310 Shake Review – What You Need To Know


310 Shakes offer a unique path to long-term weight loss via their trademarked Tri-plex protein profile (more on this in just a bit). The company’s mission is to consistently distribute an end product that exceeds the standards set by other meal replacement shake companies in the industry.

310 shake reviews

Their strategy for achieving that mission (besides using their Tri-plex protein profile) is distributing a product that has few fillers, no soy protein, and no chemical additives and ingredients.

While that’s definitely a good start, we want to delve a little deeper than the other 310 Shake reviews we’ve read so far, and really get to the bottom of what makes this company a strong contender in the meal replacement shake industry, and to uncover whether their shakes are a viable option for your fitness goals.

Ingredients, Nutrients, Vitamins, and Minerals

How Many Calories Are In 310 Shakes?

310 Shakes contain 90 calories per serving, slightly less than IsaLean and slightly more than Ideal Shape shakes. Here’s the big surprise… none of those calories come from fat. Yes, 310 shakes are 100% fat free.

*Note: 310 Shake Ingredients Label

310 ingredients and nutrition

How Much Protein Per Serving? Fats? Carbs?

One scoop (24.5g) of a 310 shake contains 15g of protein (which equals an impressive 61.2% of total weight – the most we’ve seen yet).

That same amount contains 0g of total fat and only 8g of total carbohydrates (5g dietary fiber; <1g sugars).

Other nutrients include:

  • Cholesterol: <5mg
  • Sodium: 125mg
  • Potassium: 25mg

*Note: Click 310 shake Nutrition Label below to enlarge

310 shake nutrition and ingredientsLearn more about 310 Shakes Ingredients here

What Vitamins and Minerals Does It Contain?

310 Shakes contain 16 different vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin A: Aids in improving eyesight and healthier skin
  • Calcium: Improves nerve communication and strengthens bones
  • Vitamin D: Supports bone health and lowers risk of heart disease
  • Vitamin B: Supports nerve cell and muscle function.
  • Niacin: Helps lower levels of bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol
  • Folate: Regulates brain function and helps improve mood
  • Biotin: Promotes healthy skin and nails
  • Phosphorous: Increases bones strength and promotes muscle growth
  • Magnesium: Supports healthy heart and kidneys
  • Vitamin C: Strengthens your immune system and fights illness
  • Iron: Promotes healthy blood and increases energy
  • Vitamin E: Protects both the liver and the brain
  • Riboflavin: Increases the body’s ability to burn fat
  • Vitamin B6: Crucial for synthesizing protein in the body
  • Vitamin B12: Promotes red blood cell production
  • Pantothenic Acid: Important for turning food into energy

Taste and Consistency

What Flavors Are Available?

310 Shakes are currently offered in four different flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mocha, Vegan Chocolate and Salted Caramel. (Similar flavors found in Ideal Shape shakes.)

310 shake flavors

310 Shakes used to have the upper hand in the taste department. However, about a year ago they changed their recipe. While the new recipe made the shakes healthier, it sacrificed flavor in the process.

Of all the meal replacement shakes we’ve reviewed thus far, the 310 shakes were the most consistently negatively reviewed in the taste category by consumers.

If you refer back to the ingredients section of this review, you’ll start to get an idea why. 310 Shakes contain less than one gram of sugar in a single serving, are fat free, and have few carbs.

Combine all of the above together and you have a recipe for a bland protein shake. Needless to say, if taste is a major concern to you, you may want to consider going with a meal replacement shake like IdealShakes or Isagenix’s IsaLean.

*Note: There have also been a handful of reports that claim some flavors have a distinct and unpleasant aftertaste.

What Is The Consistency Like?

While nothing can make up for the taste factor of a meal replacement shake, good consistency can help. 310 shakes do tend to have a thicker consistency and also mix well with beverages.

Many consumers blend 310 shakes with fruits, vegetables, and almond milk to try and hide the taste. While it doesn’t completely hide the taste, it does make a significant difference.

If you choose to give 310 shakes a try, we recommend this be the route you take as well. Instead of almond milk, feel free to use coconut milk in its place.

As far as texture is concerned, the 310 powder is not chalky and doesn’t clump up when mixed. Again, that doesn’t make up for the taste issues, but it does help.

Satisfaction Level

What Does 310 Shakes Use to Curb Hunger?

