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If you’ve already mastered your basic fitness goals, but want more stamina, strength and muscle tone fast then Beachbody has developed the 21 Day Fix Extreme for you. Delivered to you by professional Autumn Calabrese, she has a no non-sense attitude to pump you up and slim you down. Her killer body will likely motivate you as much as her words do.

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There are so many variations on the simple advice of diet and exercise to look your best. Some of us spend the majority of our lives trying to find the right combination to keep us healthy and feeling good about ourselves. Beachbody has had a hit with the 21 Day Fix for beginners, and they’ve bumped it up a level for the 21 Day Fix Extreme.

This program provides you with workout videos and a dieting system for perfectly portioned, well-balanced food. For years, Beachbody has been working with those who desire a better body, and they’ve come to find out what works with people. They know you won’t use a product unless it fits into your busy lifestyle.

The 21 Day Fix Extreme is aptly named, and you do need an extreme mindset to tackle it. It is a great choice for someone who has mastered the 21 Day Fix basic program. This will take your fitness level up another notch and get you to the your dream body. It’s not an easy program, so be sure you can handle the commitment before you take on this 3-week project.

People enjoy this program for a variety of different reasons. Beachbody is not only trying to give people an effective way to prep for an upcoming event, but also a way to change their lifestyle so health becomes a permanent habit.  Check out the information below for a detailed description of the product and its benefits.

Who Is The 21 Day Fix Extreme Workout For?

This program is not meant for the couch potatoes of the world. Do not jump into this if you haven’t been working out regularly. Normal stress on your body and eventual soreness of your muscles is fine, but overdoing it can mean major injuries.

The schedule is meant for people who truly enjoy a variety in their routines. It combines yoga, resistance, cardio and Pilates to give you the best results. If you enjoy simple exercise like running or walking just to clear your head, then this is not the right choice for you.

Try this fitness program if you are:

  • Looking to gear up for a big event or want to show off your body this summer.
  • Toned but want more definition.
  • Bored with the other options out there and need a new challenge.
  • Busy and need a rigorous scheduled plan to keep you on target.

What’s Included in the 21 Day Fix Extreme Program?

The Complete Base Kit for 21 Day Fix Extreme includes the following:

21 day fix extreme package details

  • 7 Extreme Workouts on 2 DVDs
  • 7 Color-Coded Portion Control Containers plus a plus a 25-oz Shakeology Shaker Cup
  • Start Here Guide
  • 21 Day Fix EXTREME Eating Plan
  • Countdown to Competition Meal Plan

1.  7 Extreme Workouts on 2 DVDs

Seven days, seven workouts a week. If you’re feeling really ambitious, then you can try the double up program for 14 total workouts. All of the exercises are designed to burn major calories, and each video targets different areas of your body.

Plyo Fix Extreme Tone and strengthen your lower body with energetic jumping exercises and resistance training.

Upper Fix Extreme  Alternate arms, back, chest and shoulders to increase muscle definition.

Pilates Fix Extreme Use your exercise mat and resistance bands to get a fast version of the fitness craze that swept the nation.

Lower Fix Extreme Give your butt, quads, hamstrings, and more a change to their routine and redefine your lower body.

Cardio Fix Extreme Up your metabolism and heart health using weights and aerobics.

Yoga Fix Extreme Resets your whole body, and improves balance, strength and flexibility.

Dirty 30 Extreme Autumn’s self-described little secret. Seven moves which sculpt your whole body.

Autumn Calabrese narrates the videos and shows you the moves, but she and Beachbody both understand that her body is not your body. The yoga especially can prove to be difficult for those without the flexibility they need to get the maximum benefit out of the moves.

Any exercise can be harmful if not performed correctly, so watch her carefully for safety tips and take advantage of the modifiers the video offers. The modifiers will give you ways to still get a total body workout even if you are unable to complete a certain move.

2.  7 Color-Coded Portion Control Containers plus a 25-oz Shakeology Shaker Cup

This product does not come with food included, but it does include the recipes and containers. Since most of us struggle with portion control, they have developed a system so you know when you’re overeating.

The containers are coded as follows:

  • Green container – Veggies – 8 oz
  • Purple Container – Fruit – 8 oz
  • Red Container – Meats/Protein – 6 oz
  • Yellow Container – Carbohydrates – 5.3 oz
  • Blue Container – Healthy fats (olive oil, etc)– 2.7 oz
  • 2 Orange Containers – Seeds and dressings – 2 oz
  • Shakeology cup for Drinks (Smoothies)

3.  Start Here Guide

Beachbody likes to use the word shredded to describe this plan, and even hard-core fitness enthusiasts need to start somewhere if they more from their routines. Read this guide, and keep yourself on track as you eat and move your way to a better body.

This system isn’t complicated by any stretch of the imagination, but understanding it from beginning to end will help you stay on your goals for success.

4.  Eating Plans

There are two eating plans included in this system. The standard 21 Day Fix Extreme plan gives you helpful suggestions as to how to make the most of your containers. It spells out everything you need for a full day depending on how many calories you need.

