GNC Total Lean Shake Review


Meal replacement shakes and protein powders are becoming more and more popular with those who want to easily and quickly slim down and build muscle. They are especially great for those who do not want to sacrifice nutritional value and keep themselves healthy while trying to get fit.

As the world of these shakes and powders continues to grow, they can easily be found wherever food items are sold. From drugstores to dollar stores and everywhere in between. But, how is one supposed to pick a safe, quality, and dependable brand with so many out there to simply take your money?

gnc total lean shake reviews

A popular and dependable brand out there today GNC. This brand makes both meal replacement shakes and protein powders; which give anyone the chance to build muscle, slim down, and lose weight without sacrificing their nutrition or hurting their body. Today, we will be taking a closer look at our GNC Total Lean Shake review.

We will be taking an in depth look at what the shakes are made of, the nutritional value, as well as the consistency and GNC Lean Shake reviews from different consumers. Get ready to learn more about GNC Lean Shakes and decide if these might be the right type of meal replacement and nutritional shake for your life.

Nutritional Information

*All information under this bolded heading is taken from the GNC Lean Shake in the flavor of Swiss Chocolate. The nutritional information in other flavors may differ slightly.

gnc total lean shake nutrition label

* View more details at the GNC Total Lean shake page

Calorie Information

One 27 oz container of GNC Total Lean Shakes contains approximately 16 servings at 2 scoops per serving. The 2 scoop servings each have a total of 180 calories with 20 of them being from fat.

Nutrient Information: How Much Cholesterol? Protein? Etc.

One serving of the Total Lean Shake (2 level scoops) contains approximately 9 grams of protein along with:

  • Sugars: 4 grams
  • Soluble Fiber: 5 grams
  • Dietary Fiber: 8 grams (30% of your daily intake)
  • Total Fat: 2 grams (0.5 of it being saturated fats)
  • Sodium: 250 milligrams (10% of daily intake)
  • Potassium: 150 milligrams (4% of daily intake)
  • Cholesterol: 5 grams (2% of daily intake)

What Vitamins and Minerals Do Total Lean Shakes Contain?

These shakes provide drinkers with vitamins and minerals that are part of a healthy and balanced diet. The unique mix contains 21 different vitamins and minerals including:

  • Vitamin E: Protects against neurological disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s
  • Thiamin: Helps maintain healthy nervous system and cardiovascular system
  • Riboflavin: Treats migraines, boosts energy, and prevents anemia
  • Niacin: Boosts amounts of “good cholesterol” in the blood stream
  • Vitamin B6: Helps the health of heart, liver, eyes, skin, and hair
  • Folic Acid: Greatly reduces the chances of birth defects
  • Vitamin B12: Boost immune system, boosts energy, great for skin health
  • Biotin: Promotes growth of hair and nails. Can improve breast health
  • Pantothenic Acid: Alleviates conditions like asthma, stress related anxiety, and hair loss
  • Calcium: Great for bone health, including teeth
  • Iron: Increases energy and fights anemia
  • Phosphorus: Works with calcium to promote bone and teeth health
  • Iodine: Important part of proper thyroid function
  • Magnesium: Helps prevent coronary heart disease and insulin resistance
  • Zinc: Helps support your immune system
  • Selenium: Decreases inflammation and protects against prostate cancer in men
  • Copper: Helps with formation of cologne and promotes health in the liver, skeletal muscle and kidneys
  • Chromium: Helps to regulate blood sugar levels
  • Molybdenum: Protects against cancer and prevents autoimmune and inflammatory disease
  • Potassium: Helps Promote bone and muscle health, helps regulate blood sugar, and keeps blood pressure in check
To learn more about GNC Total Lean visitGNC Total Lean Shake Page

Taste and Consistency

Gnc total lean shake

Available Flavors

GNC Total Lean shakes come in a variety of different flavors, made to accommodate the unique tastes of almost any consumer. The most popular flavors of consumers seems to be Cookies and Cream, Vanilla Bean, and Swiss Chocolate. Although this is not a comprehensive list of all flavor’s offered; these do seem to be the most popular and those that are most liked by consumers.