This is the category where 310 Shakes really shines.

As we mentioned briefly in the introduction, 310 Shakes uses a trademarked Tri-plex protein profile to maximize the effectiveness of its protein and, more importantly, curb hunger for a substantial period of time.

This protein profile includes the following:

  • The Proteins:
    • Whey Protein Isolate. Works fast and has the least amount of carbs and lactose.
    • Whey Protein Concentrate. Hosts the most amino acids (very important) and is easily absorbed by the body.
    • Milk Protein Concentrate. Slow-acting protein that sustains the amino acid levels introduced by whey protein concentrate.
  • Pea Protein: Pea protein stalls the process of ghrelin, a hormone that essentially tells your brain it’s time to eat. This alone is a feature that’s unique to 310 shakes.
  • Fibersol 2: A clinically tested prebiotic soluble fiber that counteracts the signals to your brain that tell you you’re hungry.

How Long Is Hunger Curbed on Average?

Combine all of the above together and you have all the makings of a meal replacement shake that has no problem keeping both active and inactive consumers full for approximately 3-4 hours.

Additionally, 310 Shakes are popular for being easy on the stomach, due in part to high absorption ratios.

310 Shake Reviews & Results

Of course, weight loss results are of the utmost concern when it comes to meal replacement shakes, but there’s another important factor we’d like to point out first… one that’s unique to 310 Shakes.

There have been several reports of increased energy after consuming a 310 shake. But it gets even better…

One consumer reported that their mom had low protein levels, and after one month of taking 310, her protein had shot up by five points. And it also helped the consumer drop 12 pounds in six weeks.

Of all the 310 reviews we researched, the one that had the most impact (weight-wise) came from a consumer that reported losing 35 lbs. in just two months by drinking the shakes on a consistent basis (they didn’t say how many shakes they drank each day).

Pros and Cons


  • Has virtually no fat and sugar. One serving of a 310 shake has 0g of fat and less than 1g of sugar. This makes them extremely healthy and a great option for people following a low-fat and/or low-sugar diet.
  • Excellent at suppressing hunger. Thanks to 310’s Tri-plex protein profile, their shakes tend to keep consumers full for up to 4 hours – with the average being between 2-3 hours.
  • High protein content. 310 Shakes contain the highest ratio of protein that we’ve seen so far in a meal replacement shake (at 15g in one serving).
  • Low Calories. Ideal Shape now has competition. At only 90 calories per serving, 310 shakes are only slightly higher in over calories per serving than Ideal Shape. The lower the calories, the better.


  • New recipe doesn’t taste good. This is 310’s Achilles heel. Unfortunately, there have been several reports regarding the bad taste of 310’s shakes. While you can slightly cover up the taste by mixing it with fruits and other sweetening agents, the taste is still present.
  • Expensive. 310 Shakes are the most expensive meal replacement shake we’ve reviewed so far. While we love the Tri-plex protein, low calories, and high protein content, we’re not sure that justifies the steep price tag.

Where to Buy 310 Shakes

We recommend buying 310 Shakes from 310 official product page.

The total for one bag (28 servings) = $68.00
Standard Shipping will cost $7.99
(Have the option for Three-Day Rush Delivery @ $14.99)

Final Verdict

We truthfully want to fall head-over-heels for this meal replacement shake. It has all the right numbers in all the right places – virtually no fat, almost no sugar, plenty of fiber and carbs, low calories, and high concentrations of protein.

However, it’s hard to get all of the benefits of the powder when the taste makes it difficult to consume. And that’s why we can’t give 310 Shakes our full recommendation.

That being said, if you can get past the taste (and some consumers have), then you’re getting one of the most powerful meal replacement shakes on the market.

Your Thought?

Have you personally tried a 310 shake within the past year? What are your thoughts on it now? Would you recommend it to others looking to lose weight and get into better shape?

We’d love to hear what your personal experience was like using 310 shakes, and our readers would love to hear about it as well.

So please feel free to leave your own review of 310 shakes, and share your story with us in the comments below.

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  1. I’ve tried the 310 shakes. I’m not the biggest fan of the taste on its own but it isn’t that bad. I mix mine with frozen fruit lots of times. This shake is great at keeping you full and the price per serving is less than that of many competitors. Given the fact that the texture is good, low sugar and lots of protien. This works for me and I’ll buy more. I’m using chocolate now and am going to try vanilla next because it’s so versatile and can be transformed into lots of flavors

    • I only have vanilla at this point. It’s tough to palette, but I am managing. I am hoping with fruit it will be better.

