Focus T25 Workout Review


Click to Order Focus T25Focus T25 workout system was conceived by Shaun T., the creator of such widely popular workout systems as Insanity and Insanity Asylum. It is also a part of BeachBody LLC, which provides a variety of workout programs for people at different levels of fitness and with different fitness goals.

As with all Shaun T’s previous exercise systems, T25 system has proved to be an immediate hit. Its popularity is not surprising because T25 really delivers—one gets intense and sweat-producing workouts, great results, visible toning and shaping up and, of course, impressive weight loss.

The ideas behind T25 system is straightforward—people want to get good results in as short time as possible and it promises to deliver just that. Let’s take a look at specifics in this T25 workout review and decide if Shaun’s T25 exercise system is something that may be suitable for you:

Focus T25 Review

  • Cornerstone of the T25 Exercise System. The main selling point of the program is that it takes only 25 minutes per day to work out to achieve great results. While professional athletes and others in the field can devote a lot of time each day to their workouts, most people do not have time for that.

As such, T25 is very good for people who do not have a lot of time for working out because it is very intensive (basically, you do not get any time down while doing the DVDs) and highly effective. In short, you get a lot of results for small time investment.

  • The Kit Offered Has Many Extras. When you buy basic T25 workout system, you get 11 workouts on 9 different DVDs (ALPHA and BETA cycles), which cover all the various exercises performed in this program. In addition, the package includes such bonuses as Quick-Start Guide (explains the program in detail); Get It Done Nutrition Plan (offers easy 5-ingredient recipes which take 5 minutes to prepare, that will help you with your fitness goals); ALPHA-BETA wall calendar (pinpoints which workout plans are needed to be done each specific day);  Stretch Workout DVD (done each 6th day); Pro-Grade resistance band; 5-Day Fast Track (to jump-start your program); and 24/7 Online Support (where you can get advice from accredited trainers (occasionally even Shaun T. himself!) and participate in forums with others in the program).

To move to an advanced level, one can also purchase Focus T25 GAMMA CYCLE or GAMMA DELUXE exercise programs which includes 4 advanced GAMMA workout plans. In addition, with GAMMA DELUXE, there are such bonuses as BeachBody miniMAT, B-Lines resistance bands (20 lbs. and 25 lbs.), Pure Gamma Calendar, and Pure Strength Hybrid Calendar, which integrates strength-based workouts from all three cycles (ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA) for achieving maximum results. GAMMA CYCLE includes only two of the bonuses—Pure Gamma Calendar and Pure Strength Calendar.

  • t25 alpha & Beta

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    Easy-to-Follow Exercise Schedule. The workout plan is rather well-thought out. For the first 5 weeks, you work on ALPHA cycle. There is a rotation of 5 exercise plans (Cardio; Speed 1.0; Total Body Circuit; Abs Intervals; and Lower Focus) which need to be done for 5 days a week (on Friday one needs to do two plans, i.e. spend 50 minutes), on 6th day you are doing your Stretch Workout, and you rest on the 7th day.  

After finishing the ALPHA cycle, you move on to BETA cycle. The scheme is similar to ALPHA’s, but more intensive and concentrates on different body parts. As such, for the next 5 weeks you do the following 5 workouts for 5 days per week (Core Cardio; Speed 2.0; Rip’t Circuit; Dynamic Core; and Upper Focus), do your stretches on the 6th day, and rest on the 7th.

Afterwards, if you have bought (for a more advanced level) T25 GAMMA CYCLE (or GAMMA DELUXE), you follow the same scheme, but there are 4 exercise plans (Rip’t Up; Extreme Circuit; The Pyramid; and Speed 3.0) which are done 4 times per week. The exercises in GAMMA cycle are even more intense and would produce even better results. Also, thanks to the Pure Strength Hybrid Plan provided with GAMMA cycle, you can mix-and-match different workouts from all the three cycles (ALPHA, BETA, and GAMMA) according to your goals and preferences.

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How to Buy Focus T25 Workout?

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Overall Feedback

The majority of people who purchase Focus T25 are very happy with the results they achieve.

                          Here are the breakdowns:

4.4 stars based on 850 reviews                     4.6 stars based on 159 reviews

focus t24 reviews part 1               focus t24 reviews part 2

The pros that most reviewers mention are the following:

  • little time needed to have a daily workout;
  • visible results such as weight loss and shaping up (toning) in relatively few weeks (for example, basic kit requires 10-week workout regimen although, of course, it can be continued for as long as desired);
  • great energy and motivation provided by Shawn and his team and up-beat music;
  • exercises are especially well-liked by cardio lovers;
  • exercises are targeted at a wide audience, and as such both newbies (using modified versions) and fitness veterans can enjoy them;
  • there is no need to use any equipment and no need to purchase expensive gym membership;
  • exercises are done according to time, not counting reps; consequently, you do as many reps as you can in any given time.

There were only minor cons from some T25 users and they are the following:

  • some people feel that additional weight training was required to achieve maximum results;
  • the speed of some exercises can be somewhat fast for those not familiar with Shawn’s previous programs, and as such you may have to pause to understand the required exercise.

Check out the Focus T25 Workout Video

However, given that T25 reviews are generally positive and many people achieve amazing results while doing this program, it is safe to conclude that T25 is something well worth trying!