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10-Minute Trainer workout system was created by fitness guru Tony Horton, the inventor of widely popular P90X series. As its name implies, this workout promises to deliver great fitness results while working out for only 10 minutes per day (as a minimum).

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Of course, given such a promise, many people were skeptical regarding this program because it is a conventional wisdom that you do need to devote much more time to working out to get any visible results.

However, many 10-Minute Trainer reviews are very positive. In fact, with 6 different 10-minutes long workouts, you can always choose the combination best suited for your fitness goals and workout as long as you want every day, be it 10 minutes or 60.

This 10-Minute Trainer review will help you to decide whether Tony Horton’s creation is something you might be interested in.

  • Cornerstone of 10-Minute Trainer Workout. Tony Horton has devised a system which he calls “multi-tasking for the body” or, in other words, “super-stacking.” Thus, he divided the program into 10-minute sessions.

10 Minute Trainer Review

There are 6 main workouts which work several muscle groups at once with the main focus implied in the name of the workout (Total Body Workout, Cardio Workout, Lower Body Workout, Abs Workout, Yoga Flex Workout, and Tony’s On-the-Go Workout Cards) as well as three additional workouts (Total Body 2, Core Cardio, and Upper Body).

Each 10-minute session provides its intended workout in an intense and focused manner, burning as many calories as 30-minute jogging. As such, 10-Minute Trainer system will allow you to incorporate working out into your busy schedule and achieve great results (in fact, Tony asserts that you can lose up to 10 lbs. in just 10 days).

  • The Kit Offered Has Many Extras.The 10-Minute Trainer workout includes quite a lot. First of all, there are 2 DVDs of main 6 workouts (Total Body Workout, Cardio Workout, Lower Body Workout, Abs Workout, Yoga Flex Workout, and Tony’s On-the-Go Workout). Also, there are free bonuses: Workout Calendar (to help you track every minute of your workouts); Rapid Results Guidebook (to help you to understand the system better and get fast results); 10-minute Recipe Guide (to help you to eat healthily and mindfully while training); Pro-Grade Resistance Bands; Power Cardio Belt; and 2-Day Jump Plan (to ease you into the program successfully and get big results in just 2 days).

Moreover, Tony Horton offers 5 free gifts which are yours to keep even if you decide to return the product after trying it. These are: the 10-Minute Total Body Workout 2, the 10-Minute Core Cardio Workout, the 10-minute Upper Body Workout, Tony’s Advanced Workout Calendar, and 24/7 online support. As such, anyone who purchases 10-Minute Trainer System can certainly embark onto his/her workout regimen fully equipped.

  • Easy-to-Follow Exercise Schedule.  10-Minute Trainer offers you an unprecedented flexibility in designing the workout routine best suited for your fitness goals. Of course, Tony Horton’s Workout Calendar is a good way to start the program if you are not exactly sure what workouts you want to do or to refer to it whenever needed.

It is kind of a mix-and-match approach to employ 6 times per week for at least 4 weeks. As such, depending on your time, you can do 10 minutes of workout for minimum results or 30 minutes for maximum results. Of course, the program encourages to “stack” 3 workouts per day in order to get the best results in the shortest time possible.

Even if you only have 10 minutes in the morning for a workout, you can still “catch up” in the evening and do the remaining 20 minutes then—that’s the real beauty of workouts divided into 10-minute sessions. Exercises provided in the workouts will challenge you, keep you entertained, and work your total body.

Pros & Cons


  • it is a well-put program that will deliver great results if you try to follow recommended guidelines (both in terms of exercising and dieting). As such, you can certainly lose weight and tone your body while doing 10-Minute Trainer Workout;
  • it is very convenient to do from the comfort of your home whenever you have time;
  • no need to buy expensive gym membership, thus saving a lot of money;
  • hardly requires any special equipment;
  • 10-minute sessions can be divided into chunks during the day or “stacked” together for maximum results;
  • Tony’s On-the-Go Cards are very convenient to take along when traveling so you can continue working out anywhere;
  • diet plan is very helpful and gives great advice on getting 5-6 small meals per day.
  • the workouts can be done by people at different fitness levels.


  • Some people think that it would be much more convenient to have all the workouts on a single DVD (as opposed on two DVDs) because it can be disruptive to change the DVDs in the middle of a workout; Not a big deal, I personally don’t think so.
  • some people think “Lean Jean” diet plan, which proposes 1000 calories per day for women and 1200 per day for men can be too restrictive during the intensive workout the 10-Minute Trainer requires;

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10 Minute Trainer - Workout for the Busiest People

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  1. bought one – only madefor thin people if you’re a size 16 the belt dosent fit!!!

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