  2. I’ve been using their chocolate for several months, added vanilla a couple of months ago. I like them both fairly well – mix with skim milk, nothing fancy.

    Adding the vanilla each month exposed some customer service issues though. Got it once, got billed the second month but did not get the product, then they reverted back to just chocolate. I emailed and called and finally got it fixed…only to get an email a few days later telling me they were sorry to see me go, all future orders have been cancelled, best wishes, etc.

    Wait…what? They have serious IQ problems over there, but I’m okay with the product.

  3. I bought the sample for the vanilla and chocolate each for $3.99, and my surprise was to automatically be charged $256.00 for the a recurring shipment of the two shakes. In very small print, it says that if you don’t cancel before 13 days that they will automatically send it to you and charge it to your account. I called them, and they offered me a refund after of course I send it back. However, I will be stuck with the shipping. This is poor practice, unless you want to be calling them to cancel the order before you even taste it. I say think about it. You might find yourself in the same situation that I am now. The shake tastes fine, but it didn’t keep me full. I am assuming the trial pocket is the equivalent of one scoop of the shake versus using two scoopes.

    • Oh my goodness! Thank you for this! I didn’t know I had to cancel it! I appreciate your post! So do I just call and cancel?

    • Samantha York Ingram | May 4, 2016 at 5:22 am | Reply

      I just went and read the terms and conditions.. Where does it say that at? Bc I ordered some and didnt see that part yet… I don’t want that to happen to me..that’s aweful

    • It’s been my experience with other companies, that they make you pay for shipping to send back product, even when they sent it to you despite you saying no. So, no surprise there.

  4. Shelia hammonds | November 3, 2015 at 3:20 am | Reply

    I had a shake for breakfast. I have an extremely sensitive stomach. Is it normal as the day went on to feel bloated and look swollen ?

  5. I’ve been on these shakes for over year now and am done 30lbs. Needless to say I’m a believer. Not sure what you mean by bad taste as my significant other and myself LOVE the taste of both the choc and vanilla shake. Are you using recipes or just using water? Fact: sucralose and soy in a shake are cancers; they lead to all kinds of problems including weight gain. Find me a better tasting soy free, sugar free, sucralose free, etc. shake out there and you come to the same conclusion I did. 310 Shake is the only option.

    • Kris are you or your significant other a male? I only ask cause I just started 310 shake and I feel like I’m the only guy drinkning it. Just like some male feed back.

    • I’m just curious as to should I be working out while drinking the shakes? I’d like to continue drinking them because they are good and my daughter loves drinking them as well.

  6. I love 310 Shakes. The taste is something to get used to but once you are they are good! I mix the chocolate with just water. I now crave them during the day! I love how it has nothing artificial that was a huge plus for me. As for cost… It is a little pricey but this is a meal replacement. You aren’t buying as many groceries for food as your shake is replacing a meal you would make. Their customer service is so nice! If I want to hold an order for a month or a couple weeks they email me back right away saying they took care of everything! I hope this helps!

  7. I have been using 310 for about a month now and don’t mind the taste at all. I do put frozen fruit in it each time and think it tastes fine. I haven’t lost as much weight as I would have liked to yet, but will continue for another month and see what happens. I do know I am eating healthier then I was and drink a shake each morning for breakfast, where in the past I skipped breakfast. I have noticed that I feel better and have more energy, but don’t know if that because of the shake or the way I am now eating. I do like the product and will most likely continue with it.

  8. Just received my first 310 shake sample (vanilla), I made my shake with coconut milk, frozen strawberries, half a banana, and some ice… Needles to say this shake tasted AMAZING and kept me full for 3 hours. I am so excited to get my first package =)

  9. I ordered the 310 vanilla sample and used the strawberry banana recipe that came with it and I was surprised from all the reviews about how bad it taste that it was actually really good.

  10. After reviewing multiple sites and reviews of this product, I purchased based on the “Contains no soy protein” they advertise. It is difficult to find the full list of ingredients unless you purchase. I purchase and reviewed prior to open to ensure no soy, as I have an autoimmune disease and not allowed to have any soy without a reaction. Sure enough, it contains soy lecithin. Now I have to return and although they will refund product, they will not refund shipping in either direction. This could have been avoided had they published full list of ingredients online. False advertising.

