Athletic Greens Review – Complete Breakdown & Overview


Time to get into top shape. Yet, for those who want to do so using only the most natural ingredients, things are not so easy. There are lots of processed, chemical-laden brands out there.

Users feel good for a while and then wind up in worse shape, full of unhealthy additives and preservatives. Many wind up spending extra money thinking that taking more of the harmful product will yield positive results. Forget about it.


Fortunately, Athletic Greens now has what health-conscious energy drinkers desire. To help potential customers learn more, here is an Athletic Greens review.

What is Athletic Greens?

One serving of this rich energy drink provides around 12 full servings of wholesome fruits and vegetables. Anyone looking for a rich supplement to their ordinary diet has found what they need in Athletic Greens.

  • 75 natural, unprocessed foods
  • Full of enzymes and probiotics that aid digestion
  • Easy to mix powder form
  • Sweet tasting

It takes a mere 30 seconds, or less, to mix a cocktail. Athletic Greens is the whole food source that people have needed for generations. With the fast pace of modern life, few have the time to sit down to a nourishing meal. Gone are the days of families enjoying dinner with one another. Instead, everyone has to make do on their own.

People suffer from diets replete with processed foods. There is little in nutritional value. It is understandable why so many walk around all day feeling tired.

Energy drink manufacturers understand this modern dilemma. They create beverages that seemingly revitalize consumers in a few minutes. True, these products bring a sense of brief euphoria. However, most of them come laden with caffeine that drinkers can get just as easily in a cup of coffee. After the initial effect wears off, the user feels worse than before.

Now, it is possible to receive a needed energy boost in a healthy way. Athletic Greens beats the traditional energy drinks because it is all natural. Adding this product to a diet can be the start of something positive. The euphoria will be long-lasting.

Athletic Greens Ingredients

Anyone can use Athletic Greens. Since the mixture is natural, there is little chance of a negative reaction. Vegans, and others on special diets, can enjoy the benefits of Athletic Greens too.

Athletic Greens Ingredients

*Note: If you’d like to view the Athletic ingredients label, click above to enlarge.

Learn More at the official Athletic Greens website.

This product contains no:

  • Corn
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Glutten
  • GMO
  • Lactose
  • Peanuts
  • Sucrose
  • Wheat
  • Yeast

There is No Risk in Buying This Energy Drink

Consumers receive a “no questions asked” guarantee. Just make the purchase through the official website. Within 60 days, return the package for a full refund. It does not matter even if the carton is empty.

The manufacturer believes this supplement is the best ever and backs it with this guarantee.

Athletic Greens Has No Preservatives

This natural energy drink contains none of the chemicals used in so many other so-called health products.

Athletic Greens Detoxes

The fruits and plants in Athletic Greens detox human bodies. Most people need to get rid of their unwanted toxins. Now is the time.

Athletic Greens is Easy to Digest

Free of all the usual chemicals in food, Athletic Greens proves easy to digest.

Athletic Greens Has Quality Ingredients

Receive the added nutritional boost of the 75 ingredients in Athletics Green. The one tablespoon serving size provides 30 to 60 servings per container. To ensure quality and potency, the manufacturer chose as many organic ingredients as possible. These include:

  • Antioxidants
  • Alkalines

These greens come freeze-dried to save their nutrients. They are then blended into the formula with care to protect their structure. The result is a high density of nutrients packed in each small serving.

  • Digestive aids
  • Herbs
  • Minerals

The essentials ingredients for proper body functioning.

  • Natural Extracts
  • Probiotics

There is no ingredient included that is not necessary and beneficial. Manufacturers spent years developing this supplement to ensure the highest quality. No corners have been cut in the production of Athletic Greens.

Why Not Make Athletic Greens a Ready-Made Drink?

Many potential customers wonder why this energy drink does not come in liquid form. They are used to going into a convenience store and buying a bottle of a supplement to give them a quick boost. Some might believe it unnecessary to mix a cocktail every day. Is there any value in a powder, such as Athletic Greens, they might ask? Yes, is the answer.

As a powder, Athletic Greens proves easy to digest. Users receive all of the nutrients they need. In contrast, those energy drinks in stores provide little nutritional value because the process needed to create a liquid form requires additives. One tablespoon of Athletic Greens packs more life-sustaining ingredients than those others could only dream of providing.

The same goes for tablets and capsules. The heating process that encloses the product destroys the natural enzymes. Thus, Athletic Greens comes as a powder to ensure it delivers a powerful punch in every serving.

Is Athletic Greens Affordable?

A central concern for the health conscious consumer is affordability. In this society, it is much easier to purchase unhealthy foods. Think about it? A burger at a fast food restaurant can cost a dollar or so. Why is this? Because the company uses the cheapest ingredients possible.