The least liked flavor, based on GNC Lean Shake reviews, would be vanilla bean. One reviewer even said, “It is just very bland. I like it, but there are other flavors that are more enjoyable.”

What Is The Consistency Like?

From what we have uncovered with research, the consistency of these shakes are highly enjoyable. Most consumers do not seem to have a big issue with the consistency. Since it is a shake you mix with water, some say that a little bit of extra powder may be needed to make it a thicker more desirable shake like consistency.

Just like many other products out there, although there are many that like the shake consistency, there are also those who do not. It truly all seems to come down to personal preference. While some are fine with the consistency, others would prefer for it to be thicker and creamier. The classic consistency is fairly thin and some say that the colors lighter in flavor tend to feel a chalky in the mouth.

Some consumers say that adding a thickening agent may be a good option. However, there are others who argue that adding a thickening agent could actually give negative effects to what is a relatively healthy option you can use to help slim down and build muscle. In the end, if you are looking for a very thick, milkshake like consistency this is not the brand for you. Since you do only mix it with water, the shake is particularly thin.

Customer Satisfaction

Does It Suppress Appetite?

GNC shakes have been clinically tested and it has been shown to suppress appetite and curb cravings. This is why many consumers actually prefer to use GNC Total Lean Shake as a meal substitute, often breakfast. Many consumers online claim that it suppresses hunger longer when the substitute is used in the morning. Countless review on claim that this shake suppresses hunger either before or after a workout. However, it seems that hunger stays suppressed longer if the shake is consumed after a workout or if you do not exercise at all within a few hours of consuming the shake.

Most meal supplement shakes and powders are meant to suppress appetite for a few hours; mostly around 2-4. Consumers seem to have mixed reviews about how long that GNC shakes really do suppress hunger. It appears that GNC Total Lean Shakes do their job well, leaving most consumer full for 2-3 hours; a good mid-range number considering the average of 2-4. However, research shows that consumers who do more physical activity while using the shakes as a meal substitute do not stay full as long as those who have low physical activity while drinking the shakes in place of a meal.

How Does It Suppress Appetite?

You know that these shakes surpass appetite, but how does it do it? How can some powder mixed with water keep you from being hungry between meals; helping you to lose weight?  Packaging claims that the GNC Total Lean Shakes are 3X more likely than other meal replacement shakes and powders to burn calories, and keep you fuller for longer.

The secret to keeping you full is actually much simpler than you may have first thought—whey protein isolate. This is a filling protein that not only keeps you full but has been shown by the FDA to promote the build of lean muscle. This is why the Total Lean Shakes are not only great for those who want to lose weight, but for those who want to build muscle and strengthen themselves. These truly are not your regular meal replacement shake.

Whey protein is essentially just part of milk and cheese production. It is, in fact, a product that is left over during cheese production and is often thrown away. When used as a supplement it comes in three different forms:

  • Concentrate
  • Isolate
  • Hydrolysates

GNC shakes use whey protein isolate; a form of whey protein that has minimal fat and 90% more protein than the other two forms. It also is low in both lactose and cholesterol.

The high amount of protein helps to keep you full longer and the combination of minimal fat and cholesterol allows your body to burn its existing fat stores instead of burning off what you have just eaten.

This is how you begin to drop fat from those pesky areas such as your stomach and thighs.

GNC Lean Shake Reviews & Results

If we had to summarize what we have learned due to research and reviews about Total Lean shakes it would be the following:

  •  They curb appetite well, but may not be the best shake on the market for those who do a lot of physical activity
  • It was common for most consumers to loose between 5 and 7 pounds within 3 weeks if they drank the shakes as a replacement for 1 meal and kept up a regular workout routine
  • Some consumers claimed that a chalky after taste turns them off of the flavors that are lighter in color
  • It is recommended that only two meals a day are replaced with the Total Lean Shakes; as substituting more does not guarantee more weight lost