  11. I order my 310 nutrition shake on Saturday and it was delivered on Wednesday (exceeded my expectations). I purchased the chocolate shake and mix it with almond milk. My shake taste great! I’m eating healthier and exercising and having my shake for breakfast. When the product was shipped, I received complimentary packets of the slimming lemonade and the jucing cleanse. I’m satisfied with the product. Some people are complaining about the taste, however keep in mind, not all heathly foods have a great taste and if you are striving to become healthy, taste shouldn’t matrer, it’s about the results which we are trying to achieve.

  12. I ordered my shake on Friday and received it on Tuesday. I started taking it on Wednesday. I had my usual large cup of coffee and then mixed my strawberry shake around noon with water. Don’t do that. Tastes terrible, but I am going to finish drinking. Will mix the next one with Coconut milk as suggested. I plan to have the shake at least twice a day to see immediate results and will decrease to one as I begin to lose weight. I am the type of person that needs to see immediate results and I gained weight in a short period of time, so I’d like to lose that weight

    • Hi Patty,
      I just ordered mine, I’ve recently packed on a few pounds and I am going to MX on the 17 th, hopefully it arrives quickly and I can get on board ASAP, let me know how u are making out, I’d be curious to learn your results. Thanks, Dot

  13. WORST COMPANY EVER! They stole my money without my authorization! I didn’t even try the sample they sent me, and then they charged my account for $128 and shipped me a month worth of product like that should make me happy! I will NEVER recommend this product or company to anyone! Not only was the customer service man rude on the phone, he tried to make it seem like paying me back 50% to keep the product was a deal for me!!!! I WANT MY MONEY NOT YOUR PRODUCT! Terrible experience and will make sure to pass on the word to never order from this company.

    • Hey Rebecca,

      Sorry to hear that. 310 is usually very good at honoring their 30 day refund policy. Make sure to contact their toll free number or email support to request a RMA. Keep us updated. Thanks!

    • Same thing happened to me! They’re a terrible company that has terrible customer service! They initially told me I’d get a refund of 50% but I told her I’m sending 100% of the product back and will get 100% of my money back!! It’s funny, because they have a 30 day money back guarantee… But it’s such a hassle when consumers have been deceived and don’t even want the product but get told we can only have a 50% refund EVEN THOUGH WE’RE SENDING THEM THEIR PRODUCT BACK!!!

    • To be fair, you did give them your debit or credit card information; that means they did not steal and that you agreed to something unknowingly. Now you know better for next time 😉

  14. Bull Sh!t company charged my credit card with a monthly too. I will be disputing my charge too.

  15. I have tried many protein drinks that have awful after tastes. 310 has a delicious taste to it. So I really don’t understand why people say it doesn’t. The only thing 310 changed was they took out caagearean ( spelled wrong) but it was a preservative that has been linked to cancer. In which there are so many protein shakes and packaged foods, some almond milk Companies that still have it in there ingredients. I mix it in the blender with fruit. Lost 25 lbs. in which I have a thyroid problem and could never lose. I see you named isagenix which I have tasted. Not bad but not my choice for a healthy shake. Too many carbs.
    As for price, call them and negotiate price. I have gotten a very good deal, auto ship, no delivery charge. One time they made a mistake and customer service was very pleasant and they also gave me a free bag and management called me back to make sure I was satisfied. When I added 310 meta boost and thin ( the pills), 2x a day my blood sugar after over a year of trying went down to 110 in the morning from 180.
    My recipes calories stay from 186 to 230. My best one that think I am have a choc shake is coffee Choc shake , make my coffee with my 1tbs Hazelnut creamier ( if I want drink cold I make coffee and place in fridge otherwise I drink it hot), choc protein, 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup of dark choc almond or cashew milk, blend for 1 min. Awesome taste!! I have made my shakes for a few friends who are drinking other shakes and they love my 310 shake taste. Another one is
    Vinalla or strawberry 310 protein, 12 oz almond milk, 4 med strawberries, 1/4 banana, 20 blueberries , fruits are frozen. I mix a snack bag with mixed fruit so in the morning I am not wasting time. Also, Vinalla 310 protein, spinach, cucumber,honeydew, banana,cantaloupe blend. If you want them very thick add ice cubes.
    I really like my drinks, they are delicious and I feel that I am eating healthy and cheating because they taste like a dessert.

