5 Solutions for Eating Sugar Without Gaining Weight

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Most everyone who enjoys food wants a solution for the resulting weight gain. Sugary desserts are some of the most difficult things to turn down when on a diet, mostly because of sugar cravings. Usually, going on a diet means kicking your sugar consumption to the curb, but there are actually ways you can eat sugar without gaining weight. Surprisingly, these habits can help your weight loss goals rather than hinder them.

The Science of Sugar Cravings

Understanding what sugar does to the body is very important. People who love sugar are familiar with the strange craving that comes after consumption…they continue to crave more!

Scientists wanted to know where the craving stemmed from, and after plenty of research, they discovered that there’s a hormone in our body that sends signals to increase or decrease sugar cravings. The findings also showed that the more sugar we eat, the more our bodies crave it.

Sugar is also highly addictive, which explains why the cravings are so strong – it can even be compared to a drug. The sugar reacts with hormones in your body to increase your cravings. The effects can get worse over time, but it takes a prolonged habit of eating sugar to create this effect.

There has also been research to show that some people are more predisposed to a sweet tooth than others. The hormone in the body that regulates your sugar cravings can be as much as 30 percent higher in one person than in others. Additionally, women tend to be far more interested in sweet treats than men who tend to prefer salty, greasy foods. In other words, if you find that you can’t shake your sugar cravings, the problem may actually be tied to genetics.

5 Ways to Eat Sugar Without Gaining Weight



If you’re like most of the population, your sugar cravings are the reasons you can’t lose weight. You put yourself on a strict diet and exercise regimen, but you eventually cave, setting you on a destructive course that will sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Quitting cold turkey simply won’t do it for many people – and can actually make sugar cravings worse. If this seems like your biggest problem with weight loss, the solution might be to keep sugar in your diet but to reduce the amount. Research shows that all foods in moderation can still yield excellent weight loss results, and sugar is no exception.

Here are some ways to eat sugar without sabotaging your weight loss goals.

1. Use a small plate when dishing up dessert.

The ‘poisonous’ aspect of sugar is actually found in the dose. You can trick your mind into thinking you’re eating more sugar by getting the smallest plate possible to dish up your dessert. You’ll eat more slowly and allow yourself to become full, rather than eating a large portion and thinking you need more.

2. Do workouts that balance sugar consumption

Sugar isn’t very good for your body in large doses for many reasons, but you can at least beat the calorie portion of the problem by doing workouts that will burn the calories consumed.

Your body is always burning sugar, so you just need to get your body to burn more. Nutritionists and personal trainers say that the best way to burn the calories from your sugar consumption is by participating in HIIT training. Getting your heart rate up through a series of intense exercises burns more sugar and promotes weight loss.

3. Eat a small piece of candy daily to eliminate cravings.

This is a great way to treat yourself for good behavior without going overboard. When you tell yourself that you can only eat one piece daily, you’ll train your brain and body to only need one piece.

The trick is keeping the candy out of sight until you choose to reward yourself. Grab your favorite bag of candy and store it in the freezer or another place you won’t see it while going about your daily activities.

4. Opt for a healthier dessert option.

It’s true that there are many factors that go into weight gain and loss, depending on your genes and habits, but calories are universal. If you eat desserts with fewer calories, you’ll experience fewer negative effects.

There are many dessert options that are considered healthier than others. For example, a slice of trifle will be healthier than a dense slice of chocolate cake because the cake contains more processed sugar. You can also make healthier choices in the development of your dessert to make it healthier. For example, you might reduce the sugar in your fruit cobbler so you can enjoy a treat without overdoing it.

5. Become addicted to natural sugar.

Your body doesn’t crave the natural sugar found in fruits the same way it craves processed sugars, but that’s something you can change. Start by turning fruit into a special treat. For example, you might put grapes in the freezer, which solidifies the sugar in the fruit and makes it taste sweeter.

You can also train your brain to crave natural sugar by reaching for an apple or a banana when your sugar cravings get out of hand. By satisfying the craving with a healthier option, you can teach the brain to crave healthier things.


Be Careful with Sugar Intake

There are ways you can counteract the effects of sugar to help with weight loss, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to eat a lot of sugar. Aside from the weight gain, sugar is very unhealthy for you. It puts you at a higher risk for hypertension, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and early death. It can also wreak havoc on your teeth and skin and suppress your immune system. In short, sugar can take control of your body in a negative, unhealthy way.

Dealing with your sugar cravings with a small amount of sugar is a wise tactic, but you have to be very careful not to let it get out of hand. Try to limit your sugar intake to a couple times per week because the more you eat sugar, the more your body craves it, and it becomes very difficult to control.

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