Get Motivated and Stay There!


Life requires more “go” now than ever before. This can make tackling large projects or even simple daily chores daunting; by the time you decide to take a look at them you feel like a zombie.

So how do you manage your lack of motivation and move forward to complete tasks, meet deadlines, and feel accomplished at the end of the day? Follow these simple guidelines to get and stay motivated.

Write it down.

Creating a list not only helps you organize your thoughts, but also helps you set goals and deadlines. It can even provide the motivation you need to finish the goal for the simple satisfaction that accompanies crossing it off – crossing tasks off of your to-do list is rewarding and therapeutic.

Tackle the worst first.

What is more burdensome than dread? Leaving the biggest, most difficult, or most detailed project for last is inviting dread to loom over you like a dark cloud and distract you from every task you attempt. Start your day off by doing the worst first. Is it the workout that you dread all day? Get up an hour earlier and get it done. Is it that awkward discipline meeting with a subordinate? Schedule it for eight o’clock. As soon as you complete the worst task, you’ll feel lighter and more motivated going forward.

Reward yourself.

Set rewards for yourself based on tasks completed. Maybe it’s a latte after a big project. Perhaps it’s a day off after a productive week. Maybe you can buy a new rug when Spring cleaning is done. Rewards motivate us to push through and get it done.

Taking small steps helps you get motivated, but taking the same small steps daily is how you stay motivated. Turn your positive practices into habit. Make a list every morning. Complete the most daunting task first. Establish a reward system and use it consistently. Follow these steps and you’ll be refreshed, motivated, and successful in no time!

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