    • Hey Gina,

      We did mention Isalean but based on overall taste, nutrition, price, etc. We had pick IdealShape as our top overall pick for meal replacement shakes. You can read our Idealshape review here for further details. Thanks!

      • Ideal Shape Protein ingredients include Sucralose (splenda which cause harmful biological effects on body) and Acesulfame Potassium(Aspartame which causes cancer). 310 protein does not have those ingredients.

        I now don’t put creamier in my protein shakes. Fairlife 0% Milk which gives you 13 grams of protein and 310 protein powder with banana and 3 oz of coffee. I mix the vinalla and strawberry flavor powder with other fruits. if you are buying the 310 go to their site. I buy mine for $45.00 auto ship 1 bag a month. no problem to ever stop shipments. never had a problem with them. love the taste!

  16. When you order their free trial there is an autoship program hidden in the terms and conditions that automatically will send you their product at $128 a month.
    While I understand that by checking the terms and conditions box you agree, I find it an incredibly deceptive practice to hide such a program buried in the terms and conditions. There is no mention of this anywhere else on the site page associated with the free trial offer.
    I’m hopeful that the return process goes smoothly, but either way this free trial has cost me more money, time and frustration than advertised.
    I will have no further dealings with this company and I strongly urge everyone else not to deal with this deceptive company either.

  17. I just want to know what my second month will cost for just the shake mix and the pills. Also do I have to have vanilla?

  18. with all the reviews and research I have done with meal replacement shakes its down to ideal shake and 310 shake , I just want fast results I have low thyroid problems so maintaining a good weight is hard, any advice.

    • Hey Rosie,

      Both shakes are good but Idealshape is our top pick. Maintaining a good weight with thyroid issues can be very difficult. Make sure your levels are under controlled, consider a Gluten free diet, make sure that you’re getting enough calories if you are exercising. However, consult with your doctor first and foremost. Thanks!

  19. Is this product certify buvthe FDA?

    • Hey Kary,

      To my knowledge, no food products or supplements are monitored or approved by the FDA. But they must be made and package in a FDA approved facility. It is best to contact FDA, as information and regulations are constantly changing. Thanks!

  20. My Wife and I purhcased the Vanilla during a promo. We received with a cleanse and Vitamin suppliment.
    We’ve used water & lately I’ve used 1% Milk. A litle thicker with the milk, but either way very good and filling. We’ve used an all sorts of frozen fruits to blend.
    I am down 10 lbs (****) I usually run about 2-3 miles 4-5 times a week and she is down 6 lbs, both within 2-3 weeks.
    Obviously gonna keep going and see what the next 2-3 weeks brings. Very impressed so far

  21. I signed up to receive the sample and blender cup for $3.99, a couple of weeks later I was charged $128 and was unaware of what for seeing as how I only wanted the sample for 3.99. I called he company to get it straightened out and was informed if the company didn’t hear from me within 14 they automatically bill me for 2 packages of the shake mix. This conversation took place on a Saturday which was the exact same day I was charged. My bank advised me he transaction was still pending, so I called this company back to see if they could save everyone time time, energy and trouble and just reverse the transaction, they told me the transaction was complete and they package was already shipped but they were unable to provide me with the tracking number because “their screen wasn’t updated yet. I asked for a manager and the call taker asked for my info to pull up my account then told me there was no manager or person of authority, so I could assume he was in charge since there was no one above him, but that wasn’t the case. He then put me on hold for 7 mins and came back and told me the manager was busy, but was able to tell his associate they would not be able to reverse the transaction and the only way for me to get a refund would be to wait for my package and then mail it back to them! It is now Monday, and I call to get the tracking number to find out the package wasn’t mailed until today! So, instead of reversing the transaction and NOT mailing the product to satisfy a customer, they burned bridges with me! I feel like this is a terrible company in terms of customer satisfaction! I feel as though their terms/conditions are deceitful when purchasing the sample.