In reality, much of the food consumed these days is over priced given the relative dearth of nutritional value. Athletic Greens, in contrast, has nothing but the choicest ingredients. Thus, when views in this light, this energy drink is priceless.

That said, the actual price of Athletic Greens proves economical. Anyone who purchases a cup of coffee each morning to wake up has already spent more than the daily price of Athletic Greens.

So, there is nothing lost by going natural. In fact, many will wind up saving money because they will no longer need or desire their caffeine-rich drinks.

Many also save because they can forgo the litany of multi-vitamins. Athletic Greens provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals in each serving. There may be no need for taking any additional supplements. Of course, it is always best to consult with a medical professional before making any dietary changes that go against previous orders.

What Do People Think of the Taste?

Everyone has had a bad experience with health foods. Most common of these problems is having to endure a less than appealing flavor. After downing the concoction there is that yucky taste. At times, it proves impossible to continue. People go back to eating their giant hamburgers. They put on serious weight and become lethargic.

Athletic Greens is different in this regard. True, as with any beverage composed of greens, there is a grassy taste.

The difference is the sweetness of Athletic Greens. It is obvious that this energy drink went through a lot of taste testing before hitting the market. The manufacturer has created a sweet beverage that has a slight chocolaty flavor. They are so trusting in this product that they have a money back guarantee.

What Actual Super Foods Come in Athletic Greens?

It can be daunting to read the label of any health drink. The uninitiated consumer might be confused as to just what is in the package. In fact, those fake energy drinks often fool people by hiding the additives, preservatives and contaminants under other names.

With Athletic Greens, the public receives what they want. The powder comes with a full component of grasses, algae, fruits and vegetables. A whole meal comes packed into a tablespoon.

These Foods Include:

  • Alfalfa Sprouts
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Wheatgrass

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Athletic Greens?

Almost every health product has possible side effects. It is unknown just how any item taken into a body will ultimately react. Some people do not handle certain foods as well as others.

That said, there are no known regular side effects associated with Athletic Greens. The product does not possess any of the usual ingredients that gives problems to humans. There are no known allergens in Athletic Greens.

Anyone who does feel sick after using this product, or any other, should speak with their medical provider. It may well be that the person has some underlying condition that Athletic Greens could actually help solve. Just use the product in moderation to feel better about life.

Is it Possible to Lose Weight With Athletic Greens?

In general, Athletic Greens is not a weight loss product. There are a slew of such items on the market. Most people never realize the promised results.

Athletic Greens does not make such promises. This energy drink helps users maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regularly drinking this healthy food makes people more energetic and lively. Consequently, many begin exercising. The result could be a significant loss in weight.

Others lose weight because they receive all their necessary nutrients in this energy drink. Gone are the urges to eat a hamburger for lunch.

It may be possible to now drive past the local fast food joint on the way home without stopping. No more hunger pangs to force the average person to indulge in unhealthy eating habits. With fast food cut from their diets, Athletic Greens users may witness a drop in body mass.

Again, there are no promised results. However, healthy living usually means a reduction in body fat.

Athletic Greens Product Sizes

Athletic Greens has two container sizes. Those who want to begin with a one-month supply can opt for 30 servings. Others may want to use the product for two months. They can buy the 60-serving size.

In some cases, it may be wise to buy a 60-serving size for a monthly use. Some people may want to drink two serving per day, for example.

The Athletic Greens Loyalty Program

This product comes with a loyalty program for those who plan to make purchases over the long term. The program provides discounts on purchases made through official distributors. Check the website for more information on how to join.

Athletic Greens Reviews and Recommendations

Minimalist living guru Tim Ferriss recommends Athletic Greens in his bestsellers. Ferriss has fans across the globe who abide by his rules about living free of clutter.

He got rid of everything extra and traveled internationally. Ferris also believes in ridding the body of contaminants. Just as homes become cluttered with physical junk, bodies become overwhelmed by unwanted chemicals.

Athletic Greens is a means of becoming pure again.

Where to Buy Athletic Greens?

Placing an order has never been easier. Just visit the Athletic Greens official website, to receive all the benefits of this unique super food energy drink. Buying from recommended merchants is key because only they can provide the full, money back guarantee. Others may not be beholden to this rule.

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Be sure to follow all label instructions to receive the optimal results. After the initial 30 or 60 servings, be sure to order more to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Do be prepared to have family, friends and coworkers make positive comments. Eating well usually means an improvement in appearance. So, look good and feel good with Athletic Greens today.

Your Thoughts?

Have you try Athletic Greens in the past? How was your experience? Feel free to share it with us and the readers in the comments below!

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