Pros and Cons


  • Using Whey Protein Isolates means you are taking in minimal fat
  • 21 vitamins and minerals help balance your diet
  • Even with eating less, you still feel full
  • You are in taking at least 9g of protein
  • Low sugar and low calorie helps you keep off weight and manage blood sugar levels


  • Some consumers complain of a chalky after taste in lighter colored flavors
  • Some consumers claim 2 scoops does not offer a good thickness
  • Some consumers did not find the consistency to be appealing
  • Consumers who were highly physically active complained of their “full” feeling fading only after about an hour or two; way less than the packaging claims

Where to Buy GNC Total Lean Shakes

Total Lean Shakes are available at select retailers and online at

  • Shakes start at $9.99
  • Buy a 1.7lbs tub of replacement shakes for $33.99 (best online offer)

For quality and safety reasons it is recommended that you purchase your shakes through GNC Official Page over at Amazon for deeper discount and Free Shipping!

Final Verdict

It seems as if GNC Total Lean Shakes come down to personal preference and personal lifestyle. Although they appear to not work for everyone, those who hold the right lifestyle can use these shakes as a great weight loss tool.

With a lower price that traditional meal replacement shake offers online, Total Lean maybe the best option for someone who wants to get fit on a budget.

The shakes ability to blend well with water and offer a good consistency seemed to be enjoyed by most consumers. The verdict is: GNC Total Lean Shakes are a great option for those trying to lose weight and build muscle; without having to deprive themselves of nutrients or that “full” feeling.

Your Thoughts?

Have you used GNC Total Lean shakes in the past? How was your experience?

Feel free to share it with us and others in the comments below!

46 Comments on "GNC Total Lean Shake Review"

  1. Robert Chrome | March 15, 2016 at 1:41 am | Reply

    How many shakes is required per day. I am taking 3 is that to many.

    • Hey Robert,

      We recommend 1 to 2 shakes per day. 3 may be a bit too much if you are replacing a meal with a shake.

  2. Hi, if i have very little exercise, will i gain weight or lose it?

    • Hey Shanea,

      It depends, if you are choosing to replace a meal with a shake, it may help you lose weight because they are portion and calorie controlled. However, we strongly recommend not overdoing it with shakes – 1 to 2 a day. All in all, it depends on many things on whether or not you will lose or gain weight. Thanks!

  3. Abu Abdullah | April 26, 2016 at 2:35 am | Reply

    Hi, i just want to know how to use it in a best possible way to loose fat ?
    Using it as a meal replacement two times a day, how should i eat the remaining day?

    • I recommend a shake 1 to 2 times a day. I strongly believe 5 smaller meals a day is much better than 3 large meals. It will prevent hunger cravings and ensure that your body has the nutrients it needs to function properly. The best times to have a shake are usually around breakfast, or you can even replace one of the smaller meals with a shake or before or after workouts.

      Your calorie intake is very important. Make sure you getting enough calories by eating healthy and you may want to consider finding a workout regimen that is best suited for you. Make sure to check out our workout reviews here for further details.


  4. What happens when you drink more than two in a day ?

    • Hey,

      I personally don’t think it’s healthy to replace too many meals for shakes due to the calories. Keep in mind that the minimum calorie intake for even the smallest person is about 1200 calories. The average meal replacement shake contains anywhere from 100 to 250 calories. How will you you make up the extra calories that your body needs everyday?

      Another reason – Meal replacement shakes contains alot of vitamins and minerals, which is great, but you can overdo nutrients and this can cause a variety of problems.


  5. hey, I’m really trying to lose belly fat. I currently weight 216, I really want to get back down to 190 or even less.. I’m starting cardio and go to the gym
    To lift weights.. How do u recommend me to take it? Should I take one in the morning for breakfast or lunch, and then take one after my work out like cardio or after gym??