    • Hey Tiffany,

      Sorry to hear that. This seem to be a big issue with customers who are trying the 310 shake sample. We did a little investigation ourselves – James was absolutely right. There seem to be no way around the $128, so you are basically agreeing to pay $128 for the first month shipment in order to receive a “Free” sample. All in all, there really isn’t any Free sample.

      We strongly recommend purchasing 310 shakes from the official site or at Amazon.com/310-shake product page. We will be adding this information above as soon as possible. Thanks!

      • Since this is the case, you should advertise, along with the sample for $3.99, that if you don’t cancel within 14 days you will be charged opposed to placing that in a scrolling box with terms and conditions. It’s just poor practice that you work for and represent a company that does this!

        • So I just got my sample pack today. If I call tomorrow and say cancel my info then they can’t charge me, right? It would be before the 14 day mark.

          • Hi Kassandra,

            You shouldn’t have a problem canceling just along it’s within 14 days (Sample). Thanks!

  22. Wow I won’t be trying this product now, these customer service reviews are horrible. Stress also hinders weight loss, just saying.

  23. I love these shakes. I have the chocolate and use unsweetened almond milk. I think they taste amazing!

  24. I just started using the vanilla shakes within the last month. I sometimes mix a flavor with it but I really don’t mind the taste. I also just tried the lemonade. Not bad. I’m going to drink it during Zumba class instead of water. There are recipes online for mixing this with fruit and limes for a summer drink. If you go online a box on the right of your screen pops up and asks if you want to chat with a 310 person. I asked about the auto ship. I did and got a great deal on the price. As far as weight loss goes I haven’t been on them long enough to comment on that. One thing about the cup. I find the mixer top leaves small lumps. I replaced it with a wire blender found in other cups.

  25. Just got my sample and I’m excited to try it but I gotta say I’m glad I lost my credit card over the weekend and had to get a new one! I would be very scared to be charged right now for something I didn’t order. Shouldn’t a sample be just that, a sample? Give us the chance to say we like it or not before we buy it? These money stealing comments are very worrisome and I’m weary of ordering if I actually like them.

  26. What’s the difference between the regular and vegan?

    • Hey LH,

      The difference comes from the protein, where vegan is plant based, and the other is whey protein isolate. Vegan is dairy free … the main protein source is vegetable protein. Nutritionally, there are very few differences – contact 310 to be sure. Thanks!

  27. Can you drink these shakes while breast feeding?

    • Hey Sonia,

      According to 310, they had no recorded side effects by customers while pregnant in the past or current, however we recommend that you consult your physician with your specific prenatal needs. Thanks!

  28. Wells I just ordered the Sample Starter Pack for $9. It’s a promotion that they are running cause they are so confident in their product. One of the reasons I even went through with the order was cause it said No Auto ship, No Hassle, and No Commitment. I even made sure to read the “Terms and Condition” I even went as far as taking a picture of it for proof in the event I had to fight it later. I’m interested in how well this product is going to work. I have seen only good reviews on how well it works, but not so good reviews regarding the customer service. Wish me luck people!

    • That’s why I’m on this site now. Was about to dive head first into the $9 starter pack. Now I’m cautious about the reviews. I wish you luck and let us know how it works.i may order still. But…maybe not

  29. I ordered the “no strings attached” sample pack from 310 nutrition. I got a chocolate and a vanilla packet, a chocolate and a vanilla vegan packet, lemonade and a packet of the 310 juice. Also came with the shaker for $12.99. I loved all of the stuff I got in the sample so I ordered 2 bags of shakes…. Also got a free smaller bag with my order as a bonus! On the site there is an option for one time purchase or auto ship. As long as you order the one time purchase you shouldn’t have any problems with them sending or charging you for more. My order actually arrived the day after I placed the order which was great! As for the taste, I love all of the flavored. I guess they are a little bland but I can’t stomach sweet flavors so they’re perfect for me! I just mix them with unsweetened almond milk. I’ve only recently just started the 310nutrition shakes but I highly recommend them already!

    • I’m on the site now and under the terms its says if you are a preferred customer you can get the auto ship but I don’t see the option where to confirm I don’t want to be charged as a preferred customer nor want the auto ship before entering my card info. I just want to make sure. The terms for that are not very clear.

  30. This is such a hassle to deal with. I ordered strawberry one month, and then they charged me for another month. I think this is horrible considering that I did not say I wanted automatic shipment of more product. I then had problems trying to get a refund from the company. It’s just not worth it, the customer service is horrible!

