How to Train for a Half Marathon

how to train for a half marathon

Preparing for a half marathon is a great goal for anyone to set. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t moved a muscle outside of walking to the fridge from your couch or what shape you are in, it is possible to get up and moving for a half marathon. Of course, you don’t want to just sign up for one that’s next week. Instead, use this 12 week plan to ready your body and your mind for that first half marathon.

Your first week might be a bit tough, but remember it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to complete the segments, as long as you jog for as long as possible. On week one, take Monday off and go for three miles on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You are going to be sore at first but that is natural. Take Friday off, then run three miles Saturday and four on Sunday. Even if it takes you 10 minutes per mile, keep with it. You’ll get better as the weeks go.

Week two take Monday off (even week take Monday off and Friday off). Keep the mileage the same for every day except Wednesday, which you want to push to four miles. It is a slight increase over the first week but you’ll barely notice it. On week three keep the same mileage except for Sunday, which you should run for five miles.

Week four run three miles Tuesday and Thursday, four miles Saturday, five miles Wednesday and six miles Sunday. For week 5, fun four miles Tuesday and Thursday, five miles Wednesday, three miles on Saturday and Seven on Sunday.

For week six, run four miles every training day except Sunday, which you run eight. Week seven push Wednesday to six miles and Sunday to nine miles. Week eight push Sunday to 10 and week nine push Sunday to 10. Week nine go 11 miles Sunday but drop to three on Saturday. Week 10 drop Wednesday down to five and go 12 on Sunday, then week 11 drop Saturday to three miles and Sunday to six. This is the week before the race.

Week 12, or race week, run 3 miles Tuesday and Thursday, five on Wednesday, two miles on Saturday and your 13.1 on Sunday.

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