Best Vitamins For Hair Growth

hair growth

Hair isn’t alive. Well, that’s partly true, because your actual hair strands aren’t alive at all, but the hair follicle at the base of your hair on your scalp is quite active, and is growing your hair each day. You can’t tell of course day to day, but it’s constantly growing, and changing. If you are concerned that your hair isn’t growing as fast anymore, there are steps you can take to change that. Whether you feel like this slow growth is due to aging, or lifestyle changes it can be improved.

Vitamins for hair growth do exist to make your hair stronger, healthier, and increase it’s growth rate exponentially. The best vitamin to take for faster hair growth is Biotin. It’s the queen of vitamins for hair growth. This is a vitamin of the “b” complex that is found naturally in many foods you already eat, such as eggs or spinach.

You can take an additional supplement in the form of a vitamin pill specifically for hair growth. Find one that doesn’t have an excessive amount of Biotin, because most doctors only recommend you take 2.5 mcg of it daily. Many on the market are misleading, and steer you in the direction of taking up to 5000 mcg, which actually can give you the opposite effect you are looking for to cause hair loss. You don’t want that! So be careful with the one you choose.

Finding a good multivitamin that contains the right amount of Biotin is what you should look for. Or find a single ingredient bottle of Biotin. Many natural vitamin companies make them, and if you visit your local vitamin store their staff should be able to guide you in the right direction.

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