    • Hey Shaquille,

      We strongly recommend sticking to 1 to 2 shakes a day. Best times are usually breakfast, before or after workouts and some may take it with a small lunch. Thanks! Please keep us updated 🙂

  6. Ok, one more question will it help me get muscle toned out?? Also is this one a best fit than the lean 25??

    • The protein in the shake may help you enhance muscle tone while keeping body fat at bay. You’ll need to ensure that you have a workout plan that supports your goals as well. Thanks!

  7. Love this shake! I have it for breakfast with citrucel and half a tablespoon of peanut butter. I am on a diet and am working out 5 days a week and have lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks! I feel wonderful!

  8. I would like to ask ,. I’m taking the lean shake in breakfast with Apple , and in lunch also shake and green salad ,. In dinner some other low caloric meal , and 3 snacks in a day ,. And I’m exercising only for 30min and usually befor exercise I take banan and after the exercise water only ,. Is that good ,. I need to lose 10kg

  9. Pradeep Mahale | July 13, 2016 at 1:36 am | Reply

    Hi, I work out 5 days a week and eat whole food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am using GNC lean powder once a day just to replace late afternoon meal after lunch at around 3-4 PM. I know this shake can be used as pre work out but What is the right time to drink this shake If I want to start workout at 6PM? I am using different pre workout snack currently.

    • Hi Pradeep,

      Anywhere between 90 minutes to 2 hours before workout is good. Not all but some people complain about feeling bloated and slow when they have a shake right before workout. I recommend giving yourself some time.

  10. How much powder is needed for one scoop? I didn’t receive a scoop with mine

    • Hi Gabrielle,

      One servings (52) grams which is 2 scoops of GNC Total Lean shake powder. 52 grams dividing by 2 scoops is 26 grams. Each scoop needs to contain 26 grams which is about 1.7 tablespoon or 3.4 tablespoon for one servings (52 grams). I hope this helps. Thanks!

  11. Ildiko Felszegi | July 15, 2016 at 12:02 am | Reply

    Hi, i started drinking the shakes about 4 days ago and since i am bloated constantly, severly bloated, same feeling i only get when i eat porridge oats. My question is that does the powder have some kind of ingredients similar to poridge in it? Thanks

    • Hey Ildiko,

      It may be the fiber that is causing the bloating if you don’t eat a lot of it on a daily basis. Increasing your fiber daily intake suddenly may cause stomach pain, bloating, gas and abdominal cramping. If you develop bloating almost every time you eat something that contains fiber, you need to make an appointment with your doctor to determine the exact cause of the bloating. Keep us updated!

  12. Hi, I’ve been doing major glute workouts and squats to. I’ve been drinking these shakes everyday after my workouts, will it help my glutes get bigger and a little toned?

    • Hi Ashley,

      I don’t necessarily think meal replacement shakes will play a big factor with glutes and toning. However, the protein in the shakes does play a role in the growth, repair and maintenance of muscle. If you are looking for bigger glutes and a toner body, I recommend sticking to your workouts and incorporating more strength training. Keep us updated! 🙂

  13. Does this product have 9g protein per serving or 23g?

    • Hey Lakesha,

      One serving is 52 grams of GNC Total Lean Shake powder. In each serving there is 9g of protein. Hope this helps. Thanks!

  14. I am looking for a plan with 2 meal replacements a day?

  15. Hi, I bought this shake yesterday and I was wondering if taking this shake 30mins before a work out (running at the park in the mornings) is the best way to go? And if so do I start at one scoop on two and what’s the best liquid to blend it with milk (2% or 1%) or water?

    • Hey,

      Any where from 90 minutes to 2 hours is what we recommend – if you’re drinking a shake before workout. Its two scoops per servings! As far as the best liquids to blend with that is totally up to you. Everyone has a different taste preference – Almond Milk, Whole Milk, 2%, water, etc. Experiment and see which one you like the most. Thanks! 🙂

  16. I just switched over to these shakes from another company. I love them! I usually drink one of these either for lunch on the days I do not go to the gym or right after my work outs when I do go. The chalkiness aftertaste goes away if you drink a full glass of water, which you should with any protein shake anyway. Thanks for the great review!

