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Body Beast Workout was created by Sagi Kalev, an experienced champion bodybuilder and a trainer of competitive bodybuilders.

The Body Beast Workout  has become very popular among people seriously dedicated to adding mass muscle and getting beautifully ripped bodies.body beast review banner

Best of all, it is one of the first workout systems’ which includes everything one needs for a comprehensive and all-encompassing approach to achieve maximum muscle mass: step-by-step workout plan, nutrition plan, and supplements for best possible results.

This Body Beast Review will allow you to better understand what the program requires, delivers, and whether it is suitable for your bodybuilding goals.

  • Cornerstone of Body Beast Workout. The main feature of Body Beast is its unwavering focus on muscle building. While a predominant majority of workouts are dedicated to weight loss, this program promises to add to your muscle weight instead (and burn fat in the course).

Body Beast Review Breakdown

As such, Sagi Kalev has developed a unique system called Dynamic Set Training which includes various kinds of sets (Single Sets, Super Sets, Giant Sets, Progressive Sets, Drop Sets, Tempo Sets, etc.) to help you to build up muscles of your dreams. The workout takes 45 minutes per day/ 6 days per week/ 90 days and promises that you can add around 10 lbs. of muscles at the end.

Another unique feature of Body Beast workout is its complex approach to acquiring muscle mass by providing not only workout plans, but also complete meal plans which will enhance your experience and all the necessary supplements to aid your muscles.

  • The Kits Offered. Body Beast workout offers three packages: Base (Recommended), Deluxe, and Ultimate. All of them include 12 workouts on 7 DVDs, The Book of Beast (which contains nutritional plans and supplements-taking schedule), and Body Beast training schedules (which specify the phases and the workouts which correspond to each of the phase).

Deluxe Kit adds Hardcore Base Shake (this supplement provides 18 grams of fast- and slow-acting proteins as well as digestive enzymes to ease the intake of proteins; its aim is to assist in new muscle growth), Fuel Shot (this drink, taken before the workout, provides much needed energy to improve your performance), and Bonus DVD “Tempo” which provides two more additional workouts.

The last kit, Ultimate, includes all the staff provided in Deluxe Kit as well as M.A.X. Creatine (a supplement which contains creatine, one of the best aids for muscle building) and Super Suma (the so-called “Brazilian ginseng” which increases testosterone production). Given the emphasis the Body Beast workout puts on providing efficient and nutritionally rich supplements, it is recommended to buy either Deluxe or Ultimate Kits in order to take full advantage of Body Beast Workout system. Of course, you can also buy the same supplements separately (this might be a cheaper option).

  • Easy-to-Follow Exercise Schedule. Body Beast provides a very clear and straightforward 90-day workout plan in order to achieve the best results. The whole system is broken into three phases: Build, Bulk, and Beast.

The first “Build” phase takes 3 weeks and is aimed at teaching you the proper moves—you will learn how to lift and breathe properly to minimize the possibility of any potential trauma later on. It consists of 4 workouts which cover chest/triceps, legs, back/biceps, and shoulders as well as cardio workout done twice. Also, it is very important to adjust your diet at this phase: caloric intake depends on your weight and body fat percentage and the daily ratio should consist of 25 % of proteins, 50% of carbs, and 25% of fat. You exercise 6 days per week for about 40-50 minutes.

The second phase “Bulk” lasts for 6 weeks and consists of 5 workouts which target chest, legs, back, arms, and shoulders. It is basically a phase of heavy lifting. During this phase, you work out for 5 days, then rest for one day, and repeat for about 45 minutes per day. Since your body has changed by that point, you will need to adjust your caloric intake accordingly, but the ratio 25/50/25 remains the same.

The third “Beast” phase lasts for three weeks. It is basically a combination of the two first phases with more cardio (although not very much cardio because the main emphasis of Body Beast workout system is on muscle growth). At that stage, once again due to your changing body, you need to readjust your caloric intake as well as ratio with more emphasis on proteins (40/30/30).

In order to perform all the workouts, you will need some equipment at hand such as few sets of dumbbells, resistance bands, and a large stability ball (better yet a workout bench). In addition, you might consider buying E-Z curl bar and weights as well as a chin-up bar.

Pros & Cons


  • it is an effective workout system which brings positive results. Many people were successful in obtaining their desired muscle mass;
  • the workouts are relatively short and thus very time-manageable;
  • no-nonsense, old-school approach combined with new developments in weight lifting;
  • many people liked the trainer Sagi Kalev and his attitude.


  • Additional strength equipment will needed that does not come with the base kit.
  • Highly calorie diet: This may be a concern for individuals who are looking to increase lean muscle mass.
  • Lacks cardio training.

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6 Comments on "Body Beast Review"

  1. Hello, I am a diabetic; Who is looking to get better level reading, over all heathy, result in musclar, lidbo, etc. Will this Body Beast program help someone like me. i don't want to a boldy building, i just want to get better fit and learn to keep in fi | May 29, 2015 at 5:19 pm | Reply

    Hello, I am a diabetic; Who is looking to get better level reading, over all heathy, result in muscular, lidbo, etc. Will this Body Beast program help someone like me. I don’t want to a body building, I just want to get better fit and learn to keep in fitted shape. I am 56 years of age. please respond in kind sir or ma’am?

    • Hello,
      This is in response to your last message. First and foremost, you must ask your doctor if it’s okay to begin an intense workout regimen like Body Beast. The workout you choose to do also depends on your physical health — do you already workout and are looking for something extra or are you a beginner? Also, are you a type 1 or type 2 diabetic? This is a huge factor for each one is different and takes a different tole on your body. I strongly recommend that you begin with P90. Body Beast is for men and women who are looking to bulk up quickly and may be a bit too intense for you because of your diabetes. Try P90 first (Read P90 review here). Its less intense and it works great for beginners. Then work your way up to something a little harder as you go along. But I have to emphasize to please ask your doctor before you purchase or begin a workout. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask — I’ll be glad to help.
      Good luck!

  2. Awesome workout. Absolutely love it….

  3. Is this good for women also. The word “bulk” kinda scares me. I actually just ordered this program. I’ve been working hard and lost 35lbs but i got my body tested on a in body fat tester at nutrishop and i lost muscle. I was told i need to do less cardio, more weight training and to eat more. Im looking to gain muscle, but burn fat also. Is this good for female’s? Im just afraid of getting bulky and beasted but i enjoy lifting. I want to look toned and strong but not overly muscular. Im 5’4 36 yrs old and weigh 143. Any feedback is much appreciated. Also, im used to keeping my carbs low and 50% is a lot of carbs. Im guessing because all of the weight lifting you have to eat all those carbs?? Thanks in advance for your response and feedback.

  4. I would like to know if this is good for a beginner who needs to lose 75 lbs. Should I attack the weight loss first and then start the program? I want to achieve muscle mass and get my tummy as tight as possible before tummy tuck if needed.

    Thank you,

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