Best Home Remedies For Ingrown Hair

best home remedies for ingrown hair

Our skin is the largest organ of the body. Hair grows all over the body on both men and women that can sometimes be a problem. This is especially true of ingrown hair. A stubborn ingrown hair can create a bump that is painful to deal with. Sometimes the worst ingrown hairs will need to be taken care of by a dermatologist.

Luckily it’s very common and most of the time can be treated at home without incident. Usually ingrown hairs are caused by shaving or waxing. So for men it’s common to get them on their face or neck. For women the armpit area, bikini line, or even the legs can be an issue. Curly or coarse hair is extremely susceptible to growing back into the skin causing it to be “ingrown.” Then it can become a swollen, red, acne-like bump that you’ll have to treat to make it go away. Here are the best ways to treat the area to get rid of the bump stat.

Apply A Salicylic Acid Product

This is the exfoliating ingredient that treats acne. Make sure it has at least a 2 % content of the active ingredient, Salicylic Acid. Many over the counter products contain less, and they won’t be effective. Clean & Clear and Neutrogena both make over the counter acne products that will work. They are fairly inexpensive as well.  Apply the cream two a day to the infected area. Hopefully this will reduce the size of the bump around the ingrown hair.

A Warm Compress

You can also apply a warm compress to the skin to soften up the area, and make the hair come out in the right direction. Just grab a clean washcloth with a bowl of very hot water. The hotter the better, just don’t burn yourself. Apply the homemade compress for at least 15 minutes to a half an hour. This will help release any of the infected area around the hair.

The Last Step

When you have done the first two steps, then the last step is to get rid of the ingrown hair. Grab a pair of good tweezers so you can grab the hair and pull it out. Then the area will return back to normal. You can apply antibiotic ointment and a bandage if you feel that the sore area needs extra help healing. If you get recurrent “ingrowns” in the same spot over and over again try shaving in a different directions or exfoliating the area regularly to prevent ingrown hairs from building up.

If all of your home efforts fail, and the area gets a truly large painful bump that seems infected, then you might have to go see your doctor to fix the area. They will be able to numb the area, and make a small sterile incision to get the ingrown hair removed.

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