  31. I received mine on 3/1/16 and started using it 3/2/16. I was expecting it to taste HORRIBLE after all the reviews, but after I tried it, it tasted just like the shake they give you at LA Fitness after a workout. That worked for me, because I didn’t think that was bad. I am using the recipes they created and haven’t had one I didn’t like yet, even though I’m partial to the mango/pineapple. It’s been 9 days and I’ve lost about 3 lbs. Which is great, but I’m not going to get too excited. I don’t mind losing it slow, that way it will stay off. I’m glad I didn’t try it before they changed the taste, I might not be too complimentary…lol. But we can’t expect all things that are good for us to taste great. That’s the price you have to pay, but I don’t have a problem with the taste.

  32. The chocolate taste good as long as you use milk. Water dilutes anythings taste!!
    Just a FYI when u sign up for free sample & you check the box “you agree” and you don’t read what you are agreeing to then don’t be mad when you are set up for monthly charges! Cause you agreed to them! Overall the product has had no side affects just energy, lighter appetite, & a chocolate milk flavoring. Iv enjoyed it & it’s healthy.

  33. I visited this site a few weeks ago after seeing Porsha from the real housewives of Atlanta advertise the 310 Shake on Instagram. Of course I read all of the reviews. At first I was going to get the free shaker with the 2 free packs but I didn’t want to sign up for the auto deal so I decided against it. Well I received an email from the company stating they have remove the auto ship deal and I could get the shaker cup and 2 free packets and only pay the shipping no obligations. Of course I went ahead and signed up for it. I received a vanilla and chocolate. The chocolate is not bad but the vanilla tasted like an ice cream milkshake. Now I did use Almond Breeze milk after reading the reviews. I am really impressed with this product. I noticed within one day my appetite changed and I wasn’t as hungry and I wanted to eat healthier foods. I have decided that I am going to go ahead and order the vanilla shakes and continue taking these shakes. Thank you 310 for changing the auto ship policy, I wanted to try to the shakes first before committing to a monthly charge and you allowed me to do that at my own will.

  34. I’ve been using 310 chocolate and vanilla shakes for several weeks so I have no idea as to what it tasted like prior to removing a certain ingredient. I like way they taste. However, prior to 310, I was using another product (A******d) which tasted like unflavored Cheerios. 310 is a step up! Chocolate is my favorite. I mix half and half of coconut milk/almond and then 1/2 tsp. peppermint flavoring. With the Vanilla, I add half coconut, half almond milk and the following flavors – vanilla, rum and almond. I then sprinkle in some cinnamon or nutmeg.
    Also, so far, I’ve had good luck with the CS staff!

  35. I have tried the chocolate and vanilla shake and I throw up on them. I called to get a refund and they gave me 50 different excuses on why I can not get a refund.The taste is not bad but now I am out money for something I can not drink. I think if they offer a money back guarantee then they should honor it with no questions asked.

  36. I have used the strawberry, vanilla and chocolate, chocolate being my favorite. The strawberry tastes like strawberry nestles nesquik mix (if you like that). These shakes not only work for a meal replacement but also help when craving a chocolate shake. Just mix with a little frozen fruit or greek yogurt, ice and water. I do find myself craving these.

  37. I’ve been using the vanilla shake and I’m a freak about strawberries so I do strawberries and banana in almond milk and I LOVE the taste. By the time I get a cup of almond milk, cut of ice, 1/2 a banana and throw in some strawberries it makes about 32 oz. I drink it for breakfast and dinner and it fills me up. I just started using this so haven’t tried the other flavors. Reading the description above from Laurie about the chocolate and strawberry shakes, I can’t wait to try them.

  38. Jodi Limner | May 5, 2016 at 5:46 pm | Reply

    I have been using the shakes for about 6 months and I am pleased. I am down 10 lbs without any real sacrifice. I was never a breakfast eater, but now I have a shake most mornings. I mix the vanilla with frozen fruit and peanut butter and it tastes great. I mix the chocolate with chocolate almond milk and peanut butter. I keep the shakes between 200-300 calories after adding fruit/almond milk and this keeps me satisfied for a few hours. I don’t like the shake mix with just water or milk, but the recipes on the 310 shake website are great.

