How to Stay Focused on Fitness Goals

how to stay focus on fitness goals

Having a “desire” for a great body, lots of energy or improved health and fitness is not enough to get you there. You have to put feet to that desire to reach your goal. Focus and motivation are key ingredients to reaching fitness objectives. Here are a few tips for staying focused and motivated on your fitness regimen.

Set Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Start simple with realistic short term goals that can be achieved within a reasonable amount of time. Once you’ve reached these goals, extend them to intermediate and longer term objectives. Keep track of your progress and celebrate your victories to keep you motivated for the future.

Think “Fun!” When Choosing a Fitness Regimen

By choosing activities or sports you enjoy, you’ll have greater incentive for sticking with your exercise regimen. Explore Zumba, martial arts, Pilates or other classes of interest at your local gym. Join a sports team and hone your volleyball, swimming or softball skills. Invite some friends over for bi-weekly yoga classes or workout sessions at home. Go for daily walks, jogs or bike rides in the park. Variety will add spice to exercising, making it that much more appealing on a long term basis.

Make Exercise a Part of Your Lifestyle

Make exercise happen by incorporating it into your schedule just as you do cooking, house cleaning or other daily chores. Think “fitness” throughout the day and make an effort to change lazy habits into productive ones that will improve your health, such as walking, rather than driving, to nearby shops or using the stairs instead of the elevator.

Savor the Rewards

Regular exercise will make you look and feel better over time. Savor these rewards to strengthen your commitment to improved health and fitness. Treat yourself to a special reward for reaching long term goals to commemorate the momentous occasion.

Greater focus and motivation for improved health and fitness will eventually transform your fitness “desires” into reality.

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