How To Obtain an Online Nutrition Degree & Certification

online nutrition degree and certification

There are numerous way for you to expand your knowledge of Nutrition: whether you want to undertake a degree in Nutrition to free non-credit nutrition courses found online.

For most people nutrition relates to diet whereas in reality, nutrition is not just healthy eating but eating so the body functions properly. If you don’t have the time to undertake a degree in nutrition or you do not want to pay for any online nutrition programs, there are many colleges and universities offering free non-credit classes online.
Two Universities I have chosen as examples that offer non-credit free online nutrition courses are Tufts University and John Hopkins University.

Tufts University’s Nutrition and Medicine course is available through Tufts’ participation in the Open Courseware Consortium and is taken from a fall 2006 lecture.

It is an excellent beginner course for those interest in the relationship between medicine and nutrition although not all of the original on-campus classes are included.

It consist of 17 lectures with clear learning objectives and includes a list of useful websites that aid your learning, an example of one of these websites is The National Institutes of Health.

John Hopkins University’s Principles of Human Nutrition is a non-credit course available through the school’s Bloomberg School of Public Health. Although you will not interact with any faculty from the school and the reading materials do not count towards any certified degree, it is a great way for you to begin your research into Nutrition and is a very in depth course.

The original on campus class was divided into three modules although as an online user you will only have access to eight lectures taken from two of the three modules. The course however is very in depth and will give you a god basic understanding of the psychological role of Nutrition.

Online nutrition certification courses found online will cost you money but if you have the time and don’t mind spending the money and want to get an actual qualification out of your course than this is the best way to go.

The University of Alabama offers an online bachelor’s degree in nutrition and is a very good value for money course to do. The University of Alabama has a great online support system with a wide range of easily accessible online resources on its easy to use library website.

Kaplan University offers an online bachelor’s degree that is very flexible, this is an added bonus if you need to fit the degree around a job. According to College Prowler Kaplan University is ranked number five for its technology support by student reviews.

Once you have undertaken a bachelor’s nutrition degree, graduate nutrition training takes your understanding of certain topics to the next level.

Whether you have chosen nutrition as your career path or if your trying to improve your understanding of basic nutrition, there are many courses available online to help raise awareness of nutrition in your everyday life.

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