  17. Im having the lean shake powder only when I workout 2 times a day but should I take it everyday for better results?

    • Site Manager | July 19, 2017 at 10:02 pm | Reply

      Yes you can! But remember that Eating a healthy and balanced diet will also help you achieve better results.

  18. Yasmin Jimenez | March 22, 2017 at 5:27 pm | Reply

    Hey how are you? I just brought My lean shake today and would Like to know how do u recommend me drinking it In thinking about Drinking it as a breakfast replacement And the 2nd Out after my work out around 7pm to replace dinner as my last meal of the day Does that sounds good?

  19. Lost 14 pounds 8 days in working out with all burn out routine .Very pleased with product .I do this spring shape up every year. Gets tougher every year so this adds a little help for a 48 year old body thanks.

  20. Hi, I started drinking GNC Lean Shake a month ago, along with exercise and a healthy diet, they’re are working for me! I drink it at night replacing dinner. Is that okay, or should I drink it for breakfast or lunch instead?

  21. Sophia Fullwood | May 5, 2017 at 12:12 am | Reply

    Hello. I just started to take the shake i drink one in morning when i am on the bus @545 then at 9 i have oatmeal for my breakfast. Do u think i will still lose. Wait pluse i am taking Garciana X7 pills 2 for day please help me

    • Site Manager | May 24, 2017 at 9:25 pm | Reply

      Hi Sophia, i recommend that you consult a doctor because you are using two weight loss products at the same time.

  22. I have tried lots of protein shakes and GNC total lean are by far the best ever…I bought the premixed and then I bought the powder I liked the premixed better

  23. Veronica Molina | May 17, 2017 at 4:11 pm | Reply

    I just bought this shake yesterday. how many scoops do I put? Can I use it with unsweetened almond milk?

    • Site Manager | May 24, 2017 at 9:10 pm | Reply

      Hi Veronica, put 2 scoops into a glass or large cup. Adding almond milk is ok but try the one that is unsweetened so you won’t add more calories to your shake.

  24. I started lean shake 1 month agk and so far i havent seen any lbs drop, which i find weird bc im doing exactly what the lady in the gnc said to do, i substitute breakfast and lunch with a shake, i sometimes use 8-10 oz of fat free milk or water w/4ice cubes, frozen fruit and 1 1/2 scoops of powder and then ever 3 hours i am having a snack at least 100 calories and drinking lots of water throughout the day and them for dinner i have a sensiblw meal, i walk at times, i havent been to the gym in a while bur i have most recently started a 30day challenge for my abs & squats and it feels good to work put again… but idk whay im doung wrong… am i suppose to be eating more with ghe shakes?.. b4 lean shake i was on slim fast and i lost 10lbs, but i havenr lost anything on lean shake, so far i tried snickerdoodle whivh is delicious & chocolate peanut butter, which i find it to be very bland… i thought i would love it ans it barley taste like it, so that wont be the next flavor i get again… but please someone help me bx idk what im doung wrong, when first started i was only doung 1 scoop for eavh shake but ir was too milky or watery so now im doing 1 1/2…

    • Site Manager | July 19, 2017 at 9:26 pm | Reply

      I’m sorry to hear that you are not losing weight. I recommend to see your doctor, because it could be something else.

  25. I buy the swiss chocolate already made and they are a bit “chalky” but 25g of protein is worth is. I don’t use it as a meal replacement just in the morning along with a banana or oatmeal. I use it just to get more protein per day. good stuff

  26. Samantha Lafontise | June 14, 2017 at 4:11 pm | Reply

    I have been using lean shake w milk but find it maybe not helping as much as it would with just water … if it’s supposed to work the same way anyways can I replace my 2% milk w fat free or unsweetened almon milk?

  27. I would like to start using this product the reviews sound amazing, I currently on a controlled diet and exercise 5 days a week. I want to use it as a pre work out but my problem is i am at gym by 6am, does this mean i take it before gym and how long before 2hrs? If so thats 4am? What other methods of taking this work if i gym first thing in the morning?

  28. Love the taste of vanilla but I find it too sweet.

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