21 Day Fix Review


21-Day Fix workout program has proved to be one of the most popular at-home workouts programs today.

Celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese combines fitness program with a sensible eating plan to allow you to lose the weight, tone and firm your body, and have more energy in just 21 days.21 day fix review banner

21-Day Fix workout program is a product BeachBody, LLC thus ensuring the highest quality and guaranteed satisfaction from the product.

21-Day Fix reviews have always been positive and you are certainly going to enjoy the great results from the program. This 21-Day Fix workout review will help you to decide whether the program is suitable for your needs.

21 Day Fix Reviews Break-down

The main premise behind the program is simple: you exercise for 30 minutes per day and eat portion-controlled meals to achieve the results you’ve always wanted—smaller, tighter, and firmer body.

  • The Essential Kit Offered Has Many Extras. The 21-Day Fix Essential kit includes the following: 6 easy-to follow workouts on 2 DVDs—Total Body Cardio Fix (to jumpstart you in the program by giving you the moves to work your whole body), Upper Fix (resistance training moves targeted to your arms, shoulders, back, chest, and abs) , Lower Fix (fat burning moves to tone your legs, thighs, and glutes), Pilates Fix (allows you to strengthen your core and elongate your muscles , Cardio Fix(fast moves to keep your heart rate up), and Yoga Fix (enhance your balance and flexibility by learning new moves).

Besides, and it is unique to the program, there are seven color-coded containers (separate color for each food family) and a Shakeology shaker cup to assist you with your diet.

  • Easy-to-Follow Exercise Schedule. Moreover, the package includes free gifts: 21-Day Fix Eating Plan (provides you with all the necessary information regarding your diet); 3-Day Quick Fix (series of exercises for the last three day of the program for unbelievable results); Dirty 40 Workouts (four rounds of super exercises to chisel our body); and 24-7 online support from the accredited trainers and fellow 21-Day Fix followers.

Pros & Cons


  • ease of following the moves;
  • great for planning meals, no need to count calories;
  • great energy from instructors;
  • no equipment needed, thus eliminating the need for an expensive gym membership;
  • while deceptively simple, the moves produce great results.
  • easy to plan the meals  because of the containers provided.


  • don’t expect to bulk up too much
  • there are no rest days (Although Thursdays & Sundays are Pilates and Yoga days for relaxation but not completely rest days)

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How to Buy 21 Day Fix Workout?

Now that you’ve read our 21 Day Fix review, there are a few ways to purchase this program.

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