How to Tone Your Thighs the Right Way

how to tone your thighs

As a personal trainer, one of the most common questions that I get asked is, “How do I tone my thighs?” Obviously, this is a very common goal among women. That seemingly impossible “thigh gap” has become very elusive to the average person; however, you’ll be glad to know getting there is simple! Exciting, right? I didn’t say easy; it takes work to make aesthetic changes in your body, but the process isn’t complicated. I’ll give three simple steps to help you get your thigh gap back!

The first step is to add some muscle to your entire body. What most people don’t realize, is that adding just one pound of muscle to your body burns approximately fifty calories per day. Add this up over the course of a week, and that’s three hundred fifty calories burned per week with no extra exercise! The tone you want on your legs requires the burning of fat, and adding a few pounds of muscle to your whole body will give your body the fuel it needs to feed your calorie-burning fire, so you must follow a good resistance training program to see the results you want in your body.

The second step is to work on the fat loss! In addition to building that calorie-burning muscle, add some cardio exercise and calorie cutting. I didn’t say run a marathon, and I didn’t say eat only five hundred calories per day. To burn one pound of fat you have to burn three thousand five hundred calories, so if you cut three hundred calories a day from your food, burned three hundred calories in a workout five days a week, and add it to those pounds of muscle you build, you’ll see the fat start melting off around your legs!

Step three is to do leg-specific exercises. Add squatting, abduction, and pressing movements to your workout to help tone and solidify the muscles in your thighs. Follow these three simple steps and you’ll soon see your thigh gap coming back!

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