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Ever since the norms of beauty have shifted in our society from stick-thin models to such beauties as Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio and singer Jennifer Lopez, both famous for their beautiful and rounded derrieres, it became fashionable to have real curves, especially from behind. As such, a lot of people, women in particular, want to try a workout which will help them to achieve that rounded, pert, and sexy booty.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Workout, created by Leandro Carvalho and a product of BeachBody, LLC promises to deliver exactly that—beautiful, lifted, and shapely behind. This Brazilian Butt Lift review will help you to determine whether the workout is something worth your money and effort by looking at such details as its requirements, price, kit, and effectiveness based on feedback received from actual users.

  • Cornerstone of the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout. The main premise of the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout is TriAngle Training, the series of exercises which work on three major butt muscles: medius, maximus, and minimus. By training all these muscles from different angles, Leandro guarantees that your butt will be more rounded, shapely, and lifted by at least 1 inch.

He draws the ideas for butt exercises from ballet, Brazilian capoeira, and traditional Afro-Brazilian dances. Leandro asserts that anyone, no matter their build or genes, can achieve the desired effect in 60 days.

Brazil Butt lift Review

  • The Kit Offered Has Many Extras. Brazilian Butt Lift Workout includes a lot of products in its package. First of all, there are 7 workouts on 3 DVDs aimed to reshape your butt: Basics, Bum Bum, High&Tight, Sculpt, Cardio Axe, Tummy Tuck, and Bum Bum Rapido (a bonus).

Besides, Leandro provides very useful tools to enhance your workout experience: Booty Makeover Guide (basically, it will help you to find out what butt type you have and establish best strategies to transform it into one you’ve always wanted); Booty Makeover Calendar (this feature allows you to schedule and track exercises specific to your booty type); Fat-Burning Food Guide (helps to plan and execute delicious meals which will help you to lose extra weight); TriAngle Training Workout Cards (easy-to-carry cards which will allow you to workout anywhere when you not have access to DVDs); Measurement Tracker Card and Tape Measure (terrific tools to keep track of your progress which provide great motivation to you).

In addition, there are also 5 gifts included: 6-day Supermodel Slimdown Plan (a plan to launch you on a fast way to achieve a butt of your dreams); Strength Band (a tool to make your exercises even more effective); and 27/4 Free Online Support, where you can communicate with accredited trainers and fellow Brazilian Butt Lift users to get helpful advice and information.

  • Easy-to-Follow Exercise Schedule. The Brazilian Butt Lift workout offers seven workouts which can be utilized according to your fitness goals and butt type to achieve the desired results. Basics Workout introduces you to essential butt-shaping and butt-lifting techniques, movements, and exercises and teaches you to perform them correctly, which is definitely needed as you move further along in your workout regimen (duration 20 minutes).

Bum Bum is an essential Leandro’s workout which concentrates on your lower body through such exercises as squats, lunges, etc. It is cardio-oriented and will certainly raise your heart rate and lasts for 35 minutes.  Many people comment that the workout is difficult, although very effective, and you will be really sore after doing it.

High&Tight zooms into your trouble areas such as hips, saddlebags, etc. to correct them through intense exercises. It is rather challenging but can be started as a modified version, and later incorporate Booty Resistance Band and ankle weights for bigger impact (its duration is 35 minutes).

Sculpt workout is just what it is called—it sculpts your whole body, making you lean and toned all over, especially your glutes (lasts for 50 minutes).

Cardio Axe is all about dance movements, and if you enjoy Latin dances you will definitely love this workout. As a cardio workout, it will help you to burn fat and lose weight all over (lasts 30 minutes).

Tummy Tuck, as the name implies, concentrates on your abs and delivers great results in 15 minutes. It is a hard workout and you will feel the burn, but flat stomach is well worth the effort spent on it.

Lastly, there is a bonus workout included called Bum Bum Rapido. Its purpose is to provide you with a quick and effective workout when you do not have much time (duration 10 minutes). Utilizing Booty Makeover Guide and Booty Makeover Calendar, you develop your individualized 60-day workout plan which depends on your butt type and desired results.

Pros and Cons


  • the workout, although sometimes hard to do, is fun and has good energy. Leandro and his team have positive and encouraging attitudes, and many like Leandro’s accent and gentleness (as one customer put it “he is not a loudmouth”);
  • the results achieved are what was promised—weight loss, butt lift, and overall toning of the body;
  • many love that workout sessions are also shown on the beach because it provides extra motivation to get that bikini-ready body;
  • people love that feeling of having really being “worked all over.” Although many mention that the exercises can be very tough, the results appear within first couple of weeks which keeps people inspired and motivated;
  • variety of workouts keeps you entertained and prevents boredom.


  • Commercials on the DVDs may be annoying and distracting to some users;
  • A few people feel that the emphasis on dance and cardio can be somewhat excessive;

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