The competition meal plan is Autumn’s personal favorite and is based on how she gears up for a major event. She obviously embodies the word intense when it comes to getting in shape, so this is recommended for those who need the extra strength to overcome their opponents.

Convenience and Usability

How Long Are The Workouts?

They are 30 minutes long and structured in such a way that every second is functional. Skip the dance moves and good vibes, and just get down to work. You’re at a point where you need to take serious action, and these videos are designed for that.

How Simple Are The Workouts?

The moves are typically long and the breaks are short. You’ll need the right equipment, so start with good shoes, an exercise mat, and resistance bands. Many of the moves will require the band so you can truly sculpt your body to its ideal shape.

How Easy Is It to Follow the Diets?

This plan is not meant for you to go hungry, but you won’t find any leniency. There is absolutely no room for sneaking in extra calories and cheat days are entirely out of the question. The point for you to take the next three weeks to really devote your body and mind to the idea of getting a better look.

If you are committed enough to take this project on, it should be pretty easy to follow the diet.

Financial Investment

If you’ve made it this far into the description, you’re probably well-versed in basic exercise equipment. As stated, the food isn’t included, but the containers are. Because you should follow the recipes provided, you should budget accordingly if you have to buy more produce, meat and condiments.

We recommend you have all of the following before starting the program:

  • 21 Day Fix Extreme:  $59.85 for the Base Kit (plus shipping) at official Beachbody.com website
  • Resistance Bands:  $30 for the bands we recommend
  • Exercise Mat: $20 on average

Total Potential Investment:  $109.85

21 Day Fix Extreme Reviews & Results

There are a lot of people who have submitted a 21 Day Fix Extreme review along with their (hopefully) honest results. The people who review this program already enjoy the art of working out. They already have a good deal of education in how their bodies react to various strenuous activities, and they know how to eat well enough to keep up their physique. This will make the results a lot different from beginners, so just keep that in mind.

21 Day Fix Extreme Review (Consumers)

There are some really positive reviews from people who loved the program who haven’t actually completed the whole thing. When reading over everything, you should concentrate on those who have finished the program successfully. The majority of reviews do seem to confirm that the 21 Day Fix Extreme works your body out in a way you can’t do on your own.

Changing up your routine and strengthening different muscles leaves your body feeling rejuvenated, even if you’re having some residual pain. You’re probably tired of hearing the phrase “results may vary,” but the average weight loss people seem to report in both men and women hovers around 10-15 pounds or so.

Pros and Cons


Efficient Workouts.  Autumn makes the most of your time, and targets every part of your body.

Portion Control.  Keep yourself healthy and stop the guessing on your diet. This plan constantly reminds you that there’s no point in eating past your saturation level.

Meal Plans.  Follow the schedules for 6 meals a day, and skip the treats which will weigh you and your body down. Drink delicious shakes and follow the suggestions for a balanced diet while you concentrate on getting your best body.

Modified Moves.  Let me reiterate: this plan is still not for beginners, but the modifiers do give you some flexibility. People with injuries or chronic pain can still do this program, and it may even strengthen your body enough to help you feel better overall.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.  If the 21 Day Fix Extreme isn’t an effective choice for you, then return it within 30 days.


Demanding.  Some people aren’t quite ready for the sacrifices that the 21 Day Fix Extreme expects from you. Keep your own expectations as grounded as possible, and do not try this workout unless you are completely committed.

Short-Term Choice. It’s nice to look great for one day, but most of us want to look great all the time. Doing the 21 Day Fix once every few months will keep you fit and toned, but some people didn’t find it engaging enough to want to continue past the first round or even after a few days.

Boring: The food and the workouts combined mean you will be denying yourself constantly. It can get old quickly if you’re not used to it.

How to Buy 21 Day Fix Extreme

We recommend purchasing 21 Day Fix Extreme in one of two ways:

Go to official Beachbody.com 21-Day Fix Extreme page. You can purchase the containers, DVDs and the exercise and meal plans for $59.85. They offer several options for payment and shipping:

  • Payment plan ($19.95 x 3 months)
  • Free Upgraded Express Delivery in the continental U.S. – 3-5 Days Estimated Delivery
  • $12.95 Shipping and Handling

You can also go to Amazon.com (21-Day Fix Extreme page), where you have the option to purchase the Base Kit for $72.80, including:

  • Free Standard shipping (delivered in 5-8 business days)

*Note:  It’s the same price, but if you have Amazon Prime or prefer shopping on their site, etc then you have the choice.

Your Thoughts?

There’s certainly a lot of facts and opinions on this page! Overall, the 21 Day Extreme workout reviews seem to indicate this system will be a good investment.

Have you used 21 Day Fix Extreme to lose weight, tone or build muscle? If so, what was your experience like, and what were your results? Drop us a line and share!

21 Day Fix EXTREME - Extreme Fitness. Simple Eating. Serious Results.

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