  39. It is so gross, it taste like dog food and trust me I have ate dog food! But I does work I made me throw up all my food! So thanks

    • Hi A,

      Sorry to hear that, did you only use water? Also, there are many recipes that you can try with 310 Shakes. Thanks!

  40. Folks, the product works! I’ve used this shake past 6 months, every morning 1 shake, plus better eating habits. The calorie deficit and appetite suppressant due to protein causes weight loss. But you can create deficit in numerous ways, including higher activity levels and more exercise. For me, replacing breakfast with 90 – 150 calories shake (including mix in fruit) cuts 400-500 calories per day. Plus I cut out all breads, crackers, chips, dairy, & sugary junk foods. One pound of fat is about 3,500 calories. For me, I dropped 15 pounds in about 45 days, and I feel great. The protein 15g is about right to feel full. The chocolate is decent, the strawberry is OK but I add real strawberries and a or banana for taste. The vanilla is terrible. I mix strictly with water, adding milk just adds dairy and calories you don’t need. Weight loss is less about the product you buy, and more about sticking to a plan.

  41. I used the chocolate 310 shake with almond milk for several weeks and loved the flavor. Also loved the idea of “drinking” my breakfast instead of the fattening food I was used to eating for breakfast. However, it gave me cramps and an upset stomach. (Also, did not lose a pound.)After trying to ignore that and hoping my body would get used to it, I had to give it up. Really disappointed.

  42. Ive been drinking the mocha flavor for about a month now. The first time trying I used water…. BIG MISTAKE! lol I started using regular, vanilla, or dark chocolate almond milk with it now and they are AMAZING! I just ordered a bag of vanilla chai I cant wait to see what it tastes like! I drink 1 every morning on my way to work and I’m satisfied till noon. they are pricey but being healthy isn’t cheap!!!! unfortunetly….

  43. CHRISTINA JOHNSTONBAUGH | February 21, 2017 at 7:45 pm | Reply

    I have been using 310 for several months. They always run specials and you can lock in your auto ship at the special price for life. I am not a huge fan of the plant based that they have went to but they still offer the original for those who prefer. They have amazing customer service and fast shipping and lots of sales and now you can earn points. I also love is not a pyramid like others

  44. I started 310 last month and even though people say the new 310 is horrible tasting I disagree I add pb2 and yogurt to mine along with frozen coffee cubes to my chocolate 310 it’s amazing and I will continue this product I am down 10 lbs already!! Loving it thank you 310

  45. I love the 310 shake it am down 18 pounds I have stopped and started back. Love the shake I use soy milk. I don’t snack as much when I drink the shakes

  46. I just started using 310. They have specials to keep the cost down. I was using Herbalife, but like the 0 sugar and the fact that it is plant based!! Have no issue with the taste. I add my fruit, almond milk, sometimes PB2 and some greens. Keeps me full, but I seldom get hungry anyway!! And I’m losing weight!!

  47. I was really concerned with the reviews and comments that it didn’t taste very good. To my surprise, I thought they were quite good! I do mix it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and throw in some fruit to make it more substantial, however, I see no problem with the taste at all. It still keeps it well under 200 calories for breakfast….and low fat, low carbs! What I love the most about it is that I can throw some espresso in my morning shake and do away with my latte’s and creamer/coffee combos. This was especially important to me to do away with that and decrease my calories/fat intake in the mornings (but lets get real…this girl HAS to have her coffee so I just tweaked the shake to get my caffeine!) Now I am eating healthy for breakfast and it keeps me full for 4 hours (and I don’t want to scowl at people before my first cup of coffee!) I was shocked when I didn’t even want a mid morning snack….It definitely delivers curbing the appetite and keeping you satisfied. Taste was very good! Win, Win!

  48. My favorite flavor is the salted caramel. It’s delicious when mixed using unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It’s easy on your stomach especially those who have had bariatric surgery. I have tried 15 or more protein shakes from different companies and 310 salted caramel is the best. I do not care for the vanilla or chocolate.

  49. Frances Billerth | July 30, 2017 at 2:39 pm | Reply

    Drinking 310 for three weeks now and I love them. Use unsweetened vanilla almond milk and fruit and they are delicious. Feel satisfied and not hungry. Has helped me cut sugar and carbs from my dietary plan and feel very satisfied. Will continue my journey with 310 help. Totally recommend this product.

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