape. For consistency, I mix one scoop with 8 oz of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (I use the Silk brand), half of one small banana (sliced), one handful of blueberries, and one tablespoon of Fage 0% Greek yogurt. This adds a few extra calories (shake will be about 200 calories). The trick is to blend in a blender (personal blender works best – Hamilton Beach is only $15.00). Yum!

  11. Colleen Kirby | April 21, 2016 at 3:30 pm | Reply

    I’ve been using this shake for the past two and a half weeks and I love it. I put it in my Ninja blender with five frozen strawberries, half a banana, crushed ice a little bit of honey and of course water. This gives me roughly 24 ounces of Shake that is thick and smooth for about 210 calories. It tastes excellence. I love it. Thank you ideal shape.

  12. I’m confused about the meal packets that come with the tub. How are these meal packets used? Haven’t ordered yet.

    • Hey Kathleen,

      They are single serving packs. IdealShape is giving customers a chance to try other flavors with their main tub.


  13. I love it! I add oatmeal, chia seeds, my it works greens, and a teaspoon of peanut butter to mine with ice and blend it up! I work out so I use it as breakfast every morning! I like mine thick to hold me over. The chocolate is my favorite!

  14. I mix my chocolate ones with cold coffee, prepared the way I like it, and with unsweetened almond milk, flax and ice in my ninja. Awesome!!

  15. I’m definitely a fan of these shakes after trying both shakeology and isagenix. While those shakes are good, ideal shape has an edge with its taste, cost and hunger control.

    I mix up a shake every morning before work with just water and ice cubes and it holds me until lunchtime (I don’t mind the thin consistency). If I’m doing physical training I’ll use the shake as a post workout refuel and it works really well. Low enough in calories and solid nutrition.

  16. Jennifer Kramer | August 4, 2016 at 4:09 pm | Reply

    I just received my vanilla shakes and love it. My only concern is that I see they contain lead. I can’t find any info on how much and now I am concerned to continue. Does anyone have any info on the lead in these shakes and has anyone had any side effects? Thank you. Hoping to be able to continue using this product.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying IdealShakes. As far as the lead is concern, IdealShakes does not contain any ingredients with lead. Since many of their ingredients comes from the ground and lead is a naturally-occurring element in soil! IdealShape is required to label their shake canisters with the lead warning simply due to the Prop 65 law out of California. The lead content is relatively low – almost non existent, it’s unlikely you’ll develop any lead related side effects from it. Hope this helps! 🙂

  17. I just got my first order yesterday, so far I have had four shakes but my concern is right after drinking the shake and the bottle of water as directed I still have the hunger feeling an want to eat. Is there a reason, do I have to use the shakes so long before I see a difference?

    • Hi Ashley,

      If you are replacing too many meals with a shake – you’re not getting enough calories. It’s probably the reason why you’re still hungry, you can also try swapping out the water with something else such as milk, almond milk, etc. to see if that helps. You can check out IdealShake smoothies recipe book that offers a variety of solutions to meet your calorie goal.

      Another piece of advice is when you begin a new diet not only do you have to learn and adjust to true hunger signs, your brain has to adjust to the amount of calories you are now consuming.

      If you have done a drastic calorie cut, you’re going to be hungry at first. However, once your body acclimates to the food intake, your body will eventually adjust.

      All in all, make sure to check your BMR to get an estimate of your daily calorie needs. We also recommend 1 to 2 shakes a day in conjunction with a healthy diet. If you have any other questions, free feel to ask. Thanks!

  18. I’ve been drinking Idealshape shakes for about a month now and I absolutely LOVE it! I only replaced 1 meal a day for a shake and I’m already down several pounds. I add frozen fruits to the chocolate shake – I love it!!

  19. I bought the chocolate cream pie. We have been having it for lunch for the past 4 days then a healthy meal for dinner. I walk a mile on the treadmill a day to help weight loss. In four days, I have lost 5 pounds. My husband also lost 5 pounds.
    For my shake, I use 1 scoop of mix, 8oz skim milk, a couple frozen banana chunks, froze strawberries and frozen pineapple and 1/8 cup of ground oats. It taste like a Dairy Queen banana split blizzard.
    It seems to ward off hunger for 3-4 hours. I looked into other mixes but this one was better priced. I’m happy with my purchase.

  20. Cathy Peitzman | January 17, 2017 at 5:25 pm | Reply

    I am getting ready to start in a week or two. The smoothie recipes supplied in the download you receive sound amazing.. do the add ins need to be deducted from what you eat the rest of the day

  21. At Thanksgiving time I ordered my first tub of the a chocolate/peanut butter shake. Loved it! Ordered another tub of the chocolate peanut butter two weeks ago . My question is this….why does this tub taste different? This chocolate/pb tastes flat. The other one had before Christmas tasted just like.chocolate with peanut butter. Did the company change the ingredients?

  22. Is the taste and flavor of the shake alright if I just mix with water? I’m not sure I want to add calories by mixing with milk!

  23. I tried this shake, but found it WAY too sweet. I had to mix it with buttermilk or yogurt to be able to cut the sweetness. I complained and I did get a refund from them, but am very disappointed, can’t understand how people can like the taste being soooo sweet – I tried the chocolate, maybe others are better.

  24. Ursula Bell | July 4, 2017 at 2:20 pm | Reply

    Above you say “However, keep in mind that it’s recommended you use two scoops with one shake.” However, I’ve never seen to use 2 scoops with one shake anywhere. Is this a misprint or am I missing something?

    I absolutely LOVE my Idealshakes. However, I find that I get headaches with the regular ones. I’m wondering if it could be the sucralose in them. :/ The super ones don’t do that to me. I’m drinking 100 ounces of water a day so hydration shouldn’t be an issue. Anyone else have this issue?

    Still love love love my Idealshakes!!!!

  25. This is the first shake that I have tried that I actually enjoyed the taste! I mix the strawberry with 8 oz of ice/unsweetened vanilla almond milk and it tastes exactly like a strawberry shake. The texture can be thin with just liquid added, but blending in ice makes it more creamy and I look forward to drinking them for breakfast every morning!

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