How to Find the Right Sports Bra

how to choose the right sports bra

Finding the right sports bra is important no matter your cup size. There are different types of sports bras, so it is important to match the sport’s bras support with the activity that you are doing.

Types of Support

  • Low Support
    • walking
    • yoga
    • strength training
  • Medium Support
    • Hiking
    • Skiing
    • Cycling
  • High Support
    • Running
    • Aerobics
    • Biking

Sports bras are meant to minimize breast movement. There are several approaches used to do this. There are encapsulation sports bras; these are much like your everyday bra with individual cups to support each breast separately.

Encapsulation bras are best for low impact activities. Compression sports bras work best for low to medium impact activities. This is because they do not have cups and compress the breast to the chest wall in order to restrict movement. The best sports bras for your high impact activities combine both encapsulation and compression in one bra offering more support than either one alone.

One thing to remember is that the band on the bra is what provides the most support. The band wraps around the bottom of the bra and should be parallel to the ground. The wider the band the more support you are going to get.

When you are ready to start shopping for your sports bras you will want to be sure to get fitted by a professional, as most women do not know their true bra size. Once you know your size you can start trying on to see what bra is best for you.

Tips for Finding the Best Fit

  • Straps
    • Should not be too tight or dig into your shoulders.
    • Should be secure and comfortable.
  • Band
    • Should fit a bit more snuggly than a regular bra and flat against the rib cage.
    • Should not ride up in the back, if it does you will want to check the straps and adjust as needed.
    • To make sure the bra fits comfortable take a deep breath.
  • Cups
    • Fabric should be smooth, it should not wrinkle or pucker. If it does the cup is too big.
    • If your breasts are spilling out the cup size is too small.
    • Jump or run in place to see if the bra is supportive enough for you.

You should not feel any bouncing or pressure against your chest wall when testing out your sports bra, make sure you move in different ways to give your breasts the chance to move up and down or in and out. You may have to try several before you find what is right for you.

A Few Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • You will want your bra to be made of a moisture-wicking material that dries easily.
  • Depending on how often you wear your sports bras they should be replaced yearly.
  • Remember to pick the type of bra that bests suits the activity/activities you will be wearing it for.

With this information you should be on your way to finding the sports bra that bests fits